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Hello, I'm Meghan! I went to LAN during the following years:

04.2: ARCH
05.2: PBIO
06.1: IPMS
06.2: HDIS
07.1: CODE (prior to the creation of another CODE class)
07.2: ASTRO

Fun (CTY-Related) Facts about Me

  • I was the Jester in 07.2. I also led Cows are Freaky in the Afterdance that year.
  • I unofficially became a member of the Alcove in 06.1, when my roommate Rina Polyakov dragged me in there to eat because she had friends there. I officially became a member in 06.2, when Christian Burnette passed the role of Jester onto me.
  • I'm the younger sister of Michelle Vu (Holder of the Duck in 04.2).
  • I own a black lanyard that belonged to the (in)famous Adam Roush in 2005. I also own a white lanyard, given to me by my 07.1 RA, Hanhan Wang.
  • I went to itsy-bitsy CTY at Owings Mills, MD (Garrison Forest School) for 4 years.
  • I went to baby CTY at Chestertown, MD (Washington College) for 2 years.
02.2: IPMS
03.2: DATA
  • When I was taking HDIS, my roommate left after one week (as did EB Saldana's). We were given the option of having singles for the remaining two weeks or moving in together, but since we couldn't decide whose room to move into, we kept our singles. But, singles get lonely really fast at a place like we had illegal sleepovers for 14 days straight in Courtney Smith's and Sarah Danly's room.
  • I have legally roomed with notables Nixxi Chen (CHES.03.2) and Siri Maley (LAN.07.2).
  • I have been in certain classes with other notables:
ARCH - Jeff Sachs, Christian Burnette, Gokul Krish
HDIS - EB Saldana, Will Steinberg
CODE - Zev Hurwich, Ev Maus, Dan Salvato, David Fantarella
  • I'm a student at Tufts University, along with fellow LancastriansYulia Korovikov and Kayla Glick!