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hi, i'm theo !! :)

cty saratoga 17.2

international politics !!

i love rupa with all my heart. she is literally my queen. international politics was really fun, and i made a bunch of friends and really fun memories!!

classmates: annie, grace, laura, lara, paul, max, jeff, aiden, keshav, finnbar meghan, roma, emily, athena


max's football rolling in the middle of class

brent. just like brent.

annie's gagging

jeff chen wu

moist b01 keshav

"not academically inclined"

"i'm pissed"

said person

stanley, barney, marshall, etc.

laura being a soccer mom

lara's eSpaÑoL

grace waving at me and me not responding


cty saratoga 18.2

cognitive psychology !!

john and al were an iconic instructur/ta duo. tbh still don't really know what cognitive psychology is but i got squawked at by an instructor,, so that's an experience??

classmates: grace, misha, albert, yvonne, ella, amita, michelle, haesu, iris, inga, sophie, nava


grace being my mom

josh being my grandpa


amy hidalgBRO

it really (do) be like that sometimes

take on me // casino night

getting hot chocolate

taps frisbee!! (and choking lol)

gator (al)

grace's tRanSpHoBic jOkEs

the tea ☕,, consent is key, kids!! ;)

i respect the fuck out of women

amita basically being my little sister for three weeks

misha being my cty dad

stanley, marshall, barney, etc. (continued)

passionfruit speech

a lot changes in three weeks. three weeks ago i didn’t really know what cognitive psychology was. i mean i still don’t really know what cognitive psychology is. but three weeks ago i had never met my huddaddy, grandpa, mom, wingwoman, or father. I had never been squawked at by a teacher, but it certainly is— interesting.

the amount of change that happens to all of us at cty is something that it hard for me to describe; three weeks isn’t very much time at all. but the catalyst to change that is cty makes for lifelong memories, lifelong friends, and to be honest probably lifelong heart complications because of how much hot chocolate ive been drinking.

as much as all of us may want to stay, something is only as valuable as the alternative. if it weren’t for the rest of the year cty wouldn’t feel like the truly special place it is. so as i leave cty for the last time, i leave content, knowing as bad as it may comparatively feel to be home, it makes me appreciate the amazing people and experience here all the more.

this summer and last, i’ve met some of the most important people in my life, and i’m extremely grateful for that. i know by the end of this i’ll probably have been like the seventeenth person to say this, but i don’t really care. i like you, i love you, i cty you all. thank you so much to everyone who has made this summer and last some of the best i’ll ever have.