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“Have you seen Danny DeVito in skinny jeans? That’s my sex dream.” -Tali 19.1

Hi I’m Julia Rubright, the LAN 20.1 stripper(and possibly better known as the weird blonde whore wandering around). I found out about CTY through my 2 sisters(Rubrights in LAN 14.1 15.1 16.1 and Hong Kong 17.1). I’ve only gone to Lancaster(cause it’s obviously the best site).

CTY, for me, became a home. I felt at CTY, for the first time, that I was accepted. Everyone at CTY is just so openly them, it’s amazing. It was here that I first found out I was a lil gay ;) and my confidence since I first went to CTY has been boosted so much. I have all of the people at CTY to thank for that. The kids here are so loving and accepting, I’ve never seen anything like it, and I couldn’t be more grateful for all of you. It is my hope that I can be a friend to all who need one, that I can help someone gain the confidence I did, and that I can be a part of someone’s happiness

If anyone ever wants to talk feel free to reach out!

I like you, I love you, I CTY you.


18.1-Lancaster- Philosophy of Mind

19.1-Lancaster- Logic

20.1-Lancaster- was supposed to be Cognitive Psychology, but, you know, the whore named COVID canceled session:)


I hope you realize Ceci almost broke down crying reading your page to me over a FaceTime call - Your Condom Dealer

Yeah. He’s right ^ -you know