Current LAN.1 Position Holders

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Lancaster Positions and Relics

Position 23.1 holder 24.1 holder (tentative)
Father Sophia Chen Gracie
Son Eleanor Ewald Dylan Robinson
Holy Ghost Dina Tsang Zoe Hohlfeld
Jester Sophia Chen Harper Nelson-Wooley (attending session 24.2, fulfilling Jester duties there)
Jack Flash Dina Tsang Vicky
Blammo Gods Dina Tsang Zoe Hahlfeld
Documentator Sophia Chen TBD
Quotebook Jay Zeng Quinn

Relic 20.1 holder 23.1 holder
Lanyard Stack Eleanor Ewald Nora
Cloak Sophia Chen Ray Yang
Shot Glasses Eleanor Ewald Harper Nelson-Wooley
Squid Hats Sophia Chen Vicky