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hi i'm bailey, carlisle's 19.2 empress and i just wanted to say I read your summary of JHU 18.2 (it's prime pctyd hours) and you're braver than any US marine. good luck next year :)!

Hi!! I found your userpage, but I guess you already know that because email (and of course I'm typing on it)! Alexis sounds awesome and I wish I knew her better - she sounds like what my unofficial RA last year would have been like if she knew any tradition whatsoever (it was her first year doing absolutely anything related to CTY).

Same as Bailey; whether or not I see you next year I wish you infinite luck in more tradition revival! And thank you so much for being the main reason why I stayed emotionally alive all session

I like you, I love you, I CTY you! - Anouk

Hello Amelia,

You can edit the Template. The original template is locked due to only being accessed by the Administrators of the website. Use Template:Baltimore, maryland. Just make sure to click the top edit button and not the edit button on the template button itself. You will be able to edit the Canon then. I can always edit if you need me to. - Luke

Oops. Sorry about my faulty memory about the canon. Most of the stuff in that section was there before I came along, so I didn't make too many edits (and it's not technically "my" section either). I believe Alexis added a bit to it, but it was just which songs were played at the dances if I remember correctly. (18.2 was also my first experience with any canon whatsoever other than American Pie, if that explains anything.) At least you can finally complete that section though, I obviously don't have a copy of the Book of Love and therefore had to rely on my memories of the activity you did on the first Thursday. The stuff you're doing on this wiki is incredible, keep going!! - Anouk

no problem! keep fighting the good fight sis! :) - bailey