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Hey! I’m Naomi Louie, the LAN 20.1 Jester. You can call me Nyoom if you want though.

About me

Known for: committing crimes against food, taking over the world with Dani, and generally being a very chaotic being.

I promise I am very friendly. I like hugs! Please feel free to give me hugs.

I live in Maryland. If you also live in MD or somewhere near there, come hang out with me!!

I have made many bad decisions at this camp and I intend to make a lot more.

I'm easy to find. I'll be in the Jester gear, and failing that, just look for the really loud Asian girl and you'll probably find me.


JHU 18.2 Linguistics

LAN 19.1 Fiction & Poetry

LAN 20.1 Philosophy of Mind


Love you kid ~ the schuul fuul

i love you jingle bitch - resident hat fixer

To another year of cursed shenanigans, I love you, my dinosaur armed sexy jingle bitch. - your forever dumbass

B R E A D B O W L. - Dad

Blossom.jpg i love you and miss you so much bb sorry we didn't get year 3 - dani

happy love tape day!
Planetary lt.png - lauren

I wish i could have fixed the hat for you this year darling. all my love - resident hat fixer

Happy love tape day!
Caution.jpg - Connor