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hi all its addison! while i havent been to cty yet because of the current pandemic, i hope to go to lan.1 next year. this year i was supposed to go to jhu.2 and am instead practisipating in all the great lan events.


you're so nice! i'm so glad i got to meet you this session :)
Sunflowertape.png - lauren :)

I know you're gonna do a great job carrying on tradition! You're a great squirrel child and I hope I'll be able to see you at session.
Caution.jpg - Connor

so glad i got to get to know you during online session :) cant wait to meet u irl <3 User:Caitlin Fox

I’m glad I got to know you during this online session! I hope to see you at LAN.1 next year if possible. Maybe we can meet up before then once the pandemic is over. <3 Juliana

hey addison! it was really nice meeting you during session. happy love tape day! - chris GalaxyDuctTape.png

Its been so great getting to know you over online session, and im glad youve decided to go to lan. I rly hope we get to meet up in person! - User:Friendly KGB officer