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hi. this is just for love tape day right now, might add stuff later when i’m feeling nostalgic. Gayble 19.1, COJEM 18.1


lan: hs physics 19.1, logic 18.1

baby cty (washington college): writing/imagination 17.1


(add love tape stuff here please!! or don’t. it’s okay. 🥺🥺)

hey oak!! it was so cool to meet you during blammo, you're a really nice and cool person :) - aarushi (i figured out how to link my page!!!)

Blossom.jpg happy love tape day oak!! -dani

Sunflowertape.png miss you so much oak!! all of the love!! - leah

Happy love tape day!
Caution.jpg - Connor

happy love tape day oak! you're so sweet and it was so nice to meet you during theatre games during session! i cty you! <3
Planetary lt.png - lauren :)

hi oak! so glad that we got to know each other during blammo even though i got out in the first day! happy love tape day :) User:Caitlin Fox