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(Last edited 1/30/23. but only to take my facebook off. everything else is the same!)

About Me

Sienna, 18, LAN, Forevermore, college freshman, 5-year freak, co-blammo god 2k17.1 w/ the greatest Aidan, can kinda rave, likes ukulele and vanilla soft serve

To anyone reading this: CTY is a very special place—not perfect, mind you, but still special—and even as I remember less and less of how it felt to be there, I will always be eternally grateful for everything it and its people did for me. If you need anything, CTY-related or no, or if you just want to talk/get advice/ask me something, my Instagram is @siennaxe! I only say like one (1) Serious Thing per decade so, like, cherish this one I guess!!

sidenote: sienna's a nerd and will kill you with ironic humor if you don't beware -Will M


Cryptology at SUN 13.2 (Floor 5, RA Megan J.)

Creative Nonfiction A at LAN 14.1 (South Ben, RA Emily)

Utopias and Dystopias at LAN 15.1 (North Ben, RA Audrey)

Astrophysics B (Astroloby G) at LAN 16.1 (Schnader (:/), RA Megan C.)

Advanced Fic (Advanced Gay Lying) at LAN 17.1 (North Ben, RA Shannon)


13.2: drew a bunch of disproportioned horses

14.1: was in the Unpause (Sienetherlands)

15.1: crushed the heck out of capitalism

16.1: ate a shit ton of paper

17.1: freed blammo (BINCH!!!)

Fun Facts

Since when did everyone add fun fact sections???

- Went to high school with Nathan Burke (and went to elementary AND middle school with both him and Suzanna Graham)

- I convinced Nathan to come to LAN and then he convinced Suzanna to come to LAN and now they're all grown up with positions and shit so basically if you're at LAN 18.1 you owe me and Seattle your lives! I don't make the rules, sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- I was a squirrel orphan! But I was lucky enough to later marry into a thriving family (thanks Jack :'))

- My squirrel children are Nathan, Suzanna, and Misah and I love them all very very very very much

- If you ever want to talk or anything, please feel free to reach out!! I love the CTY community with my whole heart and soul. You can find me a lot of places, but Instagram @siennaxe is a good place to start :)




99 PROBLEMS AND A SPOON IS ALL OF THEM - Shprinkles (not my department anymore lol)

Sienna must get used to the crushing disappointment in everyone else - even those she trusts

Can I axe you who my target is?

Sweetie, you’re going to have to be a bit quieter than that. Can you do that for me?