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Hey I love to rave:)

Empress SAR 18.2


BRI 14.1 - INDE

Teachers: Bob and Sharon

RA: Rachel

Classmates: Amy Hu, Brooke Avery, Gabby Bélanger, Grace Sperber, Erik Robertsson, Irene, Julian, Katherine/Larry, Rachel Hu, Zoe


"Kylo Ren is emo." - class

SAR 15.2 - FCPS

Teachers: Mr. Bolton and Erin

RA: Emily

Joint hall RA: Megan

Hall mates: Elaine Liu, Sharon Tang

Joint hall mates: Cat Deutsch, Ella Potee, Enyo Adoboe, Felicity Huang, Hannah Grauer, Lynne Kim, Rachel Ding, Skyler Bennett


"That wasn't very ladylike:/" - Justin Lee

"These aren't table fries, they're all for me." - Bælla Tate

"That moment when you realize you can't go hug your friends tomorrow because they're scattered across the globe;(" - Shirley Hu

SAR 16.2 - MIND

Teachers: Sean Landis and Natalia

RA: Gwen

Classmates: Alex Li, Bella Tate, Dheivanai "D" Moorthy, Eilidh Kaune, Grace Sanders, Jake Wager, Jon Siveyer, Lara Tomescu, Lauren Aung, Maeve Brammer, Susannah Abrams, Xander


“Ha, nerd.” - Maeve (at Jake)

“We should learn to love the struggle.” - Sean

“Listening is the willingness to change.” - Sean

“Do you draw in Russian?” - Jake (at Natalia)

“Oh, that’s on my bucket list! I want to ride a bear before I die!” - Jake

“If I look at a salad with nuts, I will die instantly.” - Sean

“Yes, I wrote it, and yes, I’m a motherfucking badass!” - Sean

“You, too, can be a vending machine!” - Sean

“I thought Tesla was supposed to be hot!” - Jake

“I don’t know if I would have enough energy to eat Adam, tbh.” - Maeve

“I mean, you could always refrigerate him and then eat him over time.” - Grace

"We're not playing Drug Dealer, it's Altoid Distributor!" - Luke Munch

"“They’re just playing Frog Detective!” - Janpal

SAR 17.2 - LOGC

Teachers: Evan Kalkus and JP Gamboa

RA: Abby

Classmates: Aidan Parilla, Alice Zhang, Albert Tang, Albert Zhang, Angie Zhong, Daisy Fernandez, David Wang, Eilidh Kaune, Ella Feinberg, Kelly Kong, Lauren Liu, Nicholas Lawson, Olivia Ren, Susannah Abrams, Yvonne Chen

Joint hall RA: Kyra

Joint hall mates: Alex, Christina He, Emily Huang, Jasmine, Kat Krespi, Katya Piskun, Joy, Lila Tung, Olivia


"Wanna get some icky cree-am?" - Liam Warin/Will Triantis

"DEAL" - Liam Warin/Will Triantis

"Do you see the red line?" - Dan Dennett

"I just wanted to inflict pain upon his face." - Kelly (about Dan Dennett)

"Cука" - Mike

"I can't read that. I don't speak Korean!" - Albert Z./Aidan

"You're an OC 12 year-old!" - Liam Warin/Will Triantis (about Tina)

SAR 18.2 - ASTR

Teachers: Aziz and Erin

RA: Grishma

Classmates: Christina He, Ella Parker, Nick Lawson, Kyle Garcia-Rogers, Dorrian Cohen, Chris Zhang, Catherine Chen, Lance, Adrianne Baik, Olivia Kramer, Sola Corrado, Daniel, Bryan, Connor, Jack, Leia, Lucas Tian

Joint hall mates: Katya Piskun, Katherine Tian, Dalynn Miller, Chara Anekwe

Other Howe 3 RA: Cynthia

Other Howe 3 hall mates: Aya Takegami, Natalie Chen, Asha Khurana, Lauren Koenig, Anastasia "Nastia" Polina, Sophie Gu, Lila Schabacker

Favorite Bromances in Order: Mike & John, Nick & John, David & Mekhi, Nick & Dorrian, Rick & David


"It's a foorrcceee!" - David Xie

"It really be like that sometimes... it really DO be like that sometimes." - Mekhi/David Xie

"That shit hurted!" - Grace Moran:)

"Amy HidalgBRO" - Theo Moss

"That's W(H)ACK!" - Katherine Tian/Dalynn Miller

"I respect the FUCK outta women." - Rick Li

"I'll fuck with a daughter too." - Rick Li (not what it seems)


"Who decided to make water that heavy?" - Tina

"Wtf mom I'm not Jewish!!" - Luke Westmark

"Like Uncle Sam, but like Uncle Ben and Jerry!" - Ella (about me wearing the bucket-bucket hat)

"This guy just said noodle spaghetti. I'm adding that to my list of best lines" - Mike (while learning to tie shoe laces the fast way)

"Cut that shit." - Josh Johnson


"Headass ballerina lookin ass with a high voice likes to dress up in his moms clothes when nobody’s home fucking 29 years old already balding lookin like a retarded alien 👽 voice higher than a pre-pubescent teen inhaling helium ugly bitchass" - Rick Li

"Barely" - John Kulak (pronounced baeeerly)

"I spent money on this. That's a whole Arizona!" - John Johnson

"LG/LB" - everyone that isn't an LG/LB

"That's my SON" - Josh Johnson (at Grace Moran)

"You're MY son!!" - Mekhi/David (at eachother -- David is older, but Mekhi is taller/looks down to him)

"What's the UV index today? It has to be 6 to get tan." - Katherine Tian

"I'm rattled." - John Kulak

"That's booty." - Rick Li

"They come in small, medium, large!" - everyone (about John Kulak, Mike Khoury, and Nick Lawson)

"FULL SEND" - everyone

"I'm coolin" - John Johnson

"LOVE that for you!" - Tina He:)

"My guyyy… bro, that’s OUTTA POCKET!" - Mekhi

"That's dumpster juice!" - Josh Johnson

A Song for Saratoga

(to the tune of Hallelujah)

Well I've heard there was a camp for nerds

That’s good with math and good with words

But you don’t really go for learning, do ya?

You go for classes, stay for friends

You hope that summer never ends

You won’t forget your time at Saratoga


is the best place

to eat Vermonsters

and puke your guuuuuuuts out

Sign up for blammo, hold your spoon

You wait outside your target’s room

And get them while they’re on their way to shower

I gave my friend a real nice dress

And people said he wore it best

But he still let me wear it to the dances

Friday dances

Sunday town trips

Skidmore college

It’s our home away from home

We've never had an iso

And if we did you’d never know

Cause we are really good at being sneaky

And even though they like coffee

Who knows if they would want your tea

Thats why you should ask before you brew it

Every summer

For only 3 weeks

We make new memories

That get us through the year

(rejected lyric:

The dining hall's like a buffet

I’ll miss the soft serve every day)

My Passionfruit Speech

Hi, I'm Amy. It's my fifth year of cty and my fourth year at Saratoga. I've been dreading this moment for five years, because I've never been quite sure what I would say, and I never wanted to have to say goodbye.

I'm sure if you've talked to me, you know that cty is my favorite place on earth. My love for CTY is incomparable. I'm not saying it has to be a huge life-changing experience for everyone, but it definitely impacted my life probably more than anything I've ever experienced.

I feel like I've genuinely grown into an almost-adult here. I met the most amazing people and experienced all ranges of emotions -- and all of them at once. I'm not afraid to be myself with people I just met. Max Noble used this quote in his speech 3 years ago, and it has stuck with me every since. He said that life is like a huge, heavy rainstorm, and CTY is like an umbrella that shelters us from the rain. At home, all of the stress of homework and having a social life and all of the negativity at school all becomes this constant white noise around me. And I know that everyone else hears it too, so I feel like I can't talk about how I feel because it will only add negativity to the world. I'm out there alone trying to be positive but I don't have enough happiness for everyone. Sometimes, I really do feel like I'm in a storm in an open field with no structures or shelters and the horizon never ends and everything is just pouring on me and it seems like no matter how far u run nothing will ever change. But cty is my annual reminder that I don't have to live in this rainstorm forever. I can find happiness and positivity again and people that aren't too burdened to genuinely listen and care about each other's problems. It's so freeing being able to just say what I feel and know I have a support system. And the reason I can do that is because when they come here, everyone here is just as new as you are and they accept you even though you're not perfect. In the real world, there are more expectations, and I feel like everyone's judging you. But this has been my safe haven , and now I'm not really sure how I'll survive junior year or college, and I'm terrified of the future because I won't have this place to look forward to next year. I don't know. I guess I'll just have to keep going and hope it works out again. I think it's good to remind yourself that there are more things in the future to look forward to. The most amazing thing about cty is that it proves that you can always make new friends and experience new things. You can still look forward to things you never even knew existed, or that don't even exist yet. Now that I can't come back as a camper, I have to learn how to go out into the rain head-on and embrace living in the moment and all of the hardships with it. I have to hope I can build my own shelters from it and keep making little umbrellas with people like the ones at CTY -- and you CAN find more people like the ones at CTY -- that make you feel like sunshine. I hope that I helped make this place welcoming to everyone, even if we never talked, so that you can feel as safe and secure as I do here, and that people will keep coming back and making it such a great place to grow up in until they're nevermores and can impart their own wisdom:).

I love CTY and I love the passionfruit.