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ANCT OMS.99.1 (Yes, I'm old. OMS is a Baby CTY site. It was fun nonetheless.)
CODE CAR.03.2 (back when they called it Cryptography. See first line.)
LOGC LAN.07.2 (Nomore year)

My name is Kendal Reed; I took the username 1ManJusticeLeague because I like superheroes and brought T-shirts with Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern's logos on them to LAN.06.2, leading someone to call me "SuperBatLanternMan" in signing my yearbook. I would have used that, but I think this is simpler.

I am listed as the second Dylan on the Alcove '06 T-shirt because of a group of girls who, upon seeing me for the first time, decided I reminded them of someone they knew named Dylan, and called me this even after I introduced myself as something completely different.

I have a younger brother (read: pain in my butt) named Ryan, who is going into the seventh grade and attending EXAM CHS.07.1 as of this writing.

I was the Lorekeeper in '07 and passed the Duct Tape Bathrobe on to Sarah Hackney, who is extremely awesome (read: made a scythe from duct tape and spraypainted it gold for her Grim Rapper Halloween costume and subsequently sang and played "View From Heaven" in honor of Phil Gunn at the 06 .2 talent show). I sent Max Wang the scans of the Nomorenomicon for transcription, because I'm too lazy to transcribe it myself. And let me tell you, that duct tape robe gets really hot. (We are talking about temperature, just so you know.... at least on me. On Sarah, it is probably also sexy.)