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Documentator is a Lancaster student position at both sessions. The Documentator is responsible for documenting the session as much as they can to preserve the memories. It was created at session 2 in 2007 by Max Wang and brought to session 1 in 2014 by Kenjiro Lee.

Duties and Description

Among other things, a Documentator should document things on film and tape, preferably digitally. Important tasks include filming Rocky Horror (and taking rehearsal pictures to enable focusing on video during the performance, or vice versa) and at least one American Pie; documenting Canon, dances, and the Afterdance as best as possible; documenting AI, possibly filming the first Park Bench and the last World's Worst or Sphinx; documenting the Passing of the Duck and the Last Supper, as well as Passionfruit; and otherwise being outspoken with one's camera.

Historically, Lancaster admin has been very edgy about this level of documentation, going to extremes to prevent legal issues that do not actually exist due to the existence of copyright law and the limitations of privacy law. To this extent, the Documentator has been variably singled out for a rule to ban picture-taking or has had memory cards wiped (rather illegally) by the admin.

The Session Two Documentator position is more of a duty or responsibility than many other positions, which are intended to be privileges of sorts rather than duties (at Session Two). That said, the title of Documentator goes to whoever performs the Documentator's task rather than to the person who is knighted or to whom the title is passed. If nobody performs the duty, the Documentator's role will likely go unfilled. In 2013, the position was split up between two people for the time being.

The Session One Documentator artifact is a camera strap. Every Documentator adds a strip of duct tape to this strap. Starting in 18.1 a blue fedora is also passed down. It is a loose requirement that Documentator be passed to a twomore to minimize the stress and responsibility of nomore year, but this is not binding. One exception to this occurred in 15.1, when nevermore Asher Orner passed the position to squirrel Oliver "Brick" Reinhardt. Some Documentators have assistants who help to take and upload film, most notably Annie Gleiberman at Session One. Documentator is passed by knighting the successor with a tripod. The Documentators then take a selfie.


The position of Documentator was created by Max Wang during Session 2 of 2007. Since 05.2, Max had captured Session 2 CTY memories with his trusty camera. By 07.2, Max had amassed an arsenal of many memory cards, batteries, a camcorder, and a tripod. He also was forced to sign an all-site consent form to continue his documentation of CTY memories.

Max, however, did not want to continue this task into his nomore year. While he loved everything he did for the visual capture of CTY memories, carrying around such bulky camera equipment hindered participation in CTY. Thus, after his Passionfruit speech, Max called up willing successors. He knighted Daniel Tracht, the new Documentator, with his umbrella.

The Documentator position was carried over to Session 1 in 2014. The role had been largely filled in the past, but was not made official until Kenjiro Lee knighted Asher Orner at Passionfruit with his tripod. In Kenjiro and Asher's case the position was passed at Passionfruit as it was their final day at CTY, but all further cases have been done at the Last Supper.


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