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I've never heard of staff "frowning upon" people wearing lanyards around the wrist, as a belt, etc. Or is Lancaster just more lenient than other sites in that regard? Clcrhiggaeeermo 16:25, 2 January 2008 (PST)

At LMU old lanyards can be worn as bracelets and such, but current ones definitely have to be around the neck. --emmatheduck

From what I hear most sites except Lancaster have really been cracking down on the lanyard-around-the-neck thing, at least for the past few years. Lancaster's just more lenient in general, even with other rules. - Fred3426

Hmmm... I've been yelled at for keeping my lanyard in my pocket, but it was an inexperienced RA [Shira] ~Astrostar2

does any one know the color of the lanyards this year??

At CAR, they let you wear it through the belt loop and sticking the card portion into your back pocket (as of 2007 at least). The didn't like your wearing around your waist/hips for unclear reasons. One RA said that it was because some people would feel bad about themselves if they couldn't wear it that way, while another said that it could get easily lost. There were other reasons provided as well. Regarding 2005's lanyard color-- It's not red; it's more of a salmon color. ~ToriGee

What's the color of the lanyards this year (2012); if anyone knows? ~Rachel;) It'll probably be red.

Can we change where it says that lanyards are "thin" strips of cloth? Because I know that it was probably written before 2014, but the lanyards are pretty thick nowadays.