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The Stripper is a Lancaster student position at session 1 that represents the self-confidence people often gain at CTY, and is given to someone who exemplifies it. The position was created in 2004 by Gina Allen.

Duties and Description

The Stripper is the leader of the CTY Chant during the Afterdance, and organizes the student performance of Rocky Horror.

The relic of the Stripper is a very short grey plaid skirt held on by nothing but some velcro. The stripper should take off this skirt and swing it above their head during the CTY Chant. They should also wear the Skirt to at least one dance.

The position is passed down at Passionfruit, where the new Stripper legitimizes themselves by kneeling in front of the current stripper and removing the Skirt with their teeth. Though it was not originally, the Stripper is now usually passed down to a one-more.

As of 2010, it is traditional that the current Stripper play Magenta in Rocky Horror.

Note: If you found any of these fine young people by googling them, and you were going to pass judgement on them for being 'strippers' you should (a) get a life and a better attitude towards strippers and (b) recognize that we're not actually strippers.


The position started with Gina Allen, who would do a stripping dance for "CTY Has a Nice Butt" in 04.1 and 05.1. After Gina nomored out, Dana Reback was "peer-pressured" into becoming the new Stripper; she held this position for three years running. She is the original owner of the skirt, which she bought at AYP after her Squirrel year.