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hi i'm bailey, carlisle's 19.2 empress and i just wanted to say I read your summary of JHU 18.2 (it's prime pctyd hours) and you're braver than any US marine. good luck next year :)!

Hello Amelia,

You can edit the Template. The original template is locked due to only being accessed by the Administrators of the website. Use Template:Baltimore, maryland. Just make sure to click the top edit button and not the edit button on the template button itself. You will be able to edit the Canon then. I can always edit if you need me to. - Luke

no problem! keep fighting the good fight sis! :) - bailey

Super impressed by the amount of stuff you were able to write on the Baltimore page. I'm running on little sleep and even less free time this year and I'm sure it's worse for you, so how you managed to find the time to write all that is beyond me. You've written like 90% of this page by now...

Thanks for writing it all!! (Also, sorry for pestering you about it earlier. Still figuring out that I shouldn't stress about everything - I don't have the mental capacity for it anymore and it makes people feel crappy.)

Like you, love you, CTY you,