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Hey Dina! It's been great to see you around s42 and instagram. I'm sorry that it took a site cancellation for us to actually get in a call together, but let's not dwell on that. Hit me up if you need anything cty related or not and (because I can never say this enough) best of luck next year at CTY. You've got a lot of people behind you. Stay cool, – Switch.
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Dina, my co-blammo god and one of my closest friends. Sorry it took me so long to write something here but here I am. You have been an amazing part of my life for 2 years now and if you told me that the girl I meet in the Schnounge who I thought was 15 would be one of my best friends I would not believe you. I was so scared to go to CTY that first year and meeting people was scary but I'm so glad that I met you. Hell, I left my first wife for you! I hope we figure something out for Blammo wherever we end up (im sure we will) because that honestly sounds like a blast. Janet, we've been through a lot, and we're gonna go through more. Thank you for being there always, and I'll always be there for you :)

- your beloved, Anastasia Komarow (24.10.23)