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This page includes every student position held at Saratoga Springs Session 1 except Royalty

Note: These positions are in chronological order from when they were created.

Blammo God

The Blammo God is in charge of running Blammo during the session. It has almost always been a member of royalty, but as of 17.1, Blammo God became directly associated with one line of the royalty. Even though all royalty helps run the game now, the Blammo God has official ruling over everyone.

Holders of the Position

  • 13.1 RA Jamie Jung
  • 14.1 Charlotte Keely and Katie Miles (Empresses)
  • 15.1 Griffin Badalamente (Emperor)
  • 16.1 Duncan, Carly, Byron, Viky (Royalty)
  • 17.1 Alexandre Jabor (with help from Royalty)
  • 18.1 Nelson Lin (with help from Royalty)
  • 19.1 Robert Sheng (with help from Royalty)
  • 20.1 Jack Schaeffer (with help from Royalty)

Rave God

In 13.1, the legendary nevermore Sonya Wang devoted herself to teaching anyone and everyone how to rave/glowstick/spin poi/whatever you want to call it, it's awesome. She carried a totoro backpack with her everywhere she went, and she decided to start a tradition in which the holder of this bag was the poi teacher, whom anyone could come to and feel welcomed. It's also worth noting that Sonya could jump over her own orbitals, so she's kind of a Goddess. The bag was sadly lost and did not make an appearance in 2018, so the position is now called Rave God.

Holders of the Position

  • 13.1 Sonya Wang
  • 14.1 Ryan Guo
  • 15.1 Griffin Badalamante
  • 16.1 Piper Fahey
  • 17.1 Zivia Lichtenberg
  • 18.1 Nelson Lin (Charlotte Murphy could not return and RIP Totoro Bag)
  • 19.1 Stefan Linden and Galaxy Scheuer
  • 20.1 Jonathan Xu

Kevin the Yarn Ball

In 14.1, Andy Chen had a green yarn ball which he named Kevin. According to Andy, Kevin represents the quirkiness of CTY, and that CTY is forever since it is hard to unravel the yarn ball as it lives in a cardboard box. Each year, Kevin is passed down to someone weird (in a good way!) and isn't afraid to be different.

Holders of the Position

The Washing Machine Door

In 17.1, Jason Garrelick was sitting on a Washing Machine in the basement of Wilmarth. When he jumped off, he knocked the washing machine door off and broke the washer. Since the door no longer had a purpose, Jason decided to keep it. Later that session, Sasha Morledge decided it would be fun to eat cereal out of the door at the last supper, and thus the tradition was born.

Holders of the Position

  • 17.1 Jason Garrelick
  • 18.1 Spencer Wood
  • 19.1 Imroze Singh
  • 20.1 Duke Hogan-Murphy

The Cape

In Kazuhiko Okasaki's squirrel year, he borrowed his RA's cape. He forgot to return it and in every sequential year, he wore it non-stop. Kazuhiko embodied the importance of CTY and passing down his cape is a way of remembering the mark he made on many of his friends.

Holders of the Position

  • 17.1 Kazuhiko Okasaki
  • 18.1 Garrett Gilfoyle
  • 19.1 Rose Luttmer
  • 20.1 Leah Pascarelli

The Jacket

In 18.1, Kaiti Filippou had a jacket which she decided would be the relic associated with her line of royalty, and thus passed down to future empresses.

Holders of the Position

The Cult Leader

In 18.1, Daisy Fernandez and Dorothy Zhou created a lunch table cult which is a group of friends dedicated to the radical power of friendship, CTY, memes, shippng. and sitting at one specific lunch table. The relic for this position is a white lab coat.

Holders of the Position

The Book

In 19.1, Gia Ramos decided to recreate the book associated with her line of royalty since it was lost by a previous owner. This book instructs the royalty on how to run the session for the most part, and talks about the behind the scene jobs the royalty must do to make the session as great as they possibly can.

Holders of the Position

The Polaroid Camera

In 19.1, Eric Krieger had a polaroid camera which he decided would be passed down and used to document CTY's happenings. The camera is associated with a line of Royalty.

Holders of the Position

  • 19.1 Eric Krieger
  • 20.1 Max Tanksley