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This page is a document of the activities of various halls at JHU.

The Chingus

The Chingus were a legendary hall in 15.2 with the RA Fred. "Chingu" is a word in Korean which directly translates to 'friend'. This hall coined the term "Chingu" and referred to everyone as a Chingu. The official song of the Chingus is "All the Girls Wanna Ride."

The Treehuggers

The Treehuggers were a group of squirrels at JHU 06.1. They were all in RA Willie's hall, on the 3rd floor of AMR I.

History of the Treehuggers

On the first day of Crafting the Essay, members of the B class were paired in partners to introduce themselves. Wendy and Paula were partners and engaged in a heated discussion about the environment and governmental faults. The "treehugger" roots were established.

One day, Christine Y. (see below) dubbed our hall the cerds (pronounced curds), or cool nerds. However, many people confused this with the Kurds, an ethnic group in the Middle East, and therefore, due to PC rules, our name was up for revision. So one hall meeting, we discussed new names. "The Treehuggers" won the vote. Thus, the Treehuggers were born.

The Treehugger Song

(sung to the tune of Spongebob Squarepants)

Who lives on the 3rd floor of AMR I?
(The Treehuggers!)
Who likes to dress crazy and have lots of fun?
(The Treehuggers!)
If hugging big trees is something you wish
(The Treehuggers!)
Then come walk with Willie 'cause we are so hip
(The Treehuggers!)

Members of the Treehuggers

  • Christine Y: Short asian girl who loved to sing loudly, especially to Eminem.
  • Connie L: Another asian girl who liked cheerleading.
  • Daphne Y: Yet another asian girl who shared Christine and Wendy's love for ramen.
  • Gabby C: Was obsessed with certain male celebrities (Zac Efron)
  • Grace H: Lucky person who got a double room to herself (lol just had to say that)
  • Lena B: Whimsical stalker who often visited the Wizard of Oz on JHU's ugly brick roads
  • Paula M: Awesome gangsta who craved PotC last year.
  • Rachel L: Liked Harry Potter and writing in a journal.
  • Sandy W: Commuter, AMAZING at the violin, had a cool mp3 player.
  • Sarah H: Known as Shiggins... nuff said.
  • Wendy L: Another asian girl, ROCKS AT VIOLIN, is very cool, and has many cds.
  • Whitney B: Late night graham cracker sticks and midnight snacks!

Things We Did

The Treehuggers dressed up like superheroes (or something like that) on the first Wednesday. Because underwear couldn't be exposed, we had to settle for shorts. Some people wore towel capes, while others just wore mismatching outfits. They marched to breakfast dressed accordingly, singing the theme song, attracting stares and puzzled looks from fellow CTYers.

During the first fire drill, the Treehugger Song was sung, attracting the attention of many CTYers.

At the last dance, the Treehuggers and another hall nominated certain people for the King/Queen and Prince/Princess, and it sort of worked.

The Treehuggers organized several "operations," namely operation DJ and operation PC. No more information shall be disclosed. :D

Ball Ball

The boys in the Genomics class along with their hallmates (Jesse's hall and Alex's hall) would play ball ball for hours. Ball ball consists of throwing a ball (made from t-shirts wrapped in rubberbands) at each others balls. Throughout the session the genomics girls were greatly amused/confused by this game and the genomics TA (Nick) was invited to join in (he declined). The credit for this bright idea rests with Jason. On the last day, the Genomics girls went up to the boys dorms and watched them play ball ball. Two of the girls tried to play, but as Alex pointed out, "ball ball just doesn't work with girls." There were a few times when parents walked in during a game, but I don't think they ever figured out what was going on.

Hot Ramen Cartel

During the first week of 10.1 a hall meeting of Co-RAs Antonia and DJ Trevor resulted in Antonio's hall saying Hot Ramen Cartel. During the meeting using microwaves and bringing ramen into the Dining Hall was brought up saying that those things were prohibited. Some of Antonio's hall admitted that they were doing that and that they would continue to do it so some campers said like a cartel and Antonio said Hot Ramen Cartel. This resulted in them saying it until lights out. Some campers continued to say it and one camper, Scott Eckhaus (known as Ryan) really wanted it to catch on but it never did. Most likely the cartel died with the end of 10.1

"The Hall"

During 10.1 the girls' hall for LAWP and PLME gained a reputation for being extremely loud and a little crazy, with a set group of friends. They were nicknamed "The Hall" by Gunna in the first week of the session and they referred to themselves as such for the rest of the session. "The Hall" eventually split into different cliques but the core group included Jessica Li, Phoebe Edalatpour, Tiffany Ahn, Lauren Aboodi, and Valerie Wilson. Other members of the group included Jack Clare and Trey Thorne, even though they were not technically members of The Hall. Other girls in The Hall were Emily Dickson, Divya Korada, Sally Jiao, Katie Tyler, Caroline Dreyfuss, Tina Herman, Anshula Gandhi, Katie, and Haena. The Hall was often reprimanded for such activities as tanning, not wearing shoes, pole dancing on the light poles, and general CTY-I behavior and dressing. They were also known to make large pity circles at dances during slow songs, lie on the ground during class breaks, and walk around yelling "FOREVER ALONE" at people. The Hall is also credited for coining "the Tribals" and "Addycakes" (RA Addison's nickname).

Dictator Erik's Hall

In the summer of JHU 10.2, the Lawpsters of Erik's hall decided to "sever personal ties" with their RA, Erik. Erik confiscated food, was a stickler for rules, and was just... a meaniehead. He got really po'ed at his boys on several accounts. One day, someone's iPod was missing. And then about 150$ went missing as well. No quad time. Boohoo. Team Jacob's housekeeping and motorcycles will be remembered forever.

The Platypi Potatoes

Best. Hall. Ever. 'Nuff said. Platypi potatoes fall on pink firehydrants during the apocaplypse because zombies party happily!

The Playtpi Potatoes were the girls in Nia's hall on the second floor of Sylvester. On the first day, 2 girls (Grace and Emma) invented something called YOLO running which then spread to the rest of their hall and to the hall next door. Many of Nia's girls were also in Logic B (best class ever) and during the movie Rango, they kept pointing out all of the fallacies in the movie. Nia's girls were notoriously known for sneaking cookies out of the cafeteria every single lunch and dinner. They coined the cups in which they smuggled out cookies loki'd cups. Many of Nia's girls also created a stipulative definition of a word they found in their textbook. This was the word WITHA, the act of pointing to someone without their knowledge. Nia's girls had countless memories including prost, WASHroom, apples to apples, wendy, vatican cameos, jay's hoodie sharing, intergalactic crime syndicate, 21 jump street, octopus flailing in a locked room. eating watermelon for Peter and Dora.

Sons of Daniel

In Daniel's hall, RA Daniel was renamed Father Daniel and the TA Celeste Sister Celeste. Mass was to be held First Sunday but was postponed due to expulsions in the hall and Second Sunday was postponed due to Priest - BLAMMO Joe feeling quite unwell.

Irene's Hall

Known in 11.2 as the hall with awkward 12-year-olds (the hall often seen wearing mismatched shoes/socks to dances, geisha robes, and the whole shebang) and three 15-year-old girls, by the names of of Rita Guo, Angel Zhou , and Anisha Reddy, liked to harass the 12-year-olds by smanging it very often.

This shit was sad and Addison's hall didn't approve, remember, only you can prevent forrest fires.

Angel's Hall

For the 11.2 talent show Angel's Hall performed "Hey Soul Sister" The hall showed unity and were asked to perform at closings.

Addison's Hall

By the end of 11.2 this unruly hall had 3 students sent home and another 3 put on probation, with an additional student suspected of being insane. The hall was often on fire. Addison's Hall often was heard telling SRA Molly and a group of four CTY girls that they were rainbows. The girls, not to be taken as any kind of racial slur, but rather as an acknowledgement of race, were called the two yellow, one brown and one white rainbows. SRA Molly was also a white rainbow. Or heard talking to each other about white toothbrushes or travel sized Axe bottles. During hall time every evening, they could always be found doing wall-sits, rolling on the floor laughing about white things, do-do brown things, white toothbrushes, getting people from behind, or hunching over. sometimes they would be doing wall sits as they laughed. Almost every time Molly entered the hall, there would be someone with their pants off (as though they knew she would be arriving). They often entered each other's rooms yelling "did I just hear someone say "pants-off dance-off"?" especially while hallmates were on the phone with parents. When anyone who was not on the hall entered the hall, they were bewildered, and soon left. After the first dance they stole dinosaur decorations, and after the second dance they stole an advertisement for a gentleman's club. These were all posted proudly on the hall. The residents will never forget Betz's smartphone. His phone had seven -yes SEVEN- Apps and to add to this it was a flip phone -with hinges- and resembled a computer more than an iPhone.

The most notorious pants off dance off took place on the last night. Molly walked into the hall when nevermore Karl Heinlein and nomore Anonymous were eating Chinese food. Molly then requested both students to put pants on, much to the disgust of the aforementioned students

Remember, Molly would be a rainbow, but she's white!

RA Addison has had a bad history with his hall. At JHU 10.1 both students that were kicked out during his session were from his hall. Yikes.

Will's Hall

The hall of Will Merrill in 16.1, the Icelandic-speaking, Dota 2-playing, world's chillest RA. Also home to all the men of MACR-A. Where there's a Will there's a way, he's the best RA.

Jeff is Life

They say the chant of 'Jeff is Life' still ring in Jeff's hall to this day. Never forget the Jefemeister.

Srijan's Hall

This section is about Srijan's hall in 17.2

At their first hall meeting, Srijan said, "Honestly, I don't care if you guys curse or whatever... fuck it." He let his hall have sleepovers whenever and screwed around in the hallway at around midnight. Also, his beard was cute.

There was a guy in the hall named Christian and he would do the most random stuff every once in a while. He spent a few days yelling, "Girls poop!" every few minutes, "Titties," and the now-famous, "MORNIN'!" (even when it wasn't even morning). Every day after meals, Christian would take a banana from the FFC and bring it back to the hall with him, pretending it was a phone and "calling" people. Srijan would always get annoyed and yell something along the lines of, "Boy?!?! What are you doing??" It ended up being a sort of theme quote for the hall.

There was also a kid named Chen from China, and he wore the same shorts every single day. He also really enjoyed playing Monkey in the Middle, and would insist on being the monkey. Eventually, the hall just called it Chen in the Middle, and when Christian started joining him in the middle, they called the game Chris-Chen in the Middle. Chen would ask Srijan many, many questions, and they would annoy Srijan, who would repeatedly roast Chen. One particularly memorable incident involved Chen missing a hall meeting while hanging around another hall, which led to Srijan making Chen do pushups.

Once, the hall was playing Frisbee in the hallway, and Ari from Mario's hall next to them joined them. Ari threw the Frisbee and hit the light, which fell down from the ceiling. Ren eventually crammed it back in the ceiling, only for it to fall down again multiple times over the next few days, and Srijan ended up fixing it.

On the day of the Talent Show, Srijan was part of the committee, and he needed Rey, his co-RA, to take his hall to the Talent Show. But Rey forgot to take them. Srijan's hall was reduced to a bunch of idiots trying to figure out why they the only people left in the dorms without even any RAs around. The original author of this passage sent a picture of the hall to Mario, who toook a screenshot of it. Srijan eventually texted Rey about his hall, who realized he had forgotten them and came back to get them.

For Casino Night, each RA was supposed to get $20 per student, but while the dean was turned away, Srijan stole an armload of money and brought it back to his hall. They ended up having to close the doors while Justice and Niko sorted the money out. With 18 people in the hall, and $20 per person, the hall should have started with $360, but because most of the hall didn't actually make any money (the exception being Oliver, who won about $500 in one round of poker) the hall didn't have much of a net gain. On the other hand, Srijan's robbery boosted them - they ended Casino Night with almost $5000. They lost all of our money in the horse race, though - Srijan told them to bet it all on a guy who ended up losing. He said they could pie him in the face for that, but they never did.

A member of the hall called Srijan a bad RA and reported him for stealing the money in his end-of-session evaluation.

Angel's Hall

This hall from 19.2 was headed by a different Angel than in 11.2. It was notable for having significant numbers of both current and future royalty and thus was easily one of the most zealous in following traditions. Both Princess Lena Parnassa and Empress Amelia Orwant were in this hall and the would-be royalty for 20.2 in this hall included Empress Natalie Faillace and Games Goddess Victoria Lam. Lena and Amelia taught most of their hall and at the site how to rave and were heavily involved in the Traditions Committee, even teaching canon dances at Social Time and running an activity dedicated to it. Amelia was also famous for using BLAMMO spoons, popsicle sticks, and lanyards to create items such as skirts and crowns, which were made with members of her hall at late/early hours after lights out.

Jalapeño Limes

In 22.1, the Jalapeño Limes dyed one of their member’s hair blue, staining the sinks and one shower curtain. The Jalapeño Limes, with RA Trinity, continually conveniently forgot the lights-out rules, staying up late and providing a hassle for Trinity. (Whoops…we love you tho <3) One such instance, the night before the final dance, was so bad the prospect of not being able to attend was tossed up. Luckily, they were allowed to go.

The group grew tight through games of BS and Spoons on move-in day, and comprised of students taking You Will Be Offended, Math of Competitive Behavior, Topology, Human Nature and Technology, and Global Politics.

Their lights-not-entirely-out antics weren’t the only things they were known for, however. The Limes’ sagas include, but are not entirely limited to, doing the macarena to non-macarena songs at dances, dancing to “Cotton Eye Joe” at random times, their saga to find all three Victors at 22.1, a heated ballet argument during one dinner, and the group banding together to protect Rowan from balloons. There were balloons everywhere. Also, members Olga, Karissa, Ah’Nyla, Ian, and Maggie participated at the talent show.

Clark 3

Clark 3 during session 22.1 was headed by the RA and alumnus, Enoch, and was known for being the smallest hall at JHU that session. Clark 3 had only five people: Chris, Gabe, Lorenzo, Oliver, and Sid. There were supposed to be eight people, but three no-showed. This lead to a strong group dynamic and more casual/less restricted behaviors. The hall also inducted Empress Switch as an honorary member. She was an IENG-B classmate of Chris, Gabe and Lorenzo. The “Furious Five” could often be found throwing around Gabe’s national team frisbee during handovers or comfortably occupying the 6-seater tables at lunch.

The group broke the ice on move-in day by playing a game of Uno, beginning an epic session-long Uno tournament with nightly games. By the end of the first week, Gabe had pulled ahead with a statistically improbable lead, with Lorenzo pulling out a calculator to show that the game was “clearly more than luck”. Gabe maintained his lead until the end. That is, until the hall awoke on Passionfruit to find that during the previous night’s shenanigans, Irae, a classmate from IENG-B, had scrawled “Irae - 69” at the bottom of the scoreboard. The legitimacy of his landslide win is debatable.

During week 2, Sid came down with the definitely-not-covid virus which became known as "Sid-olococci". He infected the entire hall and half of campus with his fits of uncontrollable-laughter-turned-deathbed-cough which inevitably occurred at every meal. It didn’t help that the rest of the hall also died of laughter while trying to tell him to cover his mouth. It should be noted that Sid was allegedly not patient zero, although he certainly coughed loudest.

Clark 3 brought their spiffiest outfits to Casino Night and dominated the high-stakes poker table. Gabe and Oliver were also married that night. Sid had much objection to the arrangement as he thought Oliver was too good for Gabe. However, security-guard-Switch managed to restrain him and allow the ceremony to go ahead. The furious five were very successful in their winnings. They pooled all of their money to bet on Enoch during the horse race despite Enoch’s advice to bet on someone else. Enoch had the lead during the first half of the race but slipped and fell at the turnaround, ending up in second place. RA David "dark horse" took 1st place.

The new Minions movie (and CTYI trip to watch it) was a running joke throughout the session, culminating in a top-secret project codenamed OD.

Gildersleeve 2

JHU 22.1 - Split up between Investigations in Engineering, Epidemiology, and some other class I forget. Probably the best hall to ever exist. I forget how many there were, it was 19-21. Many memorable human beings such as Irae the Korean from Alaska with calves the size of your head. Or Joon Young (Cayden) the sexy Korean. Kyren the freckled red head. Rahm the short but very sexy middle eastern guy. Tamir I guess. Edem and Rayan who were really chill. I loved everyone in that hall. I was also cool. :)

Intro: First day was obviously going to be interesting as we all got to know each other. The good thing is that our RA, Logan, was nice and let us have fun. We were the biggest hall but we all got a long and that’s what made us the best. Shoutout to our near Hall, Nick’s hall, who was the best RA of the site tbh.

Important events:

- First or second week, we all began jumping in the hall to see if our head could touch the ceiling. Only a fraction of us could. Until one time, in the Hall Bathroom, Tamir, a very long boi jumped, leading to the fracture of the Bathroom ceiling tile. Btw, before this we were the SRAs favorite hall; that definitely changed.

- The Mini Tennis Association - Formed by Henry and some other guys. They had the biggest room and decided to use it to play mini games of tennis. They formed an association with tournaments and even a website. Was very interesting.

- Fight Club - Hosted in Cayden and Nico’s room where everyone would wrestle for glory. I myself fought many times and mostly lost, but it’s ok because I still won some. Fortunately both RAs Logan and Nick approved, and even RA Nick got involved and wrestled during the finals week. We also had guest fighters from Nick’s hall such as (the guy who always did white guy dances during the dances but I forget his name). He won every fight, he was really strong. But yeah, fight club was awesome and definitely a memorable part of our hall. One of the best moments was on the night before or the night of passion fruit. The final fight, where a large wrestling match of 5+ people broke out in the halls, while RAs Logan and Nick watched in amusement, until RA Nick joined the fight. It took 3 people to take him down.

Our Halls Favorite Spots:

- That one Korean food place that was run by Latinos for some reason. Food was good though - The famed Kung Fu Tea, probably the most popular place for people at JHU. Always crowded but some very good boba - CVS - Everyone’s favorite place to stock up on snacks and ramen. Also where I almost watched a fight break out between two guys (non cty) and they were blocking the entrance. It’s ok tho, we forgive them :) - Barnes and Nobles - Had the JHU Merch shop and Starbucks. Chill place. - That one pizza place that had a bunch of flies. It was pretty good pizza.

Will continue to edit this some other time as I have been procrastinating my school work :) P.S. Wrote this so I can come back to it in the future and remind myself of the great times I had. It really was a very memorable experience and I love all the people I met.