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Kate Wymbs, that lovable, sexy, wolf-loving, Pathological Liar. (I am a pathological liar. Everything I say is a lie. <--Wrap your head around that.)


LAN.05.01: HDIS
LAN.06.02: IPMS- Geometery
LAN.07.01: THEO
LAN.08.01: FCPS

Great teachers make great courses. Great people make a great experience. Lancaster is Kate's home that she is indeed reluctant to leave and going to miss with all her heart.


Kate Wymbs was always the athletic girl. She avidly participated in morning run, nearly everyday it was offered since her second year at CTY. For some reason, one that she, herself is unsure of, Kate left abandoned her friends during the first weekend of her second year at CTY to play in some soccer tournament far away.

Although Kate is very good at soccer and attended the activity sporadically throughout her CTY experience, she never competed in the Soccer Tournament. She felt and truly believes that she used her weekend time wisely.

However, Kate did participate in the Ultimate Frisbee Tournament her twomore and onemore year. The team she was on during her twomore year (06.01), also manned by Yoshi, Mike, Steph, Matt, Chasen and other awesome bubble-stoners, won the Tournament although lost a grueling defeat to the RA's. Kate was stolen, quite illegally from the winning team in 07.01 by friends and was forced to play on their team instead because they had insisted that she would have more fun, and they stole her watch and stuffed it down their pants. Kate did not play in the Ultimate Tournament her nomore year because she was busy rehearsing for the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Rocky Horror 08.01

A nomore in 08.01, Kate was chosen to be the Criminologist in Time Warp on Second Saturday. Wearing Mev's sexy if sweltering hot suit, and one the RA's ties, she lead the time warp stading on the arms of Mull's second floor arm chair.

Because of "popular consent" and "heating issues" (Kate loves bunny rabbits), the dance for Second Saturday was held in the ASFC. Now because the chair was such a crucial part of the routine (not just for Kate to dance on, but also to compliment Frank's (Ev's) flamboyant sexiness), Kate and a number of others carried the chair down 2 flights of stairs and into the ground floor lounge where it was picked up and driven to the ASFC.

Due to the thickness of material in the Criminologist's costume, Kate was forced to consume extreme amounts of water in the time leading up to Rocky Horror. After the dance, Kate promptly stripped to a tank top, purple fishnets and blue and purple swirly spandex shorts. Very Sexy Indeed.


Prior to her nomore year, Kate was deemed The Pimp by Aaron Ladd, the previous year's pimp when he found that he could not return to CTY for his final year. Kate was a very sexy pimp, although miraculously avoided getting in too much PDA related trouble, unlike a few of the guys, who's names were known and shouted by Frank Wang. Kate passed the title of The Pimp to Faye Elgart and knows Faye will do a fine job.


Kate really only became part of the Alcove her nomore year. Although hung out with them a good deal in her onemore year, she only embraced the amazing people there and sat in the most holy Alcove (though not on weekends or breakfast cause it was closed due to Kosher)her final year. During her first years of CTY, Kate scared and naive, hung to her incredible halls and classmates. However, for her closing years of CTY, Kate decided to let loose and go for broke. She found it to be a great feeling when you could look at any class and find you knew someone in there, instead of being confined to your own hall and class.

Passionfruit Speech

Instead of being pure and spontaneous, Kate decided to get all her thoughts together at 4 in the morning, on the last Friday (calendar Thursday)and write her final nomore passionfruit speech, from which she did read, although probably not loud enough for all to hear. It has been replicated below:

LAN.08.01: Passionfruit

"Hi, I'm Kate and I’m a nomore. Holy FOB! When did this happen? I feel like this is some cruel joke that is about to be revealed...only, by looking at your faces - tear-stained and attentive - I see that this is not a cruel joke, but a cruel reality I must come to terms with.

This in itself has been a challenge. During the last week, throughout the last weekend, whenever anyone said, "Hey this is the last..." I would flee. My mind would shift to a default reflex: run, escape, avoid. With the added self-illusion that running was what i do best, I tried desperately to escape that this WAS my last, along with the mental aspects that accompanies that knowledge.

I won't go into the details of how hard it is to win a race with fleeting stamina, with caring friends wanting to share a pain I was refusing to acknowledge as obstacles, and with the final impenetrable barrier of time. In short, I failed and slammed face-first into the wall. I'm not yet sure if it will leave a mark.

But that's ok. In fact, I probably wouldn't have done it any other way.

When I was a squirrel here, four short years ago, I took History of Disease. I didn't realize it then, possibly because I was small, young and hadn't taken Bio. I didn't realize it later when I was suffering some of the depression side-effects. I don't think I realized it until this year, when I embraced the fact that i was infected.

CTY is a disease.

CTY is not a malignant disease, but a disease made to be spread. However, this disease has two strands; it can either be a virus or a bacterial infection. The virus strand of CTY is incurable and will stay with you forever. You need to expose yourself to every aspect of CTY to be sure that you get the virus (including the means needed to get the Schnade).

The bacteria is the strand you don’t want to catch, although many do. Time heals all wounds and with enough time, the bacterial infection of CTY will be cued from you forever, leaving little trace if any.

Get the virus. Look for things that last. People last. Traditions last. Ideas and games and mindsets last (Look, I’m no longer afraid of “last”).

Spread the culture. These are your vectors. Spread the disease and never search for a cure, despite however many of you may become doctors.

I realize that I am speaking mostly to those of you who are fortunate enough to return to CTY. For all you sexy nomores and nevermores, (yes, that’s all of you) find similar experiences yielding the symptoms. Live life.

All of you, be a part of the epidemic!

I love CTY. I love life. I love all of you. And I love the passionfruit!"


Kate is saddly a forevermore, forever finished with CTY and unlikely to return as an RA or TA. She has had an indescribably fantastic four years which have changed her undoubtedly for the better. She will forever remember CTY and wished everyone an amazing life.

Contact Info
AIM: spirtgrl77
Facebook: Yes. Southern Regional High School
Cell: (609)-661-0671 unlimited texting
Location: South Jersey, Long Beach Island.
RealCTY: User: PathologicalLiar
Post CTY Depression: PathologicalLiar

Please look Kate Wymbs up for reunions and such! She loves you!