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  • Hello LMU! I have just done the following to the Los Angeles site page:
    • An introduction was added. (though I think it could be improved a bit)
    • The overview was lengthened and revised
    • The Campus section was added, with subheadings. All of this is new, with the exception of Dorms, which was reworded. This is current up to 08.1
    • The RA section was bulleted and updated with information from 08.1
    • The Activities section was organized with subheadings, giving examples of activities from each year, traditions, and current information. The weekend activity subheading was created and lengethened.
    • The Dances section was sorted by year and updated with information from 08.1
    • The Courses section had a class list added.
    • The Enemies section was bulleted. Links to camp pages were added, and descriptions of each camp were either catagorized or written.
    • The LMU template had the average number of students added, along with a picture and caption.

Considering all this, admins almighty, I have removed the Immediate Revision Tag from the page. Please don't smite me, I did work!
Love, Pink Lizzy

  • I'd just like to assert that the whole dumping stuff in the fountain thing was started by Allyssa's hall in 2007. XD

Maybe we should also make a note that the fire drill is always on the first Thursday. --Chloh 21:50, 7 January 2009 (PST)

  • THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT TRUE, CHRISTINE. because 09.1, it was on FRIDAY, and 09.2, it was on second monday, i believe. Good stuff, good stuff. ALSO. Should this page have a students section? I mean, LAN has one, just wondering.
  • hey does anyone know how to edit the boxy thing on the side there? (i forget what it's called :P) where it has the canon? because it seems like Seasons of Love should be included.
  • Um, you have to click on the box itself to edit it, then post on talk and ask an admin to make the change. I'll go ahead and do that, I'd say Seasons of Love is pretty much first session canon now. ---Pink Lizzy
  • unfortunately, i don't think night swimming, blister in the sun, thriller, YMCA, or baby got back is still part of canon. ALSO FOR SOME REASON, RAs have started playing upper canon outside of dances and during the last dance, only playing sandstorm, american pie, and stairway to heaven.

I'm not entirely sure where to put this, but the history needs a little reworking. It isn't in chronological order (it talks about 08.1, then 2007, then back to 2008)... -Fafnirical

GUYS, we need to make a lap-tag page. jussayin. -jackiellegra

I found a page on the main LMU website that details all the summer camps and whatnot that use LMU and their respective schedules. I'm just posting it here in case any of you have a use for it. :) -Bored_Coder

Header Fix?

Hi! The first section refers to people coming from "all over the nation". Maybe we should change that to world? There are a lot of foreign CTYers at LMU.