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Classes, Halls

HDIS.A.LAN.08.1 (Muhlenberg 3, Carolina)
ASTR.LAN.09.1 (North Schnader 2, Betsy)
CODE.C.LAN.10.1 (South Schnader Base, Jess)


Jester 10.1
James Dean 09.1
Cows 09.1, 10.1
Magenta 10.1

Post 09.1

At last check, I am Faye. After six hours wearing it, I am ridiculously attached to the Jester coat and hat and am awaiting its arrival some months from now, shivering in antici... pation. I am also not good at writing about myself. I am indeed Jester for LAN.10.1, and I James Dean...ed for the lovely and beautiful Verity Walsh in 09.1. We went three for five for getting the coat on properly, which is truly Not Too Bad on the scale of things. I did Cows Are Freaky in the Afterdance with Maddie Stevens in 09.1 which was delightful and I plan to keep doing it next year. I 'spose you could call me an Alcavian [sic] of sorts though I sit in LLRT more often. Oh yeah and I got a sort of uber-Schnade in 09 which royally sucked and I'm still hacking and dying. I take a little perverse pride in this. EDIT: No longer hacking and dying, woo-hoo!

I live in New York and go to a ton of reunions which are awesomesauce and orgasmic and stuff, so come to them, all yous lovely CTYers.

I blinked, I got sick, and I cried, and all of a sudden here we are. I am a one-more, I am happy. I love CTY and I love the Passionfruit.

Post 10.1

This was the vehicle these were the people, you let them go.

Three years of CTY was a clean beginning, middle, and end. I left ready to go and satisfied with my experience, and my own little mark left on CTY. When I get around to it, I'll post both the Last Supper and Passionfruit speeches that I tossed to the side in favor of spontaneity. (P.S. If anyone remembers anything I said in either of these, I'm very curious.)

I passed the lovely Jesterstuff to Joseph, Joey, Yossi Fridman, and I am sure he will do a wonderful job. We were approximately 4.4/5 for getting the coat on, so clearly he is more coordinated than I was. Speaking of coordination, here is a short, non-inclusive list of things I learned across 3 years of CTY.

  • I kick the air conditioner in my sleep which results in absurd bruises
  • I speak Russian better in my sleep than when awake
  • Sometimes (all the time) it's more fun to do the Macarena than actually dance
  • RAs are real people and often fun to talk to
  • Enigma cracks are the best ever
  • Wear sunscreen damnit
  • Love.