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Hi! I'm Sophie Wang. I've been to CTY for two summers now (SUN.17.1, Paradoxes & Infinities, Symone's hall; CAR.18.1, Law and Politics in US History, Kate's hall). Both got me to meet so many amazing people, all of whom I love and appreciate so much. Unfortunately I did not get to attend 19.1, but fingers crossed I'll be at Carlisle again 20.1. If you're planning on going too, follow the 20.1 Royalty on Instagram! I love Come On Eileen almost as much as I love the Hub potatoes, but less than fireflies :// Hope to see you all around!

ig: @wyqsophie hmu for literally anything I have no friends

How’s the math work going? - Isaac

ugghhhhh i hate ittttt my dad thinks i'm significantly further along than i actually am. so. you know. fun.

Oh hi, you were on my floor at Seattle! I was officially in Genesis' hall and unofficially in Sofi's. - Anouk

oh wow that’s cool. didn’t you just love the food !!1!1!!!11

The food was... well... :( - Anouk