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Macedonia Hall
Site Information
CollegeAnatolia College
LocationThessaloniki, Greece
DatesJune 25 - July 14
Years of Operation2014-present
Avg. Number of Students?
Courses Offered
Humanities Philosophy | Fundamentals of Microeconomics | International Relations | The Art and Science of Filmmaking | In Workshop Poster
ScienceMathematical Models | Principles of Design Engineeering | Introduction to Biomedical Science | CSI @ CTY | Genetics | Introduction to Computer Science | Cryptology | Chances & Game Theory | The Magic of Mathematical Thought | Science and Engineering | Introduction to Robotics | Intelligence and Biology of Senses | Numbers: From Zero to Infinity | Be a Scientist!
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Greece is a CTY site that was started by a very gracious donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation of a grant of $130,000 for the site. Anatolia is only open for students in grades 7-11. Other CTY International Projects include Dublin, Ireland and Hong Kong.

Site Description

Anatolia College was established in 1886, with Charles Tracy being its first college president. The school was closed during World War I as Turkish Troops were occupying the campus. With short stays in Merzifon and Harilaou, the college came to its present site of Thessaloniki in 1924.

Course Notes

These courses can ONLY be taken if you are a primary school student in Athens or Thessaloniki:


  • The Magic of Mathematical Thought
  • Science and Engineering
  • Introduction to Robotics and Automatic Control Systems
  • Intelligence and Biology of Senses
  • From Zero to Infinity
  • Become a Scientist


  • In Workshop Poster

All others courses can be taken if you live in or outside of the area.


The site runs at the usual time of session 1 (June 25 - July 14)

External Links

CTY Greece main website Note: Make sure to put the translator on, it's all in Greek.