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Hey! I’m Naomi Louie, the LAN 20.1 Jester. You can call me Nyoom if you want though. Find me on Instagram @finding_n4m0 or Discord @no1mememom#5730.

About me

Known for: committing crimes against food, taking over the world with Dani, and generally being a very chaotic being.

I promise I am very friendly. I like hugs! Please feel free to give me hugs.

I live in Maryland. If you also live in MD or somewhere near there, come hang out with me!!

I have made many bad decisions at this camp and I intend to make a lot more.

I'm easy to find. I'll be in the Jester gear, and failing that, just look for the really loud Asian girl and you'll probably find me.


JHU 18.2 Linguistics

LAN 19.1 Fiction & Poetry

LAN 20.1 Philosophy of Mind


I wrote everything above in the summer of 2019. I'm writing this right now at 3 am on July 1st, 2022. I know a lot of people put their Passionfruit speeches on their pages, but we did Passionfruit over Discord and I don't know if anyone actually recorded it. I've also completely forgotten what I said, which was off-the-cuff anyway and thus probably bad. So I guess this is kind of like my super-late Passionfruit speech. I don't know if anyone is ever going to read it, but that doesn't really matter.

It's been two years since the session we never got to have. In a couple of days, I'm going to pass on the Jester relics for the first time in three years. Tristan Mayock was my pick for 21.1 Jester, but since that session got canceled too, I never ended up sending him the stuff. And I'm having a lot of feelings about that right now. I got used to having the relics around. That jacket was pretty damn useful (big pockets). And when I put those things in the mail and ship them off to Pennsylvania, I won't have anything left. I won't have memories of leading Acting Improv, or stealing the painting, or acting out American Pie, or naming my successor at Passionfruit, or any of the other things I was so looking forward to. And letting go of that hat and jacket is going to hurt.

But I want tradition to survive this. I want kids to go to CTY in a couple years and experience all the crazy shit that we did, and fall in love with it. The Jester position has been around for twenty-five years. That's insane. Tradition is going to change, I know that. The world is in turmoil, and also admin is a clusterfuck. But I really do believe it's going to be okay. It has to be.

I have so much to say and I don't know how to say any of it. It's been years. We've all grown up and grown so far apart.

To Grace, Deej, Mat, Kristy, Lauren, Julien, Maddie, Chris, Alex, Ceci, Sylvie, Mari, Tavi, Lindsey, Sophia, Bella, Allison, other Naomi, Andrew, and Cate: Thank you. Each of you left your mark on my life, and I am so incredibly grateful to have known you.

To Sam: Thank you for seeing something good in me when I couldn't see it in myself. That's a gift I'll never forget.

And of course, to Dani: Happy fourth anniversary of sharing tomato Wheat Thins and mint Oreo thins for the first time!! You're still my best friend, and I promise we'll get the chance to take over the world someday. I would not be who I am today without you. Thank you for everything.

I love every single one of you. I'll always cherish the time we shared. You made me a part of something bigger.

That's the beautiful part about CTY, isn't it? Our little nerd community has existed for decades, making people feel less alone.

Thank you for making me feel less alone.

I know I made mistakes. I should have done some things differently. I should have tried harder. I should have told you I loved you more often. But there's no use dwelling on should-haves now. All I know is I don't regret any of it (yes, even that thing you're thinking of). Being your friend was worth all the heartache. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. You gave me so much in so little time.

I wish there were a better end to this story. I wish we had gotten another summer together. I wish I had been able to lead Acting Improv and steal the painting and act out American Pie and pass the relics on at Passionfruit. I think a part of me will always mourn the memories we never made.

But on the last day of 19.1, I got to be Jester for a couple of hours, and that'll have to be enough. It was an honor, and it was glorious.

Thank you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I like you, I love you, I CTY you. I love CTY, and I love the Passionfruit.


yo! i'm hoping you can help me figure out the fate of the really pretty AI rulebook that i just found—would love to ship it to whoever can use it next session (whenever that'll be). followed you on the gram, doesn't look like i can message you but hit me back! – benjamin

Love you kid ~ the schuul fuul

i love you jingle bitch - resident hat fixer

To another year of cursed shenanigans, I love you, my dinosaur armed sexy jingle bitch. - your forever dumbass

B R E A D B O W L. - Dad

Blossom.jpg i love you and miss you so much bb sorry we didn't get year 3 - dani

happy love tape day!
Planetary lt.png - lauren

I wish i could have fixed the hat for you this year darling. all my love - resident hat fixer

Happy love tape day!
Caution.jpg - Connor

just read this ❤️❤️ - ceci