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Zeke is a super duper horny, horny child at CTY, but not so much at home. He hit on an RA and a DRL in the first week. He also got caught making out in a phone booth by Eric and Mary-Elise, who took pictures and actually didn't mail them to the staff, although they were told that pictures had been mailed. (An anonymous staff member would like to point out that, according to the administration, no pictures were even taken). He can unhook bras with his mind, thanks to Kai.

This is a kinda embarassing description, eh?

Ah well.


In 2007 he brought his girlfriend Dominique, who seems to have tamed, or at least restricted, his horney-ness. They are very cute together, and like to sit around forehead to forehead. When he is not with Dominique, Zeke likes to wrestle and make out with Will Steinberg. It's rather amusing. Zeke is also the Jester for '08, and looks good in the coat he borrowed form James Dean. - b!

I'd rather see what Zeke has to say on the topic of Zeke. -Max W.

Ehh Zeke is never on AIM and doesn't know about realcty. Besides, I kinda like the embarassing one. -Will

Im all for the embarrasing one, its a lot more fun ~Yulia

Jeff can unhook minds with his bra ~JW

But did Kai teach him how to do that? Cause its not nearly as much fun without Kai :P ~Yulia

Yay Kai! -Will

Hey Eric Emailed me the picture of Zeke y su Amiga, of anyone wants em.... -Jeremy

Upload it on tinypic and then post it here!


Thanks a lot will. No really. -Zeke

HI ZEKE! Took you long enough to find this page :P ~Yulia

Zeke, put up a phone booth pic. -Max W. 18:48, 26 August 2006 (MST)

Am I allowed to put it up for him?