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Does anyone ever actually come here?? -Chris

Hi guys. Has anyone noticed lately that the people list is pretty much a mess? It's not in the order that it claims to be, is uneven on both sides, etc. I think possibly a new page for it with one single list is a better idea because it's gotten so enormous. Thoughts? -Faye Hokay guys. I re-organized the names list. It's now in this order: Oldest to youngest by nomore year. In a particular nomore year, all first session nomores come first, and are then ordered by number of sessions, doublesessioning counts toward this. If there are two (or more) people with the same exact year history, they went in alphabetically. So if I made mistakes, feel free to correct them, it was tiring. -Faye

I'm thinkin' that we should take all of the people who aren't users (that is to say shea, christ, rachel, etc.) and put them all on one page, say People:LAN. It would consolidate all of those uncategorized pages into one sheet; furthermore, users could write about the person instead of as the person-- sort of-- i think it's less stalkerish this way, at least. i'll start on this tommorrow if nobody objects. --JW

Nah, whatever. --JW

Everyone on this website is here because they scored well on an SAT. I would like you to please use that knowledge in your writing, as I am sick of being a grammar Nazi. Proper nouns are capitalized. The word "Frisbee" is a brand name, and a proper noun, and it should be capitalized. So should the names of buildings. You may not add extra commas in the middle of a sentence just because you think it looks good. However, you are obligated to place commas after items in a list (not before) if the list contains more than two items. Commas are not necessary after the word "and", they are optional. Their use is recommended between clauses (see last sentence), and mandatory surrounding appositives. I understand that it mistakes happen, that is ok. If you have a run on, it's ok. ("It's" is a contraction, "Its" a possessive). My grammar sucks too. I can deal with honest mistakes, but I shouldn't have to fix lists because someone else was being lazy. Also, you should be aware that Firefox contains automatic spell check. Can everyone please use it?


Question: Could we get a non-sepia toned photo? It is quite depressing to see the arches in sepia and not their full, normal vibrancy.

Gracias, Wes

New Photo

May I suggest using this photo instead? I took it during 2009.2, and I feel it's a lot cheerier than the current kinda-depressing look we have on the article. Yes, there aren't many RAs on here. Usually.

Qz 17:13, 2 December 2009 (PST)

Arches South Ben.JPG

I support this -Nev

The List of Names

Hello everyone. After fixing up the length of the columns of names, I've noticed that around the 2014-2015 names, everyone lists their site as LAN, which is rather redundant, given that we are on the Lancaster page. Furthermore, it just makes the list look so much more convoluted and crowded, and is inconsistent with the rest of the list. I'd be glad to edit all of the entries that have redundant "LAN"s if need be.

--Kiptoke (talk) 21:25, 23 June 2017 (EDT)

Can we remove the user titles and brackets from the names that don't have user pages? If you click on those false links it just takes you to their nonexistent user page... I just think it would look nicer and more organized.

The Box

The side box hasn’t been updated in forever. Brightside is canon now, as is Iris and Anna Sun. The courses list seems out of date as well. Can we get that updated? -Natan

How does one even edit the box? - Zelie