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Hong Kong
Hong Kong University Logo
Site Information
CollegesHong Kong University | ISF Academy
LocationHong Kong
DatesJuly 7 - July 26
Years of Operation2013-Present
Avg. Number of Students200
Courses Offered
HumanitiesIntroduction to Logic | Comparative Law
WritingCrafting the Essay | Writing and Reading Workshop | Writing and Imagination
MathCryptology | Game Theory and Economics | The Mathematics of Money | Macroeconomics and the Global Economy | Paradoxes and Infinities | Numbers: Zero to Infinity | Inductive and Deductive Reasoning | Mathematical Logic
Computer ScienceFundamentals of Computer Science | Introduction to Robotics
ScienceFast Paced High School Chemistry | Introduction to Biomedical Sciences | Chemistry in Society | Principles of Engineering Design | Be a Scientist! | Inventions | Through the Microscope | The Physics of Engineering | The Sensory Brain | Intro to Organic Chemistry | Cloudy with a Chance of Science
Site Specifics
TraditionsBlammo | Casino Night | Passionfruit | Twin Day
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Hong Kong opened in 2010 and is currently located at the University of Hong Kong. It runs only during first session.

Site History

The Hong Kong site has been hosted at two different universities: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology from 2010 to 2013, and the University of Hong Kong starting in 2014.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

This campus hosted CTY from 2010 to 2013 and was the first to do so. It is located in Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong, and is a public university. Its first students enrolled in October of 1991. HKUST is one of the eight statutory universities in Hong Kong.

University of Hong Kong

This campus started hosting CTY in 2014 and is slightly more urban than that of the HK University of Science and Technology. The University was founded in 1911 and is located in Lung Fun Shan and Pokfulam, Hong Kong. It is one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Site Overview

Jockey Club Student Village Hall III

Jockey Club Student Village Hall III is the only group of buildings where students stay at HKU. There are four blocks (Shun Hing College, Lap Chee College, Chi Sun College and New College) and it works like an apartment complex. Boys and girls may live on the same block, but on different floors. Although there are three elevators, students are not allowed to use them without supervision. Each floor is shared with people outside of CTY, and they can get petty with CTYers, so it is recommended you avoid them.

Each floor has a pantry used for instant noodle and s'mores making, but the latter is usually after lights out or right before, and without RA notice.

Laundry is done at random times and is very unpredictable. You may have your clothes washed once or twice depending on RA group, so be prepared. Laundry is free but clothes are often misplaced or go missing.

The only way to reach the Village Hall is by shuttle bus at set times, which depend on the RA group.


  • Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre: Most classes are held here. In 14.1, Chemistry in Society, Fast-paced High School Chemistry, Crafting the Essay, Mathematics and Money, Mathematical Modelling, and various YS classes were held here.
  • Arts Building: Computer Science is held here.

Places Where Activities Are Held

  • Brick Wall: This is an outdoor place with a grassy area and yes, a (brick) wall between the stairs to the grassy area. Activities held in 14.1 included Tie-dyeing, Speed-friending, Obstacle Courses, Picnic with Anne (the fourth place prize of Casino Night ), and Drip Drip Drop (14.1 girls wore white shirts, to the guys' joy).
  • The Centennial Centre: Students gather here right before activities and to the shuttle buses back to the dorms.
  • University Gift Shop: The studio behind the gift shop is used for Talent Show Practice and other activities. The building next to the gift shop is used for many activities, including movie-watching and Back to Nursery.
  • Pacific Coffee: Card games and board games are held here. The chocolate chip cookies are delicious. Depending on your RA group, you might have buffet-style dinner here.
  • Flora Ho Sports Centre: A walk from the main campus, activities like Basketball are held here. You get more exercise walking there than participating in the activities there.

Main Quad

The Hong Kong site has no actual grassy "quad," but students have occasional free time in this area, which connects all the dorm buildings. The "quad" is the location for weekend breakfasts and lunches. RA groups also use the quad as a waiting area before weekend off-site activities. The Quad is often used for talent show practice the week before.

RA Craig sunbathes on the steps of the quad every weekend.

In 14.1, after a very early dinner of sandwiches on the first Saturday, Myles' hall decided to order pizza (US $90, or HKD 700 worth) instead of stomaching sandwiches ("The only condition is you give me a slice" - Myles). Carrying the pizza boxes past the crowd of students was the epitome of badassery.


Different from the traditional cafeteria, HKG has various restaurants. The site provides the students with prepaid $40 meal coupons to buy meals. Most restaurants such as Union and Maxim's serve Hong Kong styled fast cuisine, and international CTYers could finally try the famous milk tea. As of 2018, meal coupons are only accepted at more or less 7 restaurants (Maxim's, Ebenezer's, Subway, Swire, Delifrance, BIJAS Vegetarian, and Cafe 330).

  • Maxim's: The furthest place from the Centennial Centre (CC). Offers pepper lunch, which students enjoy. Restaurants are not safe zones, so quite a few Blammo-ings take place there. The meal time tends to coincide with that of university students who stayed over the summer, so there's always a mad dash to the line. Seats are hard to find so bringing extra items to claim seats is a smart idea.
  • Union: Similar to Maxim's, but way closer to the CC. It serves the same types of food but is slightly more enjoyable and is right outside the shuttle bus drop off, making it convenient in the mornings. It was closed as of 18.1.
  • The Grove: Possibly the most classy restaurant of them all, the Grove provides Western cuisine as well as local cuisine and is favored by CTYers. Rum Raisin ice cream probably had a shitload of rum. Famous for their Chinglish intercom speaker when they call for the ticket 222 as it sounds like "choo choo choo." No longer available as a restaurant choice.
  • Cafe 330: Expensive and not worth it. The only benefit of eating there is that you could beg your RA to bring you to Park 'N Shop or sneak out to Park 'N Shop (the HK version of Walmart but not as nice). CTYers rarely go there to eat. Offers vegetarian options.
  • 一粥面: Literally "One Congee Noodles." Although this place sounds bland, it is here that you can have one of the best meals on campus. The congee there is amazing. However, starting in 2018, it is no longer available as a choice.
  • Subway: Neutral reception. There is often a race to get cookies.
  • Delifrance: Food is affordable, but paying extra for dessert is recommended as it is quality. The donuts are scams. Do NOT eat outside, or you will be giving the mosquitoes a very fine meal.
  • Swire: Occasionally serves raw food by accident. All CTYers eat low-quality breakfast "buffet style" there. Has creepy decorations of human faces on the ceiling. Most-hated restaurant due to poor food quality.
  • Ebeneezer's: Very good if you like Indian/Arab food, spice and pizzas; not too good if you don't. A mean uncle receives your order and then asks you to go away. Food preparation time is long, so people rush to be the first in line. Long, long pizza waiting time.


As the Hong Kong site opened in 2010 and is therefore relatively new, there are significantly fewer traditions compared to the more tradition-heavy sites in the U.S.

  • Blammo: Almost everyone took part in the 14.1 BLAMMO, even the RAs, much to the surprise of TAs and the more Hong Kong-cultured students. It was a new concept for many that weren't used to CTY. Bathrooms, showers, own dorms, classes, and activities were safe zones, though one could be technically be Blammoed at 15:01. Callista Huang was rumored to have seven decoy plastic spoons in her bag. Not sure how someone could use that many.
  • Casino Night: Occurs on the first Sunday. Prizes were picked by halls in accordance with their place after Casino Night. One of the prizes included Moongazing with RA Ian, which was essentially running up the stairs from the 4th floor all the way to the 25th floor of the dorms. Enjoyable. Another was choosing which color Myles would dye his hair for the third week. As of 18.1, all Casino Night prizes are packs of microwaveable popcorn.
  • Passionfruit: Passionfruit 14.1 was held in the outdoor area joining all the dorms together at 6:00 AM. All students were allowed to speak. While actual Passionfruit juice is scarce in HKG, the RAs purchased sports drinks and various berry drinks and piled them all in the center. No one prepared much of a speech, but many stood up to talk. During 18.1, much to nevermores' outrage, Passionfruit was held only within RA groups at noon. The RAs used coke instead of real passionfruit juice for the toast.
  • Twin Day: Self-explanatory. Myles Nuzzi outdid everyone by bleaching his hair overnight to match Ian Shank's natural blonde hair, surprising his hall in the morning.
  • Love Tape Day: Occurs on the third Thursday. The RAs hand out strips of masking tape to everyone, practically forcing students to write.
  • CTY Day: A mastermind plot to insure that all CTYers are wearing the CTY T-shirt during the closing ceremony.
  • Liquid Nitrogen: (Only for Chemistry in Society) The CHMS group brought in liquid nitrogen and dumped it into other course classrooms. (14.1 kind of failed.) The same class destroyed an overhead projector during the first week while presenting their course to the site. A reaction of boiling water with liquid nitrogen engulfed everything in vapor.
  • Acting Improv: It was offered as an activity during the last week of 18.1 under the name "Improv games." The description was "Circles are the best shape to do anything fun." It had nothing to do with circles and had more to do with Jacob Sartorius, Sweatshirt, and Jumanji.
  • Mix and Match Day: At 18.1, CTYers were encouraged to "exchange shirts, pieces of clothing or genders with their friends." Most turned up wearing a mismatched pair of shoes.
  • Talent Show: Occurs on the second Sunday. CTYers show off their piano playing, singing, Rubik's cube solving and dancing skills. Some RAs perform too.
  • Movie Day: Occurs on the second Saturday

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