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Hello! (i finally fixed the formatting)

My name is not actually Vanesque, it's Anastasia Komarow (or if you knew me at 22.2, the local vampire)

I went to Lancaster in 22.2 for Principles of Engineering Design and 23.2 for Foundations of Programming. I'm going to a currently unknown site for 24.2 (due to LAN being closed for 2024) and I have no clue which class I'm going to do.

I have 2 (technically 3) CTY parents, the lovely Eleanor Ewald , Jay Zeng , and Madison (i’m sorry i don’t know her last name). Dina Black is my co-blammo god (technically? we were given the position at LAN) for 24.2 and my CTY sibling.

You can find me on the Server 42 discord (@vanesque), or if you need something serious, you can use (i.e something position related).

I wish the best for everyone dealing with the loss of LAN :)