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World's Worst is traditionally the second to last game of each Acting Improv activity period, followed by the Amazing Sphinx. During LAN 15.1, this game was played once during the first AI and never again until 18.1 in which it was brought back by Nathan Burke.


  • Everyone

How does it work?

The audience first decides on a topic, such as "Messiah", "Childrens' TV Show", "God", "TA", etc. Then anyone in the circle can go into the middle and give an example of the world's worst (whatever the topic is). One example from LAN.06.2 for World's Worst Childrens' TV Show was "The Emo Show" ("Now remember kids, it's down the highway, not across the street"). In LAN.06.2, there were even some good jokes for World's Worst Lawnmower. Better yet was World's Worst Banana.

Once a topic becomes stale or overused the circle picks another topic and begins anew.

Notable World's Worsts

  • World's Worst Banana, and yes it was amazingly awesome
  • World's Worst Nerd
    • Stephen Rosen: "World of Warcraft, because $15 a month is worth keeping your virginity"
  • World's Worst World's Worst
  • World's Worst Interpretive Dance
  • World's Worst CTY Dance
  • World's Worst Cop
    • "FREEZE! Everybody clap your hands!"
  • World's Worst Elementary School Soccer Team (RIP Little Timmy)