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Hey kiddos im bored and made this


hi tavi i love you have some tape -i harass you on discord but you love me


ur pretty chill happy to have met u thru the discord ~love tape~ User:Camohat

putin, ily so much and i will meet you one day ~addison

sir blagyeouv you are a fantastic raver and friend, thanks for all the time we've talked. You're truly an awesome person no matter how much I bully you.
Caution.jpg - Your favorite belt man

hi tavi!! so glad that we got to know each other during online session <3 i cant upload a picture of suck suit duct tape so this will do :) nice squidhat btw User:Caitlin Fox

-insert love tape- "im not russian" but "friendly kgb officer" hmmmm anyways miss you bud we need to play soccer soon and relive those 18.1 outdoors dance memories better at soccer than you

It was fun having you as a roommate last year and it continues to be fun having you as a friend! Penguins.jpg - Jordan

I’m glad I got to know you during online session. Happy Love Tape Day! ~ Juliana

Blossom.jpg love u tav I promise I'll stop reading my immortal -dani

hey tavi, happy love tape day! we've gotta meet up in md again soon and rave some more! - chris GalaxyDuctTape.png

tavi!! I miss you so much!! having you in my classes for the past two years has been awesome. If i could find russian flag duct tape I would be using it right now but here's something planety instead! happy love tape day!!! - 100% actually russian Planetary lt.png

Hey admin. We've hardly spoken, but I appreciate everything you've done for the community on and off site. Finding the discord and being welcomed there was honestly the best thing that happened to me in a long time… just dropping in to tape you and now scampering back to my Baltimore cesspit. -Switch Switch tape.png