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About me

Hi guys my name is Reilly and I am the 20.1 empress at carlisle. This will be my sixth and final year doing cty, and I love it. You can usually find me at meet market playing four square or nukem/volleyball. Please please please feel free to come up and talk to me about tradition or ask cty questions! You can identify me as the super tall girl, the one with the tiara, or the one who cries all the time (mainly as soon as iris starts during all the dances). I like you. I love you. I cty you. I love cty and I love the passionfruit.

Best wishes for the future generations - it was an honor blistering in the sun with you!

Classes and Sessions

brooklandville 15.1: UNAG

brooklandville 16.1: SCEN

car.17.2: INBS.a

car.18.1: NEUR

car.19.1: GENE

car.20.1: GAME (COVID)


If you're a ctyer and want to contact me or another royalty member, dm and follow @royalty20.1 on Instagram

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reilly, i love you so much. you are so chill and nice and pretty and i could continue on and on. im so sad we wont be able to see each other at cty, but anyways. i like you, i love you, i cty you

Sunflowertape.png - caroline :)