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Victoria Provost sometimes went by Shprinkles at CTY and was rarely seen without her grey Newsies cap. She was eligible for 12.1, but she went to Ireland instead.
Victoria is the squirrel child of Megan Huber and Spencer McClung, and the squirrel mother of Annie Gleiberman, Jack Frey, Tseela Sokolin-Maimon, and Theo Avedisian. She is almost certainly the first CTYer ever to obtain their driver's license while attending a session of CTY.
Victoria is a graduate of New York University and a performer with the official NYC Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast. She left CTY a long, long time ago, but she still cares deeply about the community and the people for whom it has become a home, as it once was for her.
Let her know if you need anything.


Shots 16.1
Unpause Priestess 16.1
Blammo Goddess 16.1


My name is Victoria Provost.
I’m still not really sure how I went from the small little girl who would watch movies during dances to the slightly taller girl who would scream the callbacks at the top of her lungs, but it happened somewhere along the way.
In a few years, no one will remember me. People might remember some sort of legacy, but they won’t remember the person who I was. People and traditions come and go, but CTY continues. CTY is going to carry on long after I leave, but that’s up to all of you. Forevermores can advise you and send care packages and write letters, but ultimately, you choose whether or not to continue what we’ve started. We pass CTY on to you. It's more important than any other thing we could pass down. Take care of it.
Most of my friends have progressively nomored out over the last three years, and the majority of my remaining friends are leaving with me. I’m heading into my senior year with no idea what I’m doing with the rest of my life, which is terrifying, but I know that I will have your support and love, and that means everything to me. There have been days when the only thing that got me out of bed was the knowledge that there was Kristin, Ciara, Lily, Ariel, Sophia, Drew, Oliver, David, Spencer, Meg, and a myriad of other people who believed that I could keep going. You all gave that to me.
You gave me the confidence to say that I am smart and beautiful and talented, and to not feel like I am being arrogant when I say those things because I know they are true. You gave me a home when I didn't know I needed one. I am so grateful for that, and for the people I found here who became my family. I don’t know where we’re all going to be ten years from now, but I believe it’s going to be fantastic. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that time and distance will inevitably take more than you’re willing to give up, but they can be conquered if you try. I will always hold this in my heart.
I love squirrels. I love lazy weekend mornings. I love waltzing to 4/4 songs. I love doing the Time Warp again. I love being crushed in the center of Mr. Brightside. I love being a part of the generation lost in space.
I like you, I love you, I CTY you. I love CTY, and I love the passionfruit.

Last Supper

Hello everyone! I’m Victoria, or Shprinkles. I was a Blammo Goddess.
I never thought I would be a Blammo Goddess. The irony is that I'm awful at Blammo. Before this year, I'd never gotten a single one of my targets, until Oliver made sure that happened. And of course, during the Purge, I blammoed 42 of you in one day! I'd never really cared about playing before, until I learned the satisfaction that is getting your target. Bottom line: don't knock something at CTY until you've tried it. I got into KIVO quesadillas and raving in the same way.
That said, Blammo is definitely not even close to being the most important thing at CTY. It’s supposed to connect us and maybe give you an opportunity to hang out with someone you wouldn't have hung out with otherwise. You shouldn’t spend every minute figuring out who your target is and checking activity boards. The same goes for raving, and foursquare, and Pokémon Go. Shut up, Oliver. You see these people once a year, if that. Look around at their faces. Listen to what they're saying. Be present in the moment. For crying out loud, put your phones away.
As for having a position–yes, it’s cool. It’s fun. You’ve been asked to take some of CTY’s culture and history onto your shoulders. However, it is first and foremost a huge responsibility, and anyone who will ever have a position should know that it is hard work. You have to dedicate time to it. I definitely lost sleep. They are not prizes or symbols of recognition; they are jobs. All of us chose our successors with that fact in mind. I feel confident that the people who'll be standing up here a year from now are all prepared to take over those jobs.
Some things about tradition in general. Throughout my years here, I've witnessed the rise and fall of many traditions. That's sometimes a sad thing, but it's okay. Things fade, and new ones take their place. Traditions are not validated by those who start them; they’re validated and revalidated every single year by those who choose to continue them.
One last thing. CTY is a pretty sweet space goldfish. Thank you.


Student Years

13.1 - Cognitive Psychology A (with Jessica Newell and Anna Moss)
RA Vivian Feldblyum, South Ben (with Kristin Donegan!!!)

14.1 - The Critical Essay: Popular Culture (with Robin de la Llata Aime and Kenna Day)*
RA Audrey Drewing, Thomas (with Anna Faliero)

15.1 - Philosophy of Mind B (with Sean Landis and Max Robitzch)
RA Megan Ledda, North Ben (with Noela Franco)

16.1 - Number Theory A (with Rob "Ribbity Robbity Broccoli Rabe Rube Soul Meme Rubber Sole Man" Sulman and Aaron Dardik Abby Richards)
RA Vivian Feldblyum, Thomas

It is still unclear if Victoria was in HDIS.14.1 or not*

Staff Years

2018 - matriculated Resident Assistant

Claims to Fame

  • Survivor of the Bons (14.1) and the Schnades (15.1, 16.1)
  • Quotebook entry 15.1 (with Gene Naumovsky)- "I thought we had something!" "It was only a child!"
  • Quotebook entry 16.1- "Are those glowsticks in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"
  • Administrator for Humans of CTY (with Kenjiro Lee and Madelynn Wellons)
  • CTY Ambassador of the CTY and TiP Peace Organisation



  • 11 rave circles (14-16.1)
  • Afterdances (15-16.1)-
    • 4 Beers
    • 1 Cows
    • 2 PDA Rules
    • 1 Eyelashes
  • American Pie 16.1-
    • Fire
    • Queen
  • Columbia 16.1

Talent Show Acts

  • 13.1- "Part of Your World"
  • 14.1- "Popular"[1] (with Sophia "Elphie" Hager)
  • 15.1- "For Good" (with Sophia "Elphie" Hager)
  • 16.1-
    • "All I Ask of You" (with Sophia Hager)
    • "Burn"

Kind Words

Victoria-- I have so much love and appreciation for you. Thanks for keeping realCTY up to date. I hope you had a glorious 15.1, and I wish you the best. <3 -- Matisse

You did so well in the talent show at LAN 14.1! Unfortunately, I went to Saratoga Springs for 15.2 , but SAR is pretty cool too. I agree with Matisse, thank you for keeping realCTY up to date. Best wishes. ~Roshni

You are the best squirrel mother anyone could ever hope for and I miss you so much! I love you so much and you have changed my life for the better -Annie

Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve having such a beautiful person as a friend <3 - Lily

AHHH SHPRINKLES I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH <3 You're a wonderful friend and I am always awed by how kind, hilarious, and talented you are. I can't wait to have an amazing session with you at 16.1!!!! - Mia

<33333333333333333 to you too c: -Drake

shprinkles my unproblematic fave ily - Greggo