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Terry Is God


In 94 at Saratoga, an RA named Terry Olson became the God figure of a small cult. This came about when Terry broke his leg while demonstrating a dance for his RA group that he wanted them to perform during the mandatory Lip Synch that year. Several members of his RA group hailed him as a martyr and soon elevated him to a deity. To spread their "religion," Terryism, they performed a skit at the Talent Show, with an insert in the program about http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Nebula/6140/cty/terryisgod.html Terryism] Also, later, they altered their CTY t-shirts to read "The Center for Terryistic Youth." Easily one of the strangest things to happen at CTY, it deserves a place in the CTY Hall of Fame.

The Chair Sculpture


In the Writing 2A class room at SAR-2-95, there was an interesting artifact. In the back of the room, there was a large, pyramid shaped sculpture made entirely of chairs, the kind with desks attached. It appears the creators, Ben and Bailey, thought that there were too many chairs in the classroom, and got them out of the way by piling them precariously on top of one another. Rumors of the sculpture spread and soon many CTYers were making pilgrimages to see it. Though it was dismantled at the end of the session, it earned a place in the CTY Hall of Fame.


Session(s):SAR.95.2, CAR.96.1

Ug. First presented in a magnificent commercial preformed by Josh, Kevin, Ben, Bailey, Nathanael, and Chip at SAR-2-95, Ug was carried over to CAR-1-96 by Josh and Yours Truly. Ug is wonderful work of art, made from a old bed spring. Yes, Ug truly deserves a place in the CTY hall of fame.

The Gummie Bear House of Horrors


The second floor Kimball hall at Saratoga 1996-1 saw an excellent example of the weirdness that CTY can induce this session. Following a sunday trip into Saratoga Springs, construction was begun by students Daniel Terry (astronomy), Michael Tolan (Math), et al. on "The Gummi bear House of Horrors." This frightening exhibit took the remainder of the first session to complete, including around 40 examples of mutilated sugar. Among these bears were "Ritualistic Satanic Sacrifice Bear" and "Jeffery Dahmer Bear" as well as a bear mashed into the carpet, and one nailed to the door (hammers are good things to have at CTY). Also adorning the room was a sign proudly proclaiming "Don't Feed the Rinas."

No Biting The Signs


At Skidmore in 1997 the administration was making new rules left and right. People were having new rules created for them such as "No dancing in the rain," "Don't Make an Idiot of Yourself" and "No stuffing bras" so Jeremiah and Tim decided they wanted a rule of their own. The solution was to bite all those handy rule sheets and signs the RAs posted around our dorm. Soon it caught on and several other degenerates were chomping on the signs. Eventually the powers that be got sick of it and decided that was enough. They called a meeting before one of the dances and asked for the vandals to fess up, rather than ruin a perfectly good dance for all the guys, they confessed and claimed temporary insanity. Luckily, no one got in trouble. But out of this event came a new rule, "No Biting the Signs," and a new entry in the CTY Hall of Fame.


"Free Lee-Kai"


In 2000 at Saratoga, this kid Lee-Kai was caught in the girls' dorm. When he was caught, he apparently pulled a condom out of his pocket and said, "At least I was being safe!" The next day he was locked in an administrative office and wasn't allowed to see or talk to anyone. Everyone hung around the window of the office to see him, and he was passed food through the window. When his supporters were seen, the authorities moved him somewhere he couldn't be found. Almost immediately, people started chanting "FREE LEE-KAI!" Then, the sidewalk chalk came out. All over the walkways and even the side of the building under the office windows, everyone wrote "Free Lee-Kai" on the building walls. When the RAs dutifully washed it off, his supporters skipped dailys and stood outside the windows chanting and writing even more. The administration got pissed, but some people got to say goodbye to Lee-Kai. The movement earned itself a spot in the CTY Hall of Fame.

Edit: Though the Skidmore staff hate the chalk writing on the brick surfaces, as it is almost impossible to get off, some CTYers were still writing "Free Lee-Kai" on multiple buildings at least two years after the incident.

Edit: Lee-Kai Wang returned as an RA in Lancaster '02. Wonder how he landed that job?

I can't believe that some of the biggest legends not only happened during my time at CTY, but that they were two of my best friends! Aw man. Free Lee-kai. -Heidi Vanderlee, Saratoga '01

Heidi, you are such a dork. Love, lk

Session 2, 2007 Lee Kai actually made a return to Skidmore. He met up with us on our way back from the second town trip and even stayed long enough to join in a quad-time game of fruit (he was "Tomato"). Needless to say, his presence left a great impression on all of the nevermores, nomores, and everyone else that took the initiative to introduce themselves to him. Lee-Kai is a true CTY-Skidmore legend.

Session 2, 2010 Marc's hall's nevermores (Jackson and Phil) tried to restart the Free Lee Kai chant. Succesfully spreading it across Wilmarth 3. Most CTYers on the floor wrote Free Lee Kai in their evaluations sheets for how to make the experience better and/or other comments.

Session 1, 2012 The Skidmore Eleven event happened. Because a few of them were out to go to the Girls Dorms, it was seen as a "Lee Kai x 11" resulting in Emperor James Gan planning to start a Free Lee Kai chant (see more under "Skidmore Eleven")

Jon Good

Session(s):2000 - present

Jon Good was a nevermore at Saratoga in 2000, and during the second session, signed up for the Random Acts of Senseless Kindness weekly, and was given sidewalk chalk and told to write nice things. Jon found the busiest sidewalk intersection in the quad and wrote "Jon Good Loves You" in huge letters in the path. Within a week, "Jon Good Loves You" was written in chalk all over campus, sometimes by him, but more often by other CTYers. In his honor, his name became part of the American Pie chant; the line "And the three men I admired most/ the father, son, and the holy ghost," has acquired the callback "and Jon Good!" Jon is also alleged to have been the first to write "Free Lee-Kai" in chalk on buildings.

Also, because Jon was Jon, he wrote it in masking (or duct?) tape on his window. For some reason I feel like it was masking tape, but I think that's only because it was the same year Deke's Love Tape (ie the girlfriend of Jesse Cross-Knickerson of "all the girl and half the guys are in love with..." fame) was revived, so there was a lot of masking tape around. Also, on the post above, Heidi and LK, you are both such dorks. - Willa SAR 98.2-01.2

I was a first year during the famous Jon Good Loves You session, and returning as a TA five years later, was amazed to see people still writing it on construction paper and posting it around during RASK. Those who could not possibly have been at CTY during the time of Jon Good. A true legend. - Rachel SAR 00-03, TA 06

The phrase "Jon Good loves you, and your mom, twice" also developed that summer. Jon Good was also Scary Spice in a Spice Girls lip-sync (I think 98.2). His top was a bare-midriff tank top made of duct tape with a British flag in the center. Apparently current students doubt the existence of Jon Good. Also-Willa, you're also a dork, which is why we love you. -Farin SAR 97-00

At 12.2 and 13.2 respectively, two of Jon Good's first cousins have attended CTY, Emily Leibiger and Tom Possidente. Both are incredible people and it seems that Jon Good's wonderfulness lives on. Emily is a twomore as of 14.2.

At the end of the Last Quad Night Session 1, Nevermores gather in the middle of the quad and yell, "Good night, go home, nobody loves you except Jon Good!"

As of 14.2, at the end of the last dance, Nevermores gather in front of the entire camp and yell, "Good night, go home, nobody loves you except Jon Good!"

At 22.2, in an effort to revive tradition, some nevermores bought sidewalk chalk and dry-erase markers at the Skidmore store, and wrote "Jon Good Loves You" all over the quad, and on the whiteboards on the Howe 3 doors.

Jon Good Currently makes chocolates in the shapes of spaceships and plays in a political marching band (along with a current camper) called The Rude Mechanical Orchestra.

Mulan Final Song

Session(s):2005.1 - present.1

After American Pie was played at the last dance of Skidmore 2005 and 2006 Session 1 everyone prepared to return to their dorms. However, right before announcements by the SRAs to instruct everyone to return back to their dorms RAs Lee (2005) and Jesse(2006) played the song "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from the movie Mulan upon the request of Edwin Ma (2005, 2006) and Andrew Yu (2005). Due to the enormous enthusiasm and applause during and after the song it was decided that "I'll Make a Man Out of You" was to be made Canon and will be played every Skidmore session 1 after American Pie at the last dance.

A note from rmd: The Pop Culture Class of Skidmore Session 1 2006 found it extremely hilarious that this was played because we had watched Mulan to analyze and write an essay on. And, if anyone remembers, we did sometimes break out into singing "The Man Song," except all "you"s we changed to "Yoon" (mysterious as the dark side of the YOON) for our good friend, Michael Yoon (and any other CTYer with the last name Yoon). Some people in our class thought that this song was played especially for us, though I do remember Andrew Yu requesting it last year. And I agree, this must become a canon.

Note: It is also known that Edwin Ma had argued and fought for some time to get the staff to allow the Mulan song to be played after American Pie. Due to the fact that Skidmore 2006 had only 2 returning RAs no staff member remembered the playing of the Mulan song in 2005 and they did not believe that a song should be played after American Pie. However, after days of arguing with the staff on whether or not the song was to be played Edwin Ma finally brought it up to the dean of residential life Mike Chin who remembered the song being played last year. Edwin Ma brought the CD with him to the last dance and Mike Chin confronted the staff who refused to let the song play. The staff gave in and before announcements were made they played the song and it was decided that the song was to be made canon and played at the last dance after American Pie. Edwin's last wish was that when Edwin and Andrew return as RAs the tradition would still be upheld without the help of Edwin and Andrew themselves.

A similar argument happened Session 1, 2007 as again there were only two returning RA's and even fewer returning administration. After many nevermores brought up the subject with RA Jack (DJ and former Skidmore CTYer), Jack finally gave in and "I'll Make a Man Out of You" was played as the last song of the last dance.

Thanks to the efforts of the 2007 nevermores and returners, it has been solidified that "I'll Make a Man Out of You" will remain as a Skidmore Session 1 Tradition. My thanks to everyone who went in 2007 that let this tradition live on. -Edwin Ma

Unfortunately, this was skipped at the end of 17.1, causing many protests. Returners to 18.1 plan on rallying until the song is added to traditions once more.

Ceriously Talented Youth


Skidmore hosts two ballet schools at the same time of CTY, and CTYers have a less than friendly relationship with these rinas and rinos. Although the exact circumstances are uncertain, one such rina, the famous Ashley Anne, was quoted as having asked RA Stefan "What does CTY even stand for? Ceriously [sic] Talented Youth?" which soon spread around the campus, causing hilarity to ensue among CTY students. Along with synergy, it was used in context at any given chance. For sheer idiocy and perpetuation of the CTY-rina relationship, this deserves a spot in the hall of fame.

Note: As a result of the CTY-ers love of mocking the Rina's, Session 1 06 started Rina Day where everyone dressed up as Rina's.

Pirate Day


There was a toned down version of a Pirate Day (see the Memories:JHU) in Skidmore Session 1 2006. This was started by a nevermore named Edwin Ma who wished to honor a close friend of his named Andrew Yu who was unable to return in 2006. This was created due to the fact that Ninja Day (Sucessfully done in 2005 started by Andrew and Edwin) was cancelled because SRA Felicia said that students were not allowed to cover their faces. Andrew Yu was recognizable in 2005 Session 1 due to the fact that he wore a bandanna on his head like a Pirate everyday, so in Skidmore alongside End of the World Day a large group of people wore either bandannas or a t-shirt around their heads pirate style for what Edwin called "Pirate/Andrew Yu Day". Coincidently due to the fact that so few people had bandannas,(around 6-7 people) many people had to use t-shirts which resulted in looking like people were wearing doo-rags. This caused many people to instead call this "Gangster Day" which oddly enough "gangster" was a very oftenly used term by Edwin and Andrew and that Edwin was called by people who didn't know him "That gangster Asian" although Edwin repeatedly said he'd rather not be called that.

String Raving Ban

  • taken from Hall of Fame:LAN page

Glowstringing was been banned in Skidmore 04.1 when an RA was hit with a glowstick, although the Emperor of 06.2 glowstringed anyway during the talent show and the last dance along with Edison Huff. Glowstringing was then reallowed since 07.1 at Skidmore likely due to new administration. (See "Glowsticking records" for more)


Session(s):2007.2- Present

In the Comp Sci class was a CTY-er known as "Louis". During a session of the "Penis game", Louis was mistakenly used by Bill Landis instead of penis. Thus, the Louis game was born, with people shouting "LOUIS" at random intervals. Then Lucas Lin had the idea to shout "LOUIS!" at midnight on the last Wednesday. Word was spread throughout Wilmarth and even Rounds, and at the stroke of midnight, Louis began. It started on the 2nd floor, but the resounding echo spread throughout all of Wilmarth and others follow. Even the people living in Howe and Rounds yelled "LOUIS!", as it could be heard from the Wilmarth dorm. Subsequently, Jack Reeves, the Comp Sci RA walked into the hall and yelled, "What the DICKENS do you think you're doing?" (Jack, being a model RA, was careful never to use profanity within earshot of campers). This final massive-scale Louis game caused the Louis game to be officially banned by the site director, Tim. (But it still goes on to this day)

Due to the movement of girls to Penfield Hall in 2012 the Louis Game has died out of Skidmore campus, at least for now.

But in 2013, the girls were moved back to Howe-Rounds and the royalty of 13.2 attempted to restart it by screaming LOUIS from the quad at midnight on the night of the game. However, only a few rooms in the girls' hall (Howe-Rounds) responded, one of which consisted of Anne Kramer, Sidney (Squid) Sponer, and Crystalina Guo. In the room directly above that one, Emma Nance and Cathy Nie also participated. A number of rooms in the boys' halls could be heard, including Morgan Jackson's and Serge Piskun's room.

The tradition was fully revived in 14.2, with all four royalty out on the quad to facilitate the shouting. Word was spread throughout the campus in the days leading up to the game, and at midnight on Wednesday, the majority of campers were gathered in opportune rooms facing the quad and yelling "LOUIS!" through open windows.

Louis also continued in 16.2 with some shouts of "Derek"!

In 18.2 Louis was successfully revived, but everyone shouted "PENIS!" at midnight rather than "Louis!".

In 19.2 Louis continued but we were warned not to shout penis or be banned from the last dance (due to the actions of 18.2)

Glowstringing Records

Session(s):2008.2 - present

At Saratoga during the last dance, students often attempt to break the previous year's glowstringing record by attaching many glowsticks to two strings and using this contraption to glowstring in the middle of the dance floor. Throughout the years, many creative methods have been implemented to add on to the number of glowsticks attached to strings, including bundling the glowsticks together and tying these bundles to the main strings. However, the only valid record-breaking method for attaching glowstrings is to tie them onto the main string in a linear fashion, one after the other. In addition, record-breakers must be able to swing aforementioned glowsticks while they are attached to the string and complete a minimum of one rotation/swing.

(Side note: as the strings invariably become heavier as more glowsticks are added, one must exercise caution when glowstringing with them and ensure that no glowsticks fly off the strings. Records set here should reflect the total number of glowsticks remaining on the main string at the end of the last dance and should not include glowsticks that flew off during the dance)

Current Record-Holder

Stefan Linden (2019.1) Number of glowsticks: 200 total, 100 on each arm


At 08.2, for the first time in remembered history at CTY Saratoga, Nevermore Brian Smiley (as mentioned above) TRIPLE glowstringed with three glowsticks tied to each string(strang?) during Sandstorm at the last dance. This risky experiment turned out to be epic, and was continued at SAR.09.2.

The next year, in honor of Forevermore Brian Smiley, Forevermore Ilya Makovoz proceeded to beat Brian's previous record of three glowsticks tied to each string, instead opting for four. Even though many thought that the act would be impossible it turned out to be as epic, if not more so than that of Brian's the year before. Due to the large number of ravers two raving songs where played. Ilya raved to the first, Ravers Fantasy, and then switched with Dan B. who raved with the quadruple glowstrings for Sandstorm.

By the second week of 10.1, emperor Young and his roommate Freddy had already planned on smashing the raving record, but in the days leading up to the final dance there was much difficulty in procuring the ten glowsticks necessary for the feat. During this time it was brought to the ravers' attentions that having five 6" glowsticks on one string would be incredibly difficult to control as the angular velocity of the two closest glowsticks was insufficient to make them stable while raving. It was decided that the two closest glowsticks would be the small 3 or 4 inch types, which conveniently were the only ones left in the ravers' arsenal. And so the Quintuple Glowstring was forged, and was wielded by Adom Hartell during Raver's Fantasy in the Last Dance. The Quintuple Glowstring was subsequently hijacked by Patrick, who had enormous difficulty wielding the powerful item.

However, this record was broken during Raver's Fantasy, the first nevermore only rave of last dance of 11.1, where Owen Zach wielded six glowsticks each on ridiculously long shoelaces. After the Raver's Fantasy was over, Owen then traded these glowsticks off to Matt DeSantis who then proceded to do a meltdown with them, one of the most uncomfortable raving moves, combining fullbody crossers and behind the back fullbody crossers.

But, the all-time glowsticking record at Saratoga was broken by one-more James Gan with 9 glowsticks on each string at the last dance of Session 2, 2011. The strings were so long that when he started raving, the glowsticks at the end of each string popped upon contact with the ground, covering the gym floor in purple and red glow fluid. (Mine were actually the red ones. I don't know who the purples were --JGlovesyou 03:34, 18 January 2012 (PST))

In 2012.1, Emperor James once again used a ridiculous number of 6" glowsticks per string, (It was 10 on each. Most were ultras, and because they got tangled at the start they ended up being pretty dim by the time one-more Octavia Fitzmaurice managed to get them untangled.) This beat the last year's record by replacing the mini glowsticks with 6" ones, and adding an extra glowstick to each string. This time, he officially beats the record, as none of the glowsticks on either lace break. However, they got tangled later on and were thrown away in favor of his Sonik LEDz, which had already made an impression for being brighter than any ultras. At the same dance, Jeremy strung with DOUBLE orange ultras, and Khirstine (who is just over five feet tall) strung with SIX multi-color ultras. Both had Meltdown in their bag of tricks, and looked ready to pass out by the end of the third song.

In 2012.2, Nevermore Michael "Guillermo" Roosky somewhat beat James Gan's record with 9 6" glowsticks and 3 mini glowsticks on each string, totaling 12 glow sticks on each string. Guillermo's glowsticks were arranged into 3 bundles of each side: 7 sticks in the first bundle, 3 minis on the second, 2 regulars in the last. (It literally felt like swinging bricks on strings). This was not, however, 12 sticks long, so there was no problem with them hitting the floor. He then passed them off to Nevermore Jesse Zhan, who passed them to Nevermore Adam Gary. The glowsticks were also passed to Nevermore Kameron (Kami) Tinkham at some point during the night.

In 2013.1, nevermores Steven Jin and Sonya Wang had been discussing the notion of breaking the record for most of the session, but it had not been decided until two nights before the final dance. At the last dance, the raving record was smashed by nomore Brian Liu, with 15 glowsticks per string during Raver's Fantasy, totalling in 30 glowsticks. These were cracked during Raver's Fantasy, during some point Brian began performing meltdown before passing it on to Sonya Wang, who proceeded to three-beat for the next fifteen seconds, as she was unable to due anything else due to her lack of height.

In 2013.2, at the last dance, Nevermore Cathy Nie obliterated all previous records by raving with 2 CTY lanyards with 21 glowsticks (20 6" glowsticks and 1 Spectrum LED) on each, for a total of 42 glowsticks. Instead of bundling the glowsticks, she attached them to her lanyards in a linear fashion. In addition, Cathy raved in heels (ouch) and looked exhausted but happy by the end of the night. Throughout the dance, Cathy also gave away glowsticks to anyone who wanted to rave. Surprisingly, she was still able to perform three beat, two beat, windmill, buzzsaw, watermill, and corkscrew with 42 glowsticks and hopes to see someone break her record next year.

In 2014.1, in the final "true" rave song at the last dance, nevermore Gaynor Norcott shattered Cathy Nie's record with 52 glowsticks (26 per string: 23 6" glowsticks and 3 Ultras). Instead of bundling or tying the glowsticks, Gaynor chose to just string all the glowsticks on the end of the strings, resulting in glowing balls of light that some say resembled fire poi. They managed to do three-beat, helicopter, windmill, lockouts and something resembling leg and arm wraps before the song ended. The glowsticks were then passed around to any ravers who asked, though some could not rave with them to do the fact they were possibly the heaviest thing ever to exist. At the end of the dance, Gaynor passed the monstrosities to Griffin Badalamente and challenged him and Ryan Guo to break their record at 15.1. (Note from Gaynor Norcott: Andi Cheng gets the award for The Most Beautiful Raver, because their rainbow arches at that last dance were incredible.)

In 2014.2, much to Gaynor's chagrin and horror, Nevermore Anton Repnikov used nearly double the number of glowsticks Gaynor had during Colors of the Rainbow, with 50 glowsticks on each arm and 100 in total. All were ultras except for one regular (since he ran out). They were braided along 72-inch strings in varying colors, so that when they moved a solid sheet of rainbow would seem to be coming out the end of Anton's hands. Anton used so many glowsticks that in the numerous Facebook pictures posted about this amazing feat, he appeared to be raving with fire poi. After he exhausted himself, he allowed other skilled ravers such as two members of the royalty attempt to use the string of glowsticks. After the dance, the pair was broken up as he romantically presented one string to his girlfriend while keeping the other as memorabelia of his incredible achievement. (Side note: Whenever Anton raved, long before his amazing act of glowstick awesomeness, the whole gym would chant "ANTON TURNS ME ON!") (Note from Gaynor Norcott: I congratulate Anton on his amazing raving skills and feel that I could not have been defeated by a more worthy opponent.)
(Cathy Nie: While we're doing side notes here, I think I can safely say that all of SAR is so proud that Anton's amazing talent is being recognized here! His raving and gloving skills are absolutely mind-blowing. Congrats Anton!)

At the last dance of 2016.1, Piper Fahey raved with 130 glow sticks, 65 in each hand. She was not able to swing them for more then a few seconds, so she gave them to Zivia Lichtenberg and other talented ravers to rave with. Immediately after the song, it became a competition between other ravers to see who could rave with 130 glow sticks the longest. This was ended shortly after as Piper took back her glow sticks before the dance ended.

That record was again broken by Celine Khoo at Session 2 also on the last dance when she raved with 150 glowsticks with an astounding 75 on each arm.

That record was broken in 2019.1, where Stefan Linden, the absolute mad man raved with 200 glowsticks, 100 on each arm, at the last dance, and couldn't even manage to do three-beat continuously. Galaxy Scheuer gets credit for being co-rave god and managing to rave with them longer than Stefan could. Also, RIP Jonathon, Stefan's roommate, who had to deal with the bright glow of 200 glowsticks that night.

Vermonster Records

Session(s):2008.2 - present

At the Saratoga CTY site, students go on a trip into the lovely town of Saratoga Springs every Sunday. One of the most popular places to go to is Ben & Jerry's, where one can partake in delicious ice cream and other good eats. One of the most daunting challenges at Ben & Jerry's is to eat a "Vermonster" without throwing up. The Vermonster is 20 scoops of ice cream and other goodies (4 bananas, 4 ladles of hot fudge, 3 chocolate chip cookies, 1 chocolate fudge brownie, 10 scoops of walnuts, 2 scoops of toppings, and a huge amount of whipped cream), all contained within a bucket.

Current Record-Holders

Below is a list of SAR’s current record-holders. These record-holders, as per the rules of soloing Vermonsters, consumed one whole (or in the case of Adam Gary, multiple) Vermonster(s) containing chocolate and various toppings without regurgitating said ingredients. (Note: As of 2015.2, group consumptions of Vermonsters have become increasingly popular in recent years and thus, a group category has been listed in the Memories tab. In order to break the group record, a group must beat the average time per person listed on RealCTY. The validity of this category is still being debated among Forevermores.)

Solo (overall) - Damon (2017.1)

  • Time: 1 hour 58 minutes 12 seconds

Solo (girls) - Cathy Nie (2013.2)

  • Time: 3 hours and 1 minute
  • (Note: First girl to solo a Vermonster)

Solo (boys) - Damon (2017.1)

  • Time: 1 hour 58 minutes 12 seconds

Multiple Solos in One Session - Adam Gary (2012.2)

  • Number soloed: 2
    • Time 1: unknown
    • Time 2: approximately 9 hours and 15 minutes
  • (Note: First to solo more than one Vermonster in one session)


In 2008, it was a rare occasion to see one of these buckets donned upon the head of a nevermore, as the previous year there had only been two Vermonsters purchased. The nevermores (and those helping) that year smashed the record, with a grand total of NINE Vermonsters purchased and eaten. Two or three of these Vermonsters were not purchased on a town trip however, but that made the feat all the more impressive. (Use your imagination to figure out how they were acquired) Every person that received a bucket was either a nevermore or a nomore, though one fake bucket ("Fucket") was bought by someone. However, this bucket was taken by Andy Bauer and labeled as fake with a sharpie in many places.

The nine never/nomores that received the buckets were (in alphabetical order):

  • Chris Chen
  • Dave Clemens-Sewall
  • Andrew Cook
  • Bill Landis
  • Christine Maroti
  • Anna Olkovsky
  • Daniel Piao
  • Brian Smiley
  • Larry Zhu

Note that Larry Zhu was lactose intolerant and therefore could not consume dairy products. He still had a spoonful of Vermonster as a symbolic gesture.

A year later, the nevermores of 2009, with more than twice as many nevermores as the previous year, surpassed the previous record of 9 Vermonsters with a whopping 15 Vermonsters consumed! During the first town trip, a total of 5 Vermonsters were purchased. Due to weather, the second town trip was cancelled, but the Nevermores still managed to get their hands on 8 more Vermonsters. Finally, on the last day, a group of Nevermores visited Saratoga Springs and bought two more Vermonsters, putting the total at 15.

--Also, don't forget that Paul Grindle and TDL soloed their Vermonsters. (TDL had Nate help finish a very small amount, and he had to finish it overnight, but he did not go to bed until he finished. It also took Paul 18 hours and 35 minutes (spanning from 9:45 ish P.M. on Tuesday until 4:20 ish P.M. on Wednesday) to finish the slurry at the bottom and I'm fairly sure that he got food poisoning from it. He got pretty sick, although at least he wasn't quarantined.)

21 Vermonsters were consumed in SAR.2010.2 Phil soloed his, and Non-Nevemores did buy and help eat a few.

The Vermonster solo record was crushed in SAR.2011.1 by Will Kyle with a time of 15 hours 5 minutes. It should also be noted that Eric Dammerman, Owen Zach, and Matthew Westin also soloed Vermonsters alongside Will, and that Eric managed to finish his before Owen and Matthew, despite his weighing 100 pounds less than either of them, though he died for two days as a result. Danny McClanahan also soloed a Vermonster alongside Will Kyle in a race, although he took 5 more hours to complete his due to the presence of Reese's Pieces.

At SAR.2012.1, a new Vermonster record was set by the core members of the Bluvuzelas (a 1.SAR.2011 frisbee team and the winning 1.SAR.2012 soccer team). Ryan Simshauser, Kai Wang, Nick Patel, and Jeff Naftaly together ate an entire Vermonster in 10 minutes and 50 seconds. Though group records have never been officially set, the tenacity with which the four champions ate was legendary. They challenge any future group of four to beat their time.

At 2012.2, 3 Vermonster Records were set: First: Adam Gary was the first and only to solo 2 vermonsters, one on each weekend. Second: 2012.2 had the most number of solos ever: 6 (David Bai, Adam Gary, Daniel "Ginger" Heins, Michael "Guillermo" Roosky, Adam Gary, Bryce McLaughlin) Third: The solo time for a Vermonster was topped three times: by Adam (on his second bucket), Ginger, and Guillermo, who all finished within 9 hours, and 15 minutes.

At 2013.2 Cathy Nie demolished all past records, soloing in 3 hours and 1 minute, while establishing the first girls' record. She, along with Rachel Pak (who finished her Vermonster in a long 50 hours and is said to have enjoyed it) were the first girls in Skidmore history to have soloed a Vermonster. Luke Stocker finished his in 1 hour and 12 minutes but couldn't consume the chocolate contents due to allergies, which means it didn't officially set a record. Neither Cathy nor Luke refroze their Vermonster sludge, and thus had to chug it warm. Max Dunsker also now holds the boys' record after beating Guillermo, Adam, and Ginger with a time of 8 hours and 17 minutes and 29 seconds, though it didn't compare to Cathy Nie's record shattering time.

At 2015.2 three notable Vermonster times were established for two person, four person, and five person groups on the Nevermore Trip. The first to finish that day - the group that established the group record - was the sick group of girls (literally and figuratively) consisting of Evelyn Mesler, Avital Rabinovitch, Athena Chu, Eloise Bellingham, and the not yet literally sick Simona Innocenti. Due to the fact 4 out of 5 girls were sick with a cold they could barely feel their stomachs being filled up as they devoured their Vermonster in a mere 4 minutes and 34 seconds. A notable four-person time of 7 minutes and 50 seconds was set by team TRAPS, consisting of Christophe Theodore, Kunal Sengupta, Jack Sinclair, and Henry Middleton. This was mainly done to spite Nick Patel who had returned as an RA that year. After wallowing in shame for a few days, Nick gathered 3 other RAs to try to reclaim the record. They were unsuccessful, and barely broke 10 minutes. Lastly, the two person time was established by Tyler Jager and David Lustig. After witnessing two notable times being set that day, all of the nevermores and forevermores on the trip gathered around to watch the boys set a third notable time for that day. Through high amounts of motivation from their peers, the duo finished their Vermonster in 21 minutes and 35 seconds.

In 2016.1 three records were set. The duo record was shattered by Byron Sun and Andrew Huang and an unbelievable 9 minutes and 20 seconds, beating the previous by over 10 minutes. It might be broken at Session 2, but this seems like an impossible challenge. The four man record was broken by Duncan Freeman, Quin Koether, Adam Garrity, and Avi Madsen, who finished in 6 minutes and 35 seconds. The contentious overall group record was also set by a group of 8 with a positively shocking time of 2:16, however, this attempt remains forever with an asterisk, on account of it being entirely built of sorbet and the fact that no one can remember the names of everyone who was a part of the attempt.

In 2016.2, after having eaten a Vermonster the session before, Duncan Freeman was able to beat the solo boys record held by Max Dunsker for 3 years by 2 hours at 6 hours 13 minutes and 20 seconds. It is to note that Adam Garrity almost finished his in a half an hour, but was unable to do so without vomiting

In 2017.1, the longstanding solo Vermonster was broken by Damon. Lactose Intolerant, Damon took advantage of the CVS stop on the Nevermore route in order to stock up on Lactaid pills in preparation for his Vermonster attempt. He bought a pack of 60 pills and ate several pills before receiving his Vermonster. He finished half of his Vermonster in approximately 6 minutes, before taking an hour long break to mentally prepare himself and walk back to camp. He carried his sludge back, and upon arrival to the quad downed several more Lactaid pills and chugged the rest of his Vermonster. Students returning from the dorms after dinner and heading to evening class were greeted with the sight of Damon on his back in the middle of the quad with the unwashed Vermonster bucket on his head. Damon wore his Vermonster bucket for the rest of the evening, and he was covered in a layer of chocolate until showering that night. (Note from Damon: At no point did I regret any of my actions)

In 2022.2, the Vermonster was tragically banned by CTY SAR admin (although they claimed it was Skidmore who made this rule on account of all the puking in years past). During a hall meeting before the town trip, students were forced to sign a paper acknowledging which items were contraband, which included objects such as nerf guns, energy drinks, weapons, coffee, free weights, and the Vermonster. During the town trip no one attempted to purchase the Vermonster, although many campers pointed it out on the menu. Some briefly entertained the idea of creating a makeshift Vermonster in the Skidmore dining facility by using the soft serve machine and other available materials, but nothing came of this. With new admin (fingers crossed), hopefully this ban will be revoked.

One Minute, Twelve Seconds

Session(s):2009.2, 2010.1, 2011.1, 2012.2, 2013.2

Current Record-Holder

Eric Ma (2017.1) Time: 30.52 seconds


During Session 2, 2009, two days before the end of the session, the inhabitants of Howe-Rounds awoke to find the words One Minute, Twelve Seconds on every bathroom mirror, and the number 1:12 on every door whiteboard. It appeared that someone had found the answer to the age-old question "How long would it take to get to the top of Jonsson Tower?" and this was confirmed when upon going outside, students noticed an enormous sign reading One minute, Twelve seconds hung from a large window at the top of Jonsson Tower. At first, the identity of the climbers of Jonsson Tower was a mystery, but by the end of the session, it had been revealed that Anca Dogaroiu, Monica Burnett, and Emily McInerney were responsible for sneaking out in the middle of the night, getting to the top and hanging the sign, with Dana Hogan acting as accomplice from her dorm room. While most of the RA's wished to keep the sign up out of respect for the then-anonymous prankers, it was soon removed by the administration. However, the very next day, Anca, Monica, and Emily somehow managed to get to the top again during breakfast, and had hung a new sign reading 1:12. This feat is already reaching legendary status, and certainly deserves a place on the Hall of Fame.

After the tremendous feat, the question as to what would happen to the usual question of "In the event of ___, how long would it take to the top of Jonsson Tower?" was a mystery. Before then, the question did not have a definitive answer as the Staff just went with the joke. However, Hannah Cashen had originally brought up the idea of having students scream "1:12" after the question was given and thus has been the tradition ever since.

The next year, during Session 1, on the very last day at breakfast, a group of Nevermores was trying to figure out exactly when and how they were going to infiltrate Jonsson Tower and attempt to break the standing record from Session 2 of the previous year. On a whim, they decided that they might as well just do it right then and there, as Passionfruit was already over and the administration really had nothing left to threaten them with. However, when this group of Nevermores made their way over to Jonsson Tower, they realized that they had no way of entering the building. As they stood outside perplexed, Nevermore Avery Stonefish had the genius of idea of simply swiping his card. Surprisingly, this caused the door to unlock. Apparently, Howe-Rounds access cards work on Jonsson Tower. Thanks to Stonefish's genius, Emperor Young Guang was able to smash the previous record of 1:12 by making it to the top in 41.23 seconds.

On the last day of Session 1, 2011, Matthew De Santis and Alex Libby scaled the Jonsson Tower (including the penthouse) in 35.1 seconds, with Matt as the primary climber and Alex as the timer. Now should there ever be a zombie apocalypse, BP oil spill, or U.S. debt default we can all rest assured that these legends will survive.

On the last day of Session 2, 2012, after the closing ceremonies, a group of friends again decided to climb Jonsson Tower with all their time at CTY behind them. Adam Gary made it up in a record breaking 32.7 seconds, including the time where he stopped to rest before realizing he wasn't done. Jesse Zhan and David Bai tied together at 49.5 seconds. Miranda Hawkins made it up a short while later, but didn't have her exact time recorded. (Sorry Miranda, you were too slow!) The four played an impromptu match of pool, joined by fellow Nevermore Sam Breslow midway through.

The following year, in 2013, another group of nevermores and nomores including Morgan Jackson, Heila Precel, Crystalina Guo, Alyssa Rivera, Shannon Connelly, Cathy Nie, and Marlene Berke ran to the top of Jonsson Tower around 1:30pm on the last day of Session 2, where they celebrated by popping bubble wrap. Times varied, but every member made it in under 2 minutes, with Morgan, Crystalina, and Alyssa making 1:14.

Also in 2013 at the end of Session 2 nevermores KariLeigh Brinkley, Shadow Queen Maggie Shea, Emperors Dav Bya and Max Dunsker, and Empress Rachel Novick, ran up all 12 stories of the tower circa 3:00pm. All times were not recorded but Max was the first to the top with a finishing time 1:05.14


Thank Dusty


For the first time in Saratoga Springs history, the students defeated the staff in ultimate. DYNASTIC (Dusty, you now are second to incredible campers), captained by Peter Lobel and Matt Simon, secured a sound victory 10-2. Dusty had almost beaten the staff many years ago, but it took a whole team to really win it.

  • Peter Lobel
  • Matt Simon
  • Andy Shen
  • Brandon Nguyen
  • Aaron Forrest
  • Kevin Chun
  • Samir Goel
  • Will Schiela

  • Muki Barkan
  • Peter Pak
  • Alex Libby
  • Mark Fishman
  • Chang Moon
  • Nathan Vogt
  • Leah Forrest
  • Rachel Zhu
  • Natalie Belkov



Coming off their dominating wins over the staff in frisbee and soccer (10-2, 3-0, respectively), the students aimed to complete the first ever sweep of the staff in all three sports. The students came out with a bang for the first half, aided by the fact that RA Kenny was hindered significantly by a leg injury. The staff rallied and came back to be down by four with thirty seconds left in the game. EE Instructor Kris made a three pointer, and the ball was turned over to RA Scott, who made an incredibly lucky shot off a blatant double-dribble with nine seconds left. The students lost by one, 38-37, with heavy screams of complaint of the no-call from the sidelines. Although some students accepted the defeat, it is common thought by the student body and some staff that the students completed the legendary Trifecta.

Those who played on all three teams include:

  • Peter Lobel
  • Aaron Forrest
  • Will Scheila
  • Mark Fishman
  • Kevin Chun
  • Matt Simon
  • Natalie Belkov
  • Peter Pak

Screw Sleeves


The team Screw Sleeves made history in 2011 by being the first team to beat the staff in Ultimate for Session 1. The game started out being dominated by the students who took the lead 7-1 at halftime. However, they began to falter and allowed the staff to make a comeback. This comeback was likely aided by the fact that the staff decided to extend the game for an additional 20 minutes. Then, with 10 seconds left, some controversy arose between the students and the staff over whether the score was really 10-9 students or a 9-9 tie. But, to the excitement of all those watching (except the staff), the students proceeded to finalize their victory by scoring again with a long pass from Jarrett to DeSantis, who then gave a short underhand toss to Owen to score as time ran out. SRA Phil then finalized the victory by announcing it at the dance later that night.

This is the team roster


  • Owen Zach
  • Jarrett Jacobson
  • Paul Marki
  • Will Kyle
  • Luke Comp
  • Matt DeSantis
  • Matt Westin
  • Eric Dammerman
  • Ryder Olle
  • Benji Attal
  • Andrew Mobus


  • Aaron Wan
  • Allen Chen
  • Alex Libby
  • John (Someone add his last name)

Special mention for the water boy

  • Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam STANsell

The Skidmore Eleven

  • Note: The Skidmore Eleven incident is included in both the Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame for SAR; although the Skidmore Eleven broke the rules, the way the CTY community forgave them and united in protest to support them is legendary.

As a result of the expulsion of the group Skidmore Eleven (consisting of the first group: Nick Richardson, Ryan Guo, James Yu, Marion Anderson, and one other person (he wishes for his name to not be mentioned), the second group: Zoe Steinsnyder, Charlotte Rupp, Miriam Pierson, Sawa Patch, and another unmentioned), the student body rose up in protest. Khristine Yu and Shoshi Finkle (both close friends of the Skidmore 11) started two petitions, one asking for the Eleven to say goodbye to their friends and the other asking for administration to allow for the return of the non-nevermores in future CTY sessions. While many people would like to think that people enthusiastically signed the petitions, they were shredded and thrown out in every garbage bin in order to hide the names of those who signed should the administration crack down. A two-more and nevermore did so, because many three-mores had signed the petitions, and there was no need for them to get in extra trouble.

Khirstine Yu, a nevermore, was escorted by RAs soon afterwards, and many people feared the worst. In truth, she had used the advantage of being in the main office to talk with the site director and counselor. Mostly, it was concerning the privileges of the Skidmore 11 to be able to say goodbye to their friends, although the talk took almost two hours (of Khirstine's class time) to sort out. It was eventually agreed that the students would be allowed to say goodbye to their friends during dinner and quad time, along with the last breakfast. This news was later announced by David (the site director) before the slideshow.

During lunch quad time, several of the Skidmore 11 (Ryan Guo, Nick Richardson, James Yu, Marion Anderson, and the one unmentioned) snuck into a room on Wilmarth 3 that faced the quad, around the time when CTYers were leaving the dining hall. This culminated into these above-mentioned students to begin shouting “I like you, I love you, I CTY you!”, thus spurring the student body into resistance. While the RAs would not allow anyone to get too close to Wilmarth, many people had grouped by the dining hall door where they could see the eleven and perform a three-finger salute (a tribute from the Hunger Games), started by two-more Gaynor Norcott. Emily Cambias talked to all the RAs who were blocking the way into the building and begged them to let the students out to talk to their friends, but was largely unsuccessful: the RAs who were sympathetic were quickly shut down by the administrative staff. By this point, they had been returned the use of their cell phones and were allowed to use their phones to talk with other people, provided that they did not spread rumours (while under the supervision of various RAs, the use of foreign languages proved to be quite useful in an exchange between Ryan Guo and Sonya Wang). Many conversations were held via cell phone right outside the dining hall, with Marion Anderson begging the students on the quad not to do anything stupid. Because of that, when the RAs ordered the students to go back to class, they did so, however reluctantly. While the glowstringers of the group (Ryan Guo, Nick Richardson, and the unmentioned) asked for the glowstringers to rave hard that night, Marion Anderson asked Liz Lvov, the empress of that year, to organize a protest during the dance, either during the glowstringing songs or American Pie.

Around this time, many protest efforts were planned (including a planned but not taken action of shouting Free Lee-Kai! during the slideshow by Emperor James Gan), particularly concerning the dance. As a good part of the Skidmore Eleven were glowstringers, many people were planning to have everyone sit to protest during Sandstorm, typically the first glowstringing song of the dance. However, this was soon dispelled as it was discovered that Sandstorm was not going to be played at the dance. Instead, the glowstringers were asked to glowstring harder than they had before for the people absent. During the nevermore rave, Khirstine wielded six pairs of glowsticks on her laces, one glowstick for each member of the Skidmore 11, and then one more for the uncaught.

During Stairway to Heaven, an effort was made to connect to the students who could not attend by putting them on the phone. Another effort was made during American Pie, but that proved to be unsuccessful.

Due to some of the eleven being nevermores and nomores, several of their friends were asked to read out their speeches at Passionfruit the next day. While the non-nevermores could be given the chance to re-apply to CTY with a petition to Baltimore, all of the Skidmore 11 were given copies of the Nevermore pages, as a result of Zoe speaking to the DRL who then asked Emperor James Gan for books (which were delivered with personal notes).

During session two, a student fairly close to the 11 talked to the administration, and though they cannot guarantee it because all admissions go through Baltimore, a staff member believes that those of the 11 who are not Nevermores will be readmitted.

A message from Khirstine Yu: This is a warning to any future CTYers: What I and many, many other people have done during this incident is not anything special; it is not heroic, and it is not unique at all. It is only what I expect of both myself and of CTYers around me. It will also be what I expect of you.

In the future, there will be instances when the something as bizarre as the Skidmore 11 Incident comes up. When something does, do not be the bystander who waits for others to put forth their best. As a CTYer, be the first person be a part of the resistance. No, that does not mean that you can shout at the first administrator you see. And no, it does not mean you should break the nearest window in a rage.

When something like this happens...take a deep breath, and calculate the best course of action. Plan ahead, and follow your plan - if it means saving your friends and re-admitting them into the program - great. If you are only able to get them back their goodbye privileges, that is still great.

The worst thing that one can do in this situation is absolutely nothing.

-A message from a Forevermore: As much as I think these things, particularly what happened at Lancaster 13 both sessions, are sad, students should realize that doing things like that WILL result in punishment if caught. What the 11 did was not heroic-they broke the rules. It's in the rules that things like sneaking out at night aren't allowed. That said, I applaud the lengths that the Eleven's friends did to try and help them.

UPDATE: As of April 11th, 2013, many non-nevermores of the Skidmore Eleven have confirmed the acceptance of their petitions and their return to CTY 2013 and future sessions.

UPDATE: During site director David's opening-of-session talk, the Eleven were mentioned as one of the few times he has ever cried in the past few years. Similarly, towards the last few days of the session, CTYers were continually reminded by the RAs to not sneak out, as Mike Chin was present on campus. Some RAs explicitly referred to the Eleven, while others simply reminded CTYers that sneaking out was against the rules. A fourth dance (albeit being only forty-five minutes long), called Dave's Rave, was organized for SAR 12.2, SAR 13.1, SAR 14.1, and SAR 17.1, and was held after evening classes on the last Wednesday. It is widely suspected but not confirmed that 'Dave's Rave' was organized to 'exhaust' campers the night before the last night in order to prevent an incident like the Eleven from happening again. During this short dance, not all canon was played due to the lack of time. However, songs such as Bulletproof, Nightswimming, and Raver's Fantasy were played, ending with Tunak Tunak (due to it being David's favorite canon song).

The Most Beautiful Girl

Session(s):2011.1 - Present

In 2011, RA Jeremy and RA Peter decided to perform a song for all the beautiful girls in the audience for the Talent Show. That song, titled Most Beautiful Girl, by Flight of the Conchords, managed to make several girls break down into tears by the end of the song and had made even more girls screaming at the top of their lungs for RA Jeremy to have their children. The very next year, RA Jeremy decided to perform the song again, this time with the help of Emperor Alex Libby for both sessions. This magical performance can even be found on YouTube, thanks to one of their numerous fans in the audience. In 2013, neither RA Jeremy nor Alex Libby was present, however, Emperor Eric Chen decided to keep the tradition alive. He asked RA Geoff to be the peanut butter to his jelly, the pea to his pod, if you will. After a single practice sesh together with the help of Hannah He, they managed to pull it off flawlessly with a CTY-rendition on the lyrics. Thanks to RA Jeremy, this tradition will be passed on to each year's Emperor and an accompanying RA to be performed at the Talent Show.

In 2013.2, the last listed act of the talent show was shown as "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room - RA Jeremy and Alex Libby", despite the fact that Jeremy wasn't RAing that year, and Libby was gone. This lead to significant confusion in the audience, and even the emcees weren't told what the act actually was - it turned out to be Site Director Dave, SRA Kenny, RA James, and RA John performing a CTY medley including Tunak Tunak Tun and an original CTY-inspired rap.

In 2015.1, Emperors Ryan Guo and Griffin Badalamente performed "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room" with RA Garrett. Ryan and Griffin learned the chords on the guitar and performed a glorious version of the song, even finding time to hit the whip.

In 2016.1, Emperors Byron Sun and Duncan Freeman (who are both not musically talented) performed "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room" with RAs Quannah and Dan playing guitar. Halfway through the song Byron forgot his lines and just shouted "TREE!" in the middle of a verse. Byron and Duncan also both choreographed a dab when they had to 'show their dance moves'. This will forever be remembered as one of the most uncoordinated and terrible sounding versions of the song, but also one of the funniest.

In 2017.1, Emperors Gabe Ruoff and Alex Jabor performed "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room" with RA Dan Bell on guitar. After a false start (forgetting to dedicate the song to Kaiya and Zivia... whoops), the performance ended with much laughing (and probably cringing too).

In 2018.1, Emperors Daniel Xu and Nelson Lin performed "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room". Originally, Teddy was meant to play the guitar accompaniment, but due to procrastination and a severe lack of preparation, Teddy ended up sitting on either side of the emperors, with RA Mike, tapping the basic rhythm of the song on the body of his guitar. Also, the lyrics were changed from former SRA Geoff, who couldn't come back to session that year :(, to DRL Zec. While Zec was warned of this change, he only found out about what his role in the lyrics of the song were, for example "bringing a hottie like that to a party like this", during the performance, and, to his make things worse, his girlfriend was at the show, making the song that much better.

In 2019.1, Emperors Robert Sheng and Eric performed "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room." They were accompanied by Alexis Robles on guitar.

Cathy Nie's TARDIS

Session(s):2013.2 - present

In 2013.2, Nevermore Cathy Nie (The First Doctor) built a huge TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space time machine from the popular TV show Doctor Who) and put it on the quad for Nerd/Fandom Day. Made out of cardboard, it was painted incredibly accurately. On the interior, which was unpainted, there was a Sharpie and an instruction to write inspirational/loving/RASK-type things along the walls. It was previously unknown how the TARDIS was assembled so quickly and brought to the campus (It was the Doctor, wasn't it...), but according to RA Dan Bell, "It was NOT built after lights out and it was definitely NOT finished at 3:00am the night before," which gives us a pretty good idea how.

The day before Nerd Day, with permission from site director Dave and Skidmore College, Cathy was supplied with paint from the staff supply room and cleared to set up the TARDIS on the quad. She painted the TARDIS during quad times and hid it on the lawn behind Guidance Counselor Stefanie's office during the day. Later, she carried it up to her room to finish painting the details. At around 1:00am, the exterior of the TARDIS was finished and Cathy cut the box to create a door. Due to a slight miscalculation, the entire TARDIS fell apart and the next 2 hours were spent painstakingly reinforcing the interior structure and the door. Finally, at 3:00am, the TARDIS was finished, and as something that truly embodied CTY, an inspirational message was written inside: "You are wonderful and no one can ever take that away." The wall of the TARDIS included instructions to other CTYers to do the same. The entire process of constructing the TARDIS had taken a whopping 7 hours, half of which was spent working in the dark, thanks to lights-out policies and RA patrols.

At around 7:30am on Nerd Day, Cathy and a helpful friend carried the 6-foot tall TARDIS down 3 flights of stairs (and nearly tripped every step of the way). Since it was raining outside, the TARDIS was propped against the outside of the cafeteria, in a sheltered area. Though few people were outside on the quad, many still came to see the TARDIS, take pictures with it, and write heartfelt messages inside. During class time, to prevent rain and Rinas alike from ruining the TARDIS, RAs thoughtfully brought it into the main office. After dinner, Cathy brought the TARDIS back outside. At the end of the day, the TARDIS was brought back to the main office for safekeeping.

Cathy had also planned to bring the TARDIS back outside for RASK day, but when she checked the main office, it was gone. No one knows where the TARDIS went or how a 6-foot tall box could disappear without anyone noticing, but it's assumed that the Doctor took his time machine back.

Nevertheless, the story of Cathy Nie and her TARDIS is truly a CTY legend that displays the unconditional love, support, and dedication among the CTY Saratoga Springs family.

In 14.2, the TARDIS returned on Über Expressive Nerd/Fandom day, thanks to Nevermore Emilia Nobrega (the Second Doctor). She spent somewhere in the vicinity of 12 hours constructing and painting it. The TARDIS was not finished at 3am; rather, it was finished at around 6am as Emilia and twomore Celine Khoo woke up at 4 to complete it. Emilia Nobrega's TARDIS was just as impressive as Cathy Nie's TARDIS (albeit a bit smaller on the outside) and once again had an opening to write RASK-y things on the inside. Emilia wrote the first inspirational message, which read, "You are smart, you are kind, you are important and no one can take that away." After being placed in front of the dining hall for breakfast, the TARDIS was moved to the main office, and later, it was moved back for lunch. It resided in the main office until the last Saturday, when a wedding-booth accident crushed the fragile box, and at some point towards the end of the session, staff threw the beautiful box out.

The TARDIS returned to SAR 15.2 with Daniel Mitrano as the Third Doctor.

The Fourth Doctor is Celine Khoo as she is responsible for bringing the TARDIS to SAR 16.2

The TARDIS once again returned to SAR 17.2 with Chloe Hanson as the Fifth Doctor. She introduced the Eleventh Doctor's sonic screwdriver as a token to pass down to future doctors. She also wore an iconic TARDIS dress purchased at Hot Topic. The TARDIS was put up on Second Friday and remained there to the end of the session. On the final day, the TARDIS was broken up and distributed to fellow campers who wanted to cherish the nice things CTYers wrote forever.

The Tardis returned to SAR 19.2 with Daisy Fernandez as the Seventh Doctor.



During the last week of 16.1, two prominent dabbers, Gabe Ruoff and Brian Yang, were caught having an ISO on Wilmarth 3. A JHU admin named Rachel found out about the ISO after seeing evidence of it on Gabe's Snap Story 10 feet away from the site director's office. The two were pulled out after the rave to talk to Site Director Julie and RA Will about the consequences of their actions. This particular session, CTY Saratoga administration had cracked down on even small ISOs due to so many people getting caught that year. Gabe and Brian were banned from the first half of the final dance. In retaliation, everyone organized a chant during Bulletproof against the ban. During the quiet part of Bulletproof, Emperor Byron shouted, "Who is this for!", and everyone else shouted: "GABE AND BRIAN" several times before the song continued as normal.

Update: Eric and Randy were also caught having an ISO during the same night and got banned as well but no one found out in time to add them to the chant during Bulletproof.


During session 16.1, Randy Wang was seen doing a dance during break. This dance quickly became super popular at Saratoga and was dubbed flossing. The most famous performance of Flossing was during the talent show when Randy flossed for 4 minutes while a group of nevermore girls sang A thousand Miles behind him.



Tarisai Watkins was a hilarious and legendary figure that the likes of which CTY Saratoga will never see someone like him ever again. He put FU on the back of his shirt on tape day, he ran onto the talent show stage during a performance Build Me Up Buttercup. He also got all the people at the royalty table in "trouble" because he brought the entire napkin dispenser to his table after spilling his drink. An instructor saw him cleaning and flipped out because there would not be enough napkins for everyone else. (insane much?) He took pictures of all of the students ID's but never ended doing anything with it. Tarisai was also known to have a thing with Charu Vijay(jay).

Tarisai skipped Passionfruit for reasons related to the female body. Legend.

Tarisai's name was chanted for at least 10 minutes total throughout the session.

Runaway Door

Session(s):2017.1 - present

On the first Saturday of session 1 2017, Cognitive Psychology nevermore Jason Garrelick accidentally broke the door off of laundry machine 6 in an attempt to get out of his seat atop the machine. After Randy Wang was tricked into taking the blame for the door while reporting it to the SRA, Jason used the Wilmarth dumbwaiter to take the door up to his floor on Wilmarth 2 in an effort to protect himself. He then hid the door behind his desk.

Eric Ma went into town that weekend to buy a screwdriver, and proceeded to take apart the entire door and divide the pieces among himself, Ethan H. and Jason Garrelick. That screwdriver was later broken in the process of prying a doorknob apart, but it was worth the $10.

The door currently represents a willingness to grab CTY by the lanyard and own the fact that students are responsible for the great times and memories made at CTY, not the staff, and especially not the admin. Each year, the door is passed down to a worthy one more that embodies this ideology, and their role for the following year is : a) to bring the bowl to the final dance and put it in the middle of the nevermore Tuank circle, and b) to fill up the door with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and milk on the last dinner, and share it with all of the people that made CTY special to them. Spencer Wood is going to bring it again and will once again eat cereal from it, and it will then be handed down again to a worthy onemore to solidify the new tradition.

As of 2017.1, Spencer Wood has the glass bowl part, while Eric has the frame, which was signed by all present when Randy flipped out: Jason Garrelick, Eric Ma, Ethan H., and Sasha Moreledge.

In 2018.1, the glass bowl was passed down to Imroze Singh.

In 2019.1, the glass bowl was passed down to Duke Hogan-Murphy.

Student-Staff Trifecta


In session 18.1, following 2 comebacks and one dominant victory over the staff, the students completed their first ever trifecta for the first time ever.

The first student-staff game was frisbee, and it started off poorly for the students, with some of the starters choking early, throwing poor passes, and missing easy catches. By the half, the staff managed to get 4-1 up. But after excellent performances from Calvin Smith, Alexis Robles, Jacob Grimm, and a clutch last second catch to win the game from Ben Kim, the students managed to pull the game back to 7-6 to win the game.

Next, was soccer, which was the easiest victory out the 3. Despite going down at the start, through a goal from DRL Zec, the students managed to comfortably beat the staff 4-1, with goals from Nelson Lin, Alexis Robles, and Max Wagner, and secure the win for soccer.

Lastly, the students confidently headed into the final student-staff game, basketball. Despite basketball being the sport that heavily favoured the staff members, due to their larger size, it didn't stop thee students from talking smack with the RA's, especially one kid who was brave enough to assert he was going to "drop 20" to one RA (spoiler: he didn't). From the start, the staff lead by a all star starting 5 of RA's leading the staff, scored 11 points with no reply, the trifecta felt almost gone for the students. But deep into the second half, the staff subbed in SRA Armando (the legend himself), who managed to give away 3 turnovers in just about as many plays, allowing the students to get back in the game. 2 clutch three's from Ben Kim and a cool layup from Dima then gave the students a 3-point lead, with only a few seconds remaining. In one last ditch play, RA Shane rushed the ball up to the students' 3 point line and shot a 3 before the buzzer sounded, but unfortunately missed by a mile, securing the students their trifecta.

This was the students first ever official(and recorded) Trifecta, those who played in all 3 games include:

  • Nelson Lin
  • Jacob Grimm
  • Dima Demler
  • Alexis Robles
  • Spencer Wood
  • Kaiti Filippou
  • Daniel Xu (Coach)

Cross-Building ISO, Mixed-Gender ISO, Jonsson Tower, and Tang Museum in One Night


In one night, the same general group of kids managed to sneak from Wilmarth to Howe-Rounds, brought girls into the boys' dorm, tried to climb Jonsson Tower, and successfully climbed Tang Museum.

The idea was started by Darin, Joshua Shen, Julian Dai, Ryan Denooyer (Who did not attend for fear of being caught and being prohibited from returning the following year, but nevertheless was influential in the planning stage), and Alex. The main masterminds were Darin, who opened the window on the first floor and put rave sticks outside to guide everyone, Joshua Shen, who led the lost boys from Darin’s window to Darin’s room, Alex, who planned the route, and Rick Li, who led people around the campus. The boys who actually traveled from Wilmarth to Rounds were Rick Li, Alex Kim, Kai Lazarov, George Radoslavov, and Mike Khoury. Joshua Shen left from Darin’s window to bring the wandering boys through the window. David Xie, Mekhi Williamson, and Ankur Purao (Ankur left after a minute to go back to his room as he was too tired) walked to the room from Howe. It is important to note that Darin had a roommate, but he did not want to be blamed if they were to be caught, so he will not be mentioned. It is also important to mention that this was done on the last Wednesday night / last Thursday morning, and the boys from Wilmarth departed half an hour after everyone screamed “Louis! (Penis)” at midnight (the night before the last dance, and Passionfruit was 24 hours away).

However, this was just the beginning of the night. Ella Parker (empress), Katya Piskun, Yaurie Hwang, and Aya Takegami snuck downstairs from their ISO (read here) into the laundry room, where Darin brought them to his room a few minutes later. Yes, this was really an ISO that brought people across campus and had girls in a guy’s room.

And yet, the story is still not done. Darin, Rick, Mekhi, Joshua, Alex, David, Mike, Julian, Aya, Yaurie, Ella, Katya, and Aya all decided to sneak out at around 2:30 to climb Jonsson Tower. So they snuck out together, ran through the campus, jumped a fence, and snuck into the side door of the tower. As Rick walked in, he made eye contact with a worker in Jonsson Tower. Scared shitless, all twelve of them ran back to Darin’s room.

But, this isn’t the hall of shame, it’s the hall of fame. All 12 people reconciled and decided on another crazy feat: climbing the Tang Museum. They split up into boys and girls (so that if they got caught they wouldn’t receive a harsher punishment). During the journey, the boys saw a few security vans patrolling, jumped into a ditch next to the road, and were just extremely sus. All of the sudden, a flash flood started and everyone was soaked. The boys caught up with the wiser girls who were already at Tang and they all ran up the stairs (which were under construction so they had to climb up the railing) and onto the roof. At this point it was 3:00 am, flash flooding, and if they got caught, they’d either be banned from the last dance, banned from passionfruit, or kicked out of camp. After chilling for a few minutes next to the security camera on top of Tang, they decided to run back to Darin’s room. The girls went first, and then the boys. The boys, not exactly in the smartest fashion, sprinted across the quad past the main office in front of the dining hall on their way back. Mike ran back to Wilmarth, but a security guard outside of the dining hall saw 7 of the boys running. None of them were caught and the security guard didn’t really do much. They all safely made it back to Darin’s room.

At lunch that day, SRA Armando and RA Adam obliviously talked about 10 people who sprinted across the quad and remarked how “it couldn’t have been kids from CTY” as “there’s no way they could’ve snuck out” (all of the people tucked in their lanyards so it wasn’t obvious that they were CTYers). Oh how wrong they were.

At passionfruit, Darin referenced their actions but Rick Li exposed all of the exploits in detail (excluding the part about sneaking the girls into they boys' dorm). Regardless, Rick's account of the acts of sneaking from Wilmarth to Howe-Rounds, attemping to climb Jonsson, and successfully mounting Tang were sufficient to get these physical responses from SRA Armando:



It's also important to mention that two of the boys, Alex and Darin, successfully climbed Jonsson Tower during breakfast after passionfruit (the DRL saw them but couldn't do anything) and managed to avoid getting in any trouble. They're the only two people from the session known to have climbed Jonsson, aside from emperor Hudson Jakubowicz.

Student-Staff Trifecta Part 2


The students were able to complete a second consecutive session one student vs staff trifecta after a 5-4 victory in Frisbee, 2-0 victory in soccer and a 41-36 victory in basketball.

Students who played in all 3 games were

Alexis Robles

Benjamin Kim

Imroze Singh

Gary Lvov

Managers/Players in some of the games include Gia Ramos, Noor Singh, Robert Sheng, Nikhil Bahal, Katie Mowry, Kayla Lang, Katelyn Ma, and David Berenfeld

The Frisbee game was close all game no team leading by more than a single point at a time. When the game was tied 4-4, DRL Will declared that the next point would decide the game. Luckily for the students, Alexis R had the game-winning catch, a hammer from Matthew O. Points were scored by Robert Sheng, Ben Kim (2), Matthew Ottenbreit and Alexis Robles.

The soccer game was dominated by the students, who beat the staff 2-0. Goals were scored by Nathan and Jacob.

The students beat the staff 41-36. The game was close with both teams playing hard but the students managed to pull away in the last 3 minutes. Points were scored by Bix von Goeler (4), Ben Kim (15), Alexis Robles(9), Charles fang(4) and Keitaro(9)

Midnight Town Trip


During the second town trip, an old CTYer (if you know, you know), visited. Instead of going home, she stayed at a hotel in Saratoga Springs with her family. On the night after the town trip, Alexis Robles, Benjamin Kim, and Imroze Singh decided to sneak off campus and visit her at her hotel. Remy, another camper, scouted the second floor for Alexis to run out without getting seen by an RA. Ben's dorm was right next to the fire exit, so he quickly ran to it and met Alexis at the bottom of the fire exit. Without lanyards, they walked to the water day field to meet Imroze who had easily snuck out of Howe as he lived next to the exit. They walked further on the path that campers go to go to the city, and then fucking BOOKED it. After a short walk, they arrived at her hotel. Because all the restaurants (except for a few sketch ones) were closed in Saratoga, they were forced to buy food at CVS. After eating their food in congress park, they walked back to the hotel and stayed there until 3:30 am. They then returned back to their dorms successfully much easier than their escape. The entire time, Benjamin Kim was carrying a pillow which he took from the hotel.


Ultimate Hat

In 22.1, a group of old people came to Skidmore. Since old people are slow and therefore definitely prone to flying objects, throwing any object during Quad Time was banned. These include, but are not limited to: baseballs, frisbees, volleyballs, and soccer balls. Obviously CTYers were very sad with this new rule, and throughout the student body were murmurs of dumb admin. CTY is full of rebellious teenagers, so obviously we quickly found loopholes to cope with throwing withdrawal. These ranged from using a hat as a frisbee to rolling the baseball instead of throwing it. Some people continued to throw cards, including their IDs and playing cards. This CTYer himself was included in frisbee hat throwing, apple throwing, and orange throwing. The RAs got very pissed and proceeded to ban hats, fruit, cards, and two boot boys were even reported for swinging their lanyards. Throughout the final week, a close group of CTYers initiated a game of Ultimate Hat. This was the culmination of the rebellion. Ultimate Hat was played every day until the final day.

Team Normal (RA Holy Trinity)

In 22.2, because of the two year break, the majority of the staff was new. However, there were a select few RA's who understood the community of CTY. They were, RA Chloe, RA Elvis, and RA Matt. Chloe and Matt were former CTYers and Elvis had been an RA before. They were the only hope for some devastated nevermore returners, as they were the only ones who made CTY feel at all how it did pre-COVID. They supported nevermores and royalty in their endevours. They were lovingly called the "RA Holy Trinity" by the nevermores and it is believed they called themselves "Team Normal," in opposition to the rest of the staff and admin who, by nature, were so against what CTY was supposed to be.