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Ross Rheingans-Yoo

Knock-knock. Who's there? Ross Rheingans. Ross Rheingans who? ROSS RHEINGANS-YOOOOOOO!

"In Soviet Russia, Ross Rheingans-Yoo!" - Fish Stark

In General

This is a page about a boy named Ross. Ross began his career as a CTYer and awesome human being at Carlisle in 07.2, where he took Latin. He was in this class with Kaiti Spear, who is also really cool. In 08.2, Ross took Game Theory, which Kaiti was also in. This was the year he met the Cult of Godzilla, including one Rachel Hall, who I think he thought was pretty cool. In 09.2, Ross took Existentialism, which is a really awesome class, and became one of the most prominant figures within the Cult, at the end of the session receiving the title and crown of the Poetry Goddess. Finally, in his nomore year in 10.2, Ross, the Poetry Goddess, took Ethics (which is amazing) with Mark (who is amazing).

Ross has attended 7 years of CTY, including three years of daycamp-baby CTY, and four of real CTY at Carlisle. Ross is in possession of one each of Neon-Yellow, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, and Black Lanyards, from 03, 05, 07, 08, 09, 10, and 10, respectively.

Baby CTY

In 04, Ross attended a camp that was not CTY: Slayton House Performing Camp for the Arts, due to not-so-great memories of 03.1 (including salty ice cream). He had previously attended SHPCA twice, in 01 and 02, but found that being the only boy in the theatre camp (again) was annoying, and thus decided to return to CTY for good. He proceded to attend two more sessions of daycamp baby CTY (as opposed to the residential program most commonly referred to by that name), for a total of three sessions of daycamp at Sandy Spring.

  • FOOD.SAN.03.1 - The Edible World, 03.1
  • ROBO.SAN.05.1 - Intro to Robotics, 05.1
  • UNAG.SAN.06.1 - Model UN and Advanced Geography, 06.1

Ross lost his 06 yellow lanyard, sadly, but retained the other two, and wore them with pride for four years, leading many to believe he was a five-year freak.

LAT1.CAR.07.2 - Latin with Allison Lynch (?), on Scott B.'s hall - Quad 2

GAME.CAR.08.2 - Game Theory and Probability with Misha Chkenkeli (sp?), on the hall formerly known as Nate G.'s - Quad 2

Semi-officially inducted into the Cult of Godzilla, by members Rachel, Monica, Olivia, Danny, Batman, and Reggie, among others. Learned to rave. Earned nickname "Hedgehog".

EXIT.CAR.09.2 - Existentialism with Maureen Melnyk, (I forget the RA) - KW B (2nd floor)

Appointed 'Dancing Queen' by popular request. Appeared in ZombiNation as "Zombie with Hat". Raved. Crafted fedora out of duct tape. Posted numerous posters protesting SRA Clay's stated policy of not playing Rainbow Connection on the HUB, the Alley, and ATS as alias "-G---", which . Appointed Poetry Goddess by Kelsey Stinner.


When SRA Clay announced that the Canon song Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog was being placed on the do-not-play list, because it "promoted exclusive nomore-only circles", few campers were more annoyed than Ross. Adopting a campaign of anonymous nonviolent protest, he began putting up posters bearing the letters R.C. (for Rainbow Connection), often with pithy additions such as 'Really, Clay?', 'Revive Carlisle', 'Remember the Canon', and 'Respect the Canon'. After the posters began disappearing, Ross wrote and taped a letter to KW, informing the office staff that they were being jerks. (this, too, disappeared) These posters were signed "-G", only with the cross-bar on the G extended so that the signature more resembled "-G---". There is some mystery about the significance of the letter G, and the following explanations have been offered:

The song, sadly enough, was not played at any of the 09.2 dances, despite -G---'s best efforts to get it off the banned list.

ETHCb.CAR.10.2 - Ethics with Mark Ralkowski (and Matt Hartwig!), on Chris Shellhamer's hall - KW A (2nd)

The entire ETHCb.CAR.10.2 class (including Ross) converted to vegetarianism after reading the book Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. The lack of vegetarian-friendly foods at the HUB led to many cries of "Screw you, Jonathan Safran Foer!", and multiple Passionfruit toasts to the author.


Ross (along with Whitney Wu) taught the art of glowsticking to squirrels, tumors, and anyone else who asked. Additionally, he distributed copious quantities of glowsticks during dances, as well as one of the circulating sets of flowlights (the others belonging to Whitney Wu) and the sole set of poi-balls. Ross, Whitney, and Kyj basically formed the backbone of the raving tradition at 10.2, but tried actively to pass their knowledge on, so that Carlisle may rave for years to come.

Poetry Goddess

Appointed to the role by Kelsey Stinner in 09.2, Ross served as Poetry Goddess, began the tradition of Poetry Laurels, and passed the title (and a set of laurels) on to Amalia Bowen. Oversaw the shared reading of "The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock" in response to requests by multiple people to read the T.S. Eliot poem (which, being long, has traditionally been disapproved of - but when has that ever stopped Ross? He read it in 08.2, and 09.2, carrying on in the tradition of Ippy, who read Prufrock in 07.2) In the end, the poem was split into parts, read by Ross, Campbell Nilson, Amalia Bowen, Ursula Edenboros, Rebecca Cerasoli, and Ross again, the first poem-splitting sanctioned by the Poetry Goddess.


A mixed trio of Ross (piano), Amalia, (violin) and Gaines (vocals) performed Rainbow Connection for the talent show, in protest of Clay's 09.2 policy of banning the song. At the last dance, RC posters (see 09.2) were found in the stiarwells and a large poster was hung directly above the center stairwell, but, sadly, the song was still not played.

Cult of Godzilla

Ross conducted many many potato sacrifices to Godzilla, in the glorious tradition of the Cult's High Priestess, NoT, and 09.2's de facto priestess, MQ. As de facto Cult leader, Ross officially declared the Cult (as it manifests at Carlisle) to be gone, as he was the last member inducted by the founding members.

RIP Godzilla, 06.1 - 10.2, may you live forever young in a land of potatoes. 

Brought his younger brother, Duncan (CRYPa.CAR.10.2), into the fold of Carlislian tradition.

Shelley's hall hosted two classes: ETHCb and Neuroscience

Neuroscience hallmates

  • Kyj Nohachevsky (perhaps you've heard of him?)
  • Eli
  • Ronald/'Weasley'
  • Shom Ganguly
  • Richard
  • SomeoneWhoseNameI'mForgetting

Ethics hallmates

  • David/Black-Shirt David/Jew-David (Levine)
  • Cairo/Orange-Shirt David (Ernyey)
  • Matt/Jew-Goblin (Clymer)
  • Steaknife? (emphasis on the '?')
  • Chris Thomas
  • Ross

The rest of the Ethics class (on Dianna's hall)

  • Gaines (Sarah Pearce)
  • Amalia Bowen
  • Elizabeth/Elibazeth (Cathcart)
  • Whitney Wu
  • Isabella Rosner
  • Marissa Flores
  • Marissa Lilly
  • Lèo (-ne Farber)
  • Sarah Williams


For most of the session, there were three couples within ETHCb, meaning that almost half the class was paired up:

  • David/Isabella (aka Jew-Goblins 1&2)
  • Cairo/Marissa (Flores)
  • Matt/Marissa (Lilly)

In addition, Ronald managed to go through (at least) three relationships at camp, possibly including, but not limited to:

  • Lila
  • Avery
  • Kaily

Third Wheels were prominent, but as the session went on, they became more scarce. Some of the remaining third wheels who made it awkward for the Couples include

  • Shom Ganguly
  • Nathan Rothstein (AKA JEWGOBLIN 3)

And, of course, who could forget:

  • Kyj/Cheryl

These infamous couples (plus sometimes Fish Stark and whatever lady was on his arm as well as the ethnic 3rd wheels) formed an alliance known as "The Couples Couch", known among the RAs for being a den of fschnargling and other contraband activities.


(When I get less lazy, I'll post quotes from 09.2 (including Brett's commentary on Starcrash) and 10.2)

In conclusion: Ross is amazing and I love him and you should too.

Also, in his non-CTY life (though we all know the Other 49 are not important), Ross fences. A lot. <3