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About Me

Hey, I'm Chris, and I will be your Father and Shots at LAN 20.1, and King James at LAN 20.2. My squirrel year at CTY was at LAN 17.2, and since then, I have gone for three years and to five sessions. Feel free to find me in the alcove any time and talk to me.

Squirrel Parents: Immy, Bella, and Sophia.

Squirrel Children: Sam Fu


17.2 - LAN - Fundamentals of Computer Science | Aaron's Hall

18.1 - LAN - Data Structures and Algorithms | Alimou's Hall

18.2 - LAN - Game Theory B | Ty's Hall

19.1 - LAN - Topology | Cole's Hall

19.2 - LAN - Cryptology C | Zeke's Hall


let me pierce your ears daddy - quonk bonk

If it ain’t the man himself. Also, being adopted by the entire trinity is a flex and a half. - the only guy you know who uses the phrase “a flex and a half”

you absolute foole of a son, i love you so much!! you're gonna do amazing 20.1 (damn that still sounds fake skhfkhs) - a concerned mother

please learn how to eat ramen. p l e a s e. no one else should suffer what i have suffered - wearer of your favorite jacket

Oh shit y’all are making pages now. Advice: bring your lanyard with you when you do laundry so you don’t get locked out at 4am. It works surprising well! -the one kid in crypto whose name you knew

~deadpan wink~ your legal husband

Love Tape Day

i lob you to new york and back. you're an amazing 20.1 father!
Ducttapeflower.jpg - interior crocodile alligator

ur a rlly nice person and I appreciate what you have done to make virtual 20.1 a thing dude ~love tape~ - User:Camohat

happy love tape day! Addison

thanks for being such a great father!! im so glad that we got to know each other during virtual session <3 User:Caitlin Fox

after multiple sessions of sorta knowing you, its been great finally talking to you. you're awesome and thanks for all you've done for virtual session!
Caution.jpg - Connor

Thank you for doing so much work on the online session! You're a great Father and I love you very much. <3 ~ User:Juliana

we havent talked much but you seem like a really nice person! happy love tape day ~ sophia r

Chris! I know we didn't get to know each other super well at session but I've gotten to know you recently and ur so sweet and hilarious. Thanks for everything you've done for the cty community :) wouldn't be the same without you - Riya:)

Happy love tape day my darling himbo, all my duct tape. - ur fav lesbo

Happy love tape day! We rly do gotta meet up tho its been great getting to know you this past year - User:Friendly KGB officer

Hey! Never met you, but I appreciate everything you've done for the CTY community. Position-holder to Position-holder, I respect you. -Switch Switch tape.png