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Hi! My name is Roshni and I might see you at Saratoga Springs in 2017 when you are an RA! ~Roshni
Hi Roshni! That'd be awesome! Hope to see you there! :) --Cathynie (talk)

Then maybe you can teach me how to solo a Vermonster :) ~ Roshni

Hahaha of course! :) --Cathynie (talk)

Hey! You recently deleted a few of the edits I made to the main Carlisle page (which is understandable, the former traditions should have been kept on). However in the process, you also deleted several people off of the CTYers list and information about a couple of buildings on the Carlisle campus. I wanted to know your reasoning for this, as I felt that the information was beneficial. Thank you for your understanding! - Mark Johnson

Sorry if that was anything bad Cathy. I did that because on the CTYI wiki (Their version of RealCTY) that is what that stated. But I don't really know if it is correct or not, but we can assume for the time being it's not. ~ Luke Farrell

I tried and edited the Memories:BRI page as best that I could. If you want me to fix more of it I can. ~ Luke Farrell

I also fixed Memories:EST for you. If their is any else I can do to help, please let me know. ~ Luke Farrell

Hey have you been to Science Olympiad Nationals yet?

Hello Cathy, it is User:Lukepf04. I would like you to block a user that I had to edit 32 pages because he put that his "mini fez" had taken over the page. You will see the user in the recent changes and I marked his own page for deletion.

No Problem Cathy! I was aware of it before, but that is great for you to catch up with me. - Luke Farrell

Hey Cathy. There are a lot of things that need to be updated in the Lancaster box, but it's locked. Could you help me make some updates to it? - Zelie

Deletion requests

If you have technical editing questions, see my editing guide here first!


Thank you so much for your vigilance and for your efforts; I appreciate your judgment. If you see other users (or can think of current CTYers) who might be interested in stepping up in cleanup and moderating duties, please send them my way. I think RealCTY isn't trafficked quite as much as it was in its heyday, but it's still important (to me, and hopefully to the community) to keep it from becoming a chaotic wasteland, and we'll need some fresh blood to take on staffing duties soon :]