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In 1988, after a heavy rain, various CTYers participated in an organic Slip N Slide and destroyed about 30 feet of grass. The site director was not amused. It happened again in 1989, but punishment was sufficient to prevent further repeats.


"Stairway to Heaven" Cut Short Scandal


Another editor of this page, me, heard my hallmate from Lancaster '05, Henry, that "Stairway to Heaven" got cut off sometime in the past two or three years at Lancaster. Then everybody protested during "American Pie."

There have been rumors that a sit-down occurred at the end of the dance. More rumors say that the sit-down actually worked and the RAs did play "Stairway to Heaven" due to the fact that nobody would leave the dance.

At LAN.00.1, Stairway was canceled at TWO dances, once for "bad behavior" ie running too fast during End of the World, etc. and once because of time constraints. LAN.00.1 became notorious for the frequent cancellations of various canon songs.

Similarly, at Siena, several songs were cut short; an entire-site sit-down led to an extension of the dance and replaying of several songs. This, however, is in the Hall of Fame:LOU, because it happened only once, and the massive protest that it led to.

Security Guard Incident


At Lancaster 2004 Session 1, a male Franklin and Marshall security guard handcuffed a male CTYer and gave the key to two female CTYers nearby, instructing them to "help him out" while he watched. The incident could have been just the joke of a bored campus staff worker, or it could have been a totally creepy sketchy act of pedophilia. Although it will never be known for sure, the RAs asked the girls for their side of the story and a hall meeting announcement was made for CTYers to "avoid talking to any Franklin and Marshall staff".

Hand-holding Ban


At Lancaster Session 1 '06, there was a horrible new PDA rule instated where no one was allowed to hold hands. This was immediately followed by several other strict rules, such as no linking arms. Soon, you could get in trouble for just a hug. After a 42-person grass orgy occurred, grass orgies were banned. Everyone was miserable. It escalated to the point where people were bursting into tears and going to the counselors to complain. Many people complained of feeling that they weren't allowed to be affectionate towards friends. Students were getting yelled at for minor transgressions such as hugging, touching each other's hair and, in one case, sitting too close. Through the efforts of Molly Brean, Aliza Alperin-Sheriff and Dana Reback, and after several parents complained, the administration saw the error of their ways and the new PDA rules were repealed. There was much rejoicing and blatant hand-holding all over the quad.

Note: Don't forget the hand-condoms. Rubber gloves were handed out by Caroline, a girl in Molly's hall, as a protest/joke. "Use protection when you hold hands!"

Fourth Thomas Break-ins


Unusually for CTY, the residents of the Fourth Thomas (North Side) hall of Adam Roush were the victims of repeated acts of vandalism. Beginning at the end of the first week, one, then several cell phones disappeared, followed by a lime green ipod Mini. Then, starting on the second weekend, unlocked rooms were entered and detergent, and in one case, soda was poured on the floors, shoes, and papers. It was during one of these visits that a lanyard was stolen; thankfully, this unfortunate student had a roommate who was able to let him into their room. Other "pranks" included a hard-boiled egg hidden in the bathroom radiator, and a student's deodorant being placed in the microwave for three minutes. This latter incident created a rather unpleasant odor.

After a few residents of the hall noticed that there was a cell phone in the air conditioner of one of the suites, a visit by a tool-armed site director led to the return of the mostly-functional (albeit waterlogged)cell phones and ipod. While the SRA's were touring the hall, one of the showers was obviously on. It was only after they left that it was realized (by Chris Geissler) that no one had come out. He waded into the nearly-overflowing showers, turned them off, and removed to cardboard box and pair of shorts (never claimed) which were blocking the drain. Finally, on the last day, a small quantity of detergent was found in one of the suites, and $170 belonging to one student was ripped into small, later reassembled, pieces. The culprit(s), to the best of this section's author's knowledge, was/were never found.

Fatal Lanyard Swinging


At Lancaster 06.2 during Acting Improv during the game World's Worst (for World's Worst Raver) Marieke Williams entered the center of the circle, swinging her lanyard (jokingly), but hit herself on the forehead with her key, making her bleed. The irony of the situation was not lost on the crowd.

String Raving Ban


In Lancaster 06.2, the night of Second Saturday, the story of the administration banning string raving flew through campus.

Left shoe protests were planned for James Brown Is Dead, because it was planned for playing that night. But then, Rachel (who along with Christ had talent show rehearsals) told Alexa to prepare a trip to the site director, and along with some other students, to ask why it was banned and see if they could work something out. Their reasoning was "because we don't allow lanyard swinging and that is much like it." They simply decided it "wasn't safe." (The site director creatively suggested that the glowsticks reminded her of nunchucks.) Rumors spread that the command had been handed down from Johns Hopkins (a JHU observer had noticed the string raving and had reported it as being "dangerous" to the top officials). They made a compromise, during the designated raving songs (James Brown Is Dead, Everytime We Touch, Heaven, ect.), students would be allowed to rave on the hardtop; however, non-raving students could not set foot in the area. Stupidly enough, James Brown was played while it was still light out. At the next dance, a "raving section" was created for those who wanted to practice before the designated songs. Still, no circles were allowed. The site director mentioned that the new method of "controlling" string raving had been a success and that it will most likely continue. However, since the site director changes every year, no-one knows what will happen next year.

Note: The rules instated at the Lancaster 06.2 session for string raving were not reinstated at the 07.1 Lancaster session.

Note: In years past (2001-2004 at least, perhaps earlier) string-raving was seriously limited. Students were only alowed to string-rave in a roped-off box off to one side of the arches. No doubt, this would have prevented the ban, but it lapsed during a change in admin.

Losing the Duck


Before lunch of the day after the Duck was passed down, Jeff Sachs seemed unable to find the duck in his classroom. He had seemingly lost a part of Lancaster tradition. Looking everywhere, he failed to find the duck (he even looked in the trash can!), and was chastised heavily. During the next class session, however, Jeff found the duck exactly 13 inches from where he was sitting in class, on the overhead projector cart. Jeff was forgiven, but ruthlessly mocked.

The Mantastik 3


The Mantastiks, named for their large muscles and manly-air of going about things, quickly formed into an intimidating group. They would not have been hall-of-shame worthy, had it not been for their actions leading up to the ban on the third floor Atlee/Dubbs lounge (the best one by far, with the coke and retro designs). They displayed CTYI PDA in the lounges on countless occasions, even after being told to stop multiple times by Adam. The straw that broke the camel's back was when they took their girls (the Asian posse) across from Atlee/Dubbs 3rd to Klein/Kunkel 3rd and then getting caught by Frank Wang. Their actions led to an unhappy pack of Atlee/Dubb-ers who could no longer enjoy the 50's themed lounge and, more importantly, the soda machine.

Within two days, however, all co-ed lounges were closed down. The shutting down of the other co-ed lounges was the fault of a few other unnamed persons who were in the Schnader lounge. Also because the lounges were being broken (furniture) and trashed.

Klein 1


There have probably been many halls that have defied and broken the rules of CTY before, but none greater than the residents of Klein One. The eleven students of Klein 1 paid no regard to the lights out rule (but then again, who did?). Unfortunately, they got caught thumbing their proverbial collective nose. One night, after many warnings and talks about going to bed after lights out, Klein One decided to keep their lights on and talk until the wee hours of morning. Unfortunately, that day, SRA Lucien was patrolling Klein One and what he saw disgusted him. Not one room had their light off and one room even had their door open with the light on. One student was playing obnoxiously loudly on his guitar. Lucien was horrified and disgusted at Klein One's disregard for CTY rules. As punishment, Lucien decided to ban the eleven students from Turkey Hill runs and Monday Quad Time. They could make up their lost privileges by doing 25 good deeds for the CTY community.

The next couple of weeks were brutal for the "Kleiners." Everywhere they went, they would hold doors open for other students (sometimes for more than an hour in the cafeteria). They picked up trash and litter all around campus and volunteered to help with other peoples' laundry. A week later, Klein One gained their Turkey Hill runs and quad time back.

Unfortunately, they did not learn their lesson. Four students of the hall decided to sneak a sleepover in one of their rooms. Stupidly, they left their light on and created tons of noise throughout the hall. Again, Lucien happened to be patrolling and caught the four students. The four students were permanently banned from Turkey Hill and Monday Quad Time and also had to write a letter of apology.

Things only got worse for the hall. One day during the second week of the session, everyone in the hall except for 2 students completely forgot about their evening study hall session. They arrived to their meeting spot 5 minutes too late and all of them ended up being sent to Thomas. From there, they all were heavily punished by the SRAs and camp director. Their consequences: permanent ban from Turkey Hill and Quad Time.

Klein One is also responsible for the creation of the hall swear box. The hall had such a severe profanity problem that their RA took away Quad Time for every profane word said. In the end, almost 30 minutes of Quad Time were taken off. The hall ended up receiving speeches on why not to use profanity and derogatory slang (due to the excessive use of the word "gay").

There were also many individual cases involving the hall. One involved the drawing of a penis in someone's chemistry textbook, resulting in a heavy talk with the academic adviser. Another incident occurred the day before the fourth dance, when one student of the hall snuck out of his room to another hall, only to be caught by Lucien again. The student was banned from going to the upcoming dance and put on probation.

At the end of the session, only one student from the hall was fully capable of going to Turkey Hill on the last day.

Banning of Grass Orgies


At the beginning of session two, grass orgies were officially banned. Site Director Brian explained that they were banned due to the possibility of being trampled. The day of arrival, the Last Orgy was held on the Quad between North Ben and Thomas, minutes before the official start of CTY. In the first week, several people decided to try a legal grass orgy in which they lay seperately on the grass in a large area, not touching each other. Frank Wang told them, "Nice job, guys." As CTY continued, students were able to get around the ban, often by forming less structured groups that sat/lay together in clumps. Some staff members cared, others didn't. Alcove students took to forming a large psuedo-orgy outside the cafeteria during lunch periods.

On the last day there were many grass orgies to make up for the ones that had not happened. As of yet we aren't sure if this rule will continue, but it's a terrible stain on CTY and ought to be abolished.


Dance Panic


During the last two dances, which were both in the ASFC, the lights were turned on and everyone told to sit against the wall and be quiet. On the first and longer of these instances, a student had fainted and had to be taken to the hospital. The normally healthy students had not been told what had happened, and rumors spread through the crowd as to what it had been. The crowd was sitting for about 15 minutes before the dance continued, and Bizarre Love Triangle was skipped due to time constraint. Following the dance, the Afterdance was cancelled by the staff following an announcement that it would be conducted in the ASFC following American Pie due to an ongoing lightning storm. Amidst the chaos, an impromptu Afterdance was held as students walked back to their dorms (this has continued to be done whenever there is lightning outside on the way back to the dorms). However, because the conductors of each individual song were split following their exit of the ASFC, there ended up being two Afterdances. One was held upon the bridge and the other on the path beneath it.

During the last dance, Bizarre Love Triangle was interrupted by the lights turning on and everyone being told to sit against the wall. All male RAs were then told to go to another basketball court, stand in line, and be visible to their students. All male students then had to report to their RAs for a head check. (It was said later that someone had seen what looked like a male student getting into a car.) It turned out to be a false alarm.

Not really. An unidentified student who had been sent home due to the flu was extremely upset because he would not get to finish out his nevermore year, and was able to sneak into the ASFC through the efforts of a family member. He hid while the head check was happening. What the RA saw was the family member returning to his car. The student was also able to sneak into his hall's last sleepover, leaving after Passionfruit the next day.

The whole situation sent much panic through the girls, who were not told what was going on; some were scared that their final dance would be cancelled. This only lasted about ten minutes, and BLT was continued afterwards. No other Canon was skipped.



So it all started on the night of Second Sunday, when a certain student decided to have an ISO (Illegal sleepover). However, he had turned his phone off and his parents called multiple times and were unable to reach him. This resulted in them contacting the campus police, as well as CTY. When CTY didn't find the student in his room, Baltimore got involved. The student was found having an ISO in a different room in the hall, and all of the dorms were searched, and a number of ISOs were busted.

The search yielded not only the student being looked for, but unearthed other illegal sleepovers, one plot to sneak out to Waffle House, and four individuals trying to do laundry. Thorough investigation and collaboration with the JHU administration followed. The punishment for all the students varied between the following three: being booted from the entire last dance, missing the last 1.5 hours of the last dance, and missing the last hour of the last dance (although many originally booted from the dance entirely were acquitted and permitted to go to the first hour of the dance). Among these students were the current Jester, Jack Flash, and Satan. Despite pleas on the basis that on any other night, punishments for illegal sleepovers and being out of dorms past lights out for reasons such as laundry would have been far less severe, the punishments were not changed. After parental calls, a representative from Baltimore was sent down but said: "I cannot do anything about your situation; I came to tell you to change your outlook on your situation." Many of the Lancaster students, staff, and admins realized how off the punishments were and did their best to accommodate and make bearing the punishment easier for those punished. This included a makeshift Pie after the Last Wednesday Slideshow, pressuring administrators into easing the punishment (originally supposed to be complete isolation, taking away all communications devices, and denying permission to talk), allowing for changes in the Last Dance playlist to better accommodate those being punished, coming to talk for moral support, etc.

Accommodations were also made for missing American Pie roles as the respective position holders were punished:

Empty Jester's attire was held up during the parts corresponding to the Jester, the King threw down his thorny crown when there was no Jester to steal it, all glowstringers were Jack Flash, Satan(...?).

Partly out of remorse for the catastrophe his actions had caused, the aforementioned certain student organized a (small) American Pie out in front of Thomas Hall for those who were being barred from attending the dance. Initially, the Jester and other positions didn't participate, but they eventually joined in as the rest of the camp started coming back from the dance. This emotionally charged make-up dance eventually led to a similar event the next year.

Moral of the story: Don't do your laundry.

Final Afterdance Chant:






Shower Urination


During Session 2 of the 2013 year, a student was taking too long in the shower (two showers were expected to support 16 students). After being told to hurry up, the student still refused to leave. Eventually, in an attempt to scare the student out of the shower, two students, one after the other, urinated on the floor, about two feet away from his feet. The incident involving the student kicking the door the wrong way was during the same shower, however, it was unrelated. No RA was present, though he was required to crawl under the door into the stall in order to fix the door after the incident was over. Both students who urinated were kicked out of camp two days later. In protest of this and the unrelated boob tag incident, a 315 person protest grass orgy was held in front of Thomas on Wednesday morning after breakfast.

Jon Hoh Disaster Dance


For the second Friday dance of 14.1, RA Jon Hoh and RA John Wolfe were assigned the job of DJ. Many mistakes were soon made, all of which have been attributed by the campers to Jon Hoh.

First, before the dance began, RA Vivian Feldblyum discovered that "DJ Jon John" had barely put any canon on the playlist, which she quickly fixed. Many students also noticed that the general quality of the music was not nearly as good as usual. The most obvious change made by Jon Hoh was that, of the two usual rave songs (James Brown Is Dead and Sandstorm), he picked neither of them: he played some dubstep remix of Old McDonald Had A Farm.

The final straw of the Jon Hoh Disaster Dance was when Jon Hoh almost played High Holy Canon in the wrong order, before RA Viv once again swooped in and saved the day.

Losing of the Duck


During the second Friday dance the current duckholder, Samantha Pancoe, lost the duck. Much panic ensued and many adults were contacted to help. Eventually after an identical duck was passed down at the Passing of the Duck and about 40 flyers were posted around campus the OG duck was found in Sam Pancoe's backpack.

RA Fired for Misogynistic Remarks


On the morning of the last Wednesday, while waiting for a missing student in order to proceed to class, the Dean of Residential Life pulled aside the residents in an RA's (whose name is withheld for privacy) hall to inform them that their RA could not stay for the rest of the session. Although the reason for it was not mentioned, the reasoning below is widely accepted as the catalyst.

During a hall meeting the week before, an announcement had been made concerning misogynistic jokes being made on campus, telling everyone not to make these jokes and to call out anyone who was. The RA chose this very ironic time to thrust his hips while saying "I respect women". About a week later, word of the joke got out of the hall and a few people got justifiably upset. After corroborating the story with someone from The Hall TM, the RA disappeared, ending up with the DRL's talk with the students the following morning. Even though it seemed evident that he didn't really mean what he was saying, the joke was certainly in poor taste and was extremely badly (and ironically) timed.

It was worth noting that as chill as the RA may have been, he was not considered to be a very good RA. He failed to post activities many times and, most notably, didn't turn in activities for the final two days of activities, resulting in nomores being excluded from their final Acting Improv, Watch Asher Flail Like an Idiot, and Starcrash.

As one of the students involved in his firing was a girl, the DRL called her parents to inform them of a possible sexual harassment issue that had been solved. She was also brought into the office as proof of his firing and was promptly flipped off and mildly threatened.

He also posted a video on Snapchat about 48 hours after leaving of himself smoking marijuana and driving at absurd speeds on the highway as he left CTY.

Furniture Incident + The Bible Study


On the third Monday of cty, after quad time, the members of one of the halls decided to move all the furniture in the suites in their hall as well as some chairs from one of the lounges into three different suites. It was the RA's day off as well as the SRA's day off on that Monday. With the help of two other ctyers from different halls, the furniture was divided into three suites. One suite contained the painting that was stolen at shenanigans as well as all the couches and comfy chairs from all of the suites in the hall, another contained all the rolly chairs from one of the lounges and the other suites in the hall, and the last room which was the bathroom contained 3 tables and two chairs.

It's important to note that the admin was actually in the Thomas dorm during this time. This hall also had 35 points in the hall cup (legit they purposefully tried to lose points. One kid realized that the hall hadn't been locked out yet so they threw their keys under the door and called for the ra).

However, the chaos doesn't stop there. While one of the ra's on the other floors came down to check on the students, one of the students entered the bathroom. (after lights out I might add) As the student the entered, the ra proceeds to look inside to see about 3/4 of the hall linking hands and brushing their teeth while one student read the Bible (The Bible was put in by one of the other students who helped with furniture moving).

The next day, the Dean of Resident Living came to talk to them about the incident. All furniture was moved back before she came and no punishment was handed out.

Fire Alarms

Session(s):2018.2, 2019.1, 2022.1

During the 18.2 session, the North Ben fire alarm was set off a total of three times, the third of which interrupted the final sleepover. The first incident was caused by a girl "leaning" or "falling" onto a fire alarm, the second by EZ Mac microwaved without water, and the final by misuse of spray deodorant. Each happened around 11:00 PM, and resulted in evacuation of the building. After each evacuation, CTYers had to wait for about 20 minutes, often without shoes or even lanyards, until the Lancaster Fire Department arrived and cleared the building for re-entry.

During 19.1, on the second to last day of the session (Thursday), a boy on the second floor of North Ben microwaved popcorn for over four minutes, causing smoke, therefore causing the fire alarm to trigger. North Ben was evacuated at around 7:00PM, right before the last dance, leaving people stuck in bathrooms showering and using the facilities. The alarm was quickly addressed by the campus police, but the smell stood for days to come, especially on the second floor.

During 22.1, the North Ben fire alarm was set off four different times. The first alarm was a fire drill which was unfortunately planned for 10:45 PM, after lights out. As a result, campers were not very happy the next morning. The second alarm was a kitchen fire that happened at dinner and triggered alarms on not only the dining hall but both North and South Ben. The third alarm went off when a student tried to microwave popcorn for too long, and the fourth mac and cheese without water. After this one, students, some of who were in the showers at the time of the alarm, were made to gather outside the halls for a grand total of at least 40 minutes while the fire department got rid of the fire. Plus, the halls smelled terrible for the remainder of the session. A staff building was also seen having the alarm set off during the last dance.

The High Five


From the first Friday of LAN 19.1 a group of campers hung out and bonded over their love of music, Spikeball, and weed. This last point of common interest would lead to their eventual removal from session. As some know, drug use at camp is prohibited. They would have ISOs almost every night, get high, and watch movies. It was a glorious time, as the large room they had facilitated multiple hotboxes and large sleepovers. But, on the second Sunday of session, everything came crashing down. This was on the night of the rain shower for context. As they popped back in to their normal hangout spot, the DRL was waiting for them there. One by one they were captured. They were then separated into different rooms, interrogated, and accused of every rule violation in and out of the book. At the end, five students were kicked out and held in separate rooms. This was tragic story of the infamous "High Five". Don't break rules at camp if you fear being kicked out.



Session(s):2020.1, 2020.2, 2021.1, 2021.2

Session was cancelled these two years, effectively ending much of the LAN tradition. There were attempts at virtual session held on the Server 42 Discord server during 2020, but the disorganization of the year made it difficult for positions to be passed down and the following year there was no real online CTY presence. RIP LAN <3

22.1 Cancellation

Session(s):2022.1, 2022.2

Two days before Session 1, e-mails were sent out about the cancellation of 12 LAN classes (EGRD, GNOV, REAS, MATX, CMPS, INCW, PHIL, BIOL, NEUR, CASE, PHSP, INBS, DATA) as well as several other classes at CAR, LOS, and SAR. Those affected were given the option to sign up for session 2. This was despite the fact that the cancellations happened on Friday, and CTY closes class signups on Fridays. If you went and talked to the site director you could get re-assigned to a different course. However, about 2,000 students were affected by the cancellations, many of which were en route or had already arrived near campus.

CTY official statements claim that class cancellations were due to an extreme staff shortage. As of 7.1.22, CTY executive director Virginia Roach was removed from her position. Staff wages have reportedly been raised as well. Classes for 22.2 were mass cancelled by CTY's Risk Management team, additionally cutting Cognitive Psychology, which was fully staffed during 22.1.



In LAN 22.1, the use of the Apple “airdrop” function was heavily advised against due to students airdropping each other inappropriate links and media. As of 7.3.22, there is no official ban but students are recommended to turn off the function. As far as the author of this page knows, the culprit(s) have not been found.

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COVID-19 Outbreak


On the final week of the session, an outbreak of COVID-19 began spreading rapidly across campus. This outbreak may have been further developed after a CHEM student failed to report his symptoms despite being sick (Nick Chao), ultimately leading to CHEM as a class being among the worst affected along with COGN. Of the whole class, the only boys left in the class were and Kiron Toma. Both classes lost over half of their students. On the final day, it was estimated that about 50 people had contracted the virus and were sent to quarantine, about 20% of campers. The outbreak eventually triggered the cancellation of the closing ceremony.

Despacito Disaster Dance


In the first dance of 22.2, High Holy Canon was interrupted by Despacito. After it was played out, the wrong Forever Young was played. Chaos ensued, and Stairway to Heaven became a conga-line song. Additionally, the dance for Bizarre Love Triangle was performed during Oh L'Amour. Because most of the knowledgable staff of 22.1 left, nobody really knew what was going on.

The Afterdance was disbanded by staff that didn't understand what was happening, forcing the remaining students to do the Afterdance in a small corner of Hartman Green.

Casino Night Catastrophe


Second Saturday evening of 23.1 was Casino Night, hosted in the ASFC. It started off alright, with students evenly split between games like Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, and lower-stakes games like Uno and Chess. However, by the end of night, SRAs were yelling at a group of students over an argument regarding stolen casino night money. Many claims were later made, including accusations of someone pulling someone behind a curtain, people getting jumped, etc. Many of these claims have been more or less debunked. Additionally, just after Casino Night ended, multiple students were apparently breaking into other students' rooms as they showered to steal their money in the hour or two following Casino Night. At some point during the night, both the police and F&M security were called. All these events combined resulted in all residents of North Ben (the all-boys dorm) and Weis 3 being taken to Adams Auditorium for a 2-hour long lecture on behavior on the following morning, making all of them late to Quiz Bowl. Two students (who CTY admin admitted were innocent) were removed from the session due to threat of litigation, after a student related to the incident had brought their father, a lawyer, to campus. Unfortunately, though, results of Casino Night were never announced, as CTY admin were trying to keep the events of the night hushed up. This continued into 23.2, when RAs were reportedly instructed specifically not to discuss 23.1's Casino Night at all, and it did not happen at all in 23.2, being replaced instead by Carnival Night. It is unclear whether CTY will ever again have a Casino Night.

Fire Alarm Fiasco


The 2nd dance of 2023.2 was delayed because of a thunderstorm, even though it was supposed to be inside in Mayser, causing much disappointment. However, as there was now a 2nd Saturday dance, the disappointment was dealt with and everyone moved on with their night… until, at around 11pm, someone in Schnader 3’s elbow accidentally hit the fire alarm trigger/pull, setting off all of the alarms in Schnader. This forced everyone to evacuate onto the quad, even though there was still an active thunderstorm very close by. Despite the fact that an explanation for the alarm was given quite quickly, all Schnader residents had to stand in the storm for around 20 minutes, getting soaked (both by rain and puddle jumping). Somehow, no one was hit by lightning.

Musical Misfire


On the 2nd dance of 2023.2, after American Pie was played, a RA played a song from Travis Scott's new album Utopia. In an outrage, Eric Fan ran up to the RA playing the music and made it stop. However, this still caused a lot of people to be confused and ruined the vibe of the dance.

During the last dance of 2023.2, American Pie was paused mid-verse. After around 30 seconds, the verse restarted. After American pie, an RA started playing Fortnite Balls by Kanye East.



Due to unfortunate and currently unknown reasons (highly speculated to be because of various events that happened in 2023) Lancaster was confirmed to be closed for 2024. The news were first heard by students in the 23.2 LAN server, and quickly spread to Server 42 causing mass panic). Students then proceeded to make a Lancaster refugee Discord server in order to figure out what to do, and to provide moral support. Many students were seen with "bye bye miss american pie" and similar phrases in their status as a memorial. Reasons for the cancellation will be updated as soon as more information is available. One student did contact CTY through Instagram, asking about the reasons behind Lancaster's cancellation. The reply was that "it just comes down to being a business decision and as you can imagine, we are not able to comment publicly on the specifics" (Quote from Instagram DMs on March 2nd, 2024). As of 2024.2, the cancellation is thought to be mostly due to an issue at Casino Night. One student was mugged by a group for his (rightfully earned) fake money, and some minor injuries ensued. CAR has changed the name of Casino Night to Game Night, likely in light of this. Another speculated reason is due to Franklin and Marshall not fixing the cold water in the showers at Lancaster.