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Monty Python Madness is a performance of many famous Monty Python sketches as done by CTY students at Lancaster session 2 during Quad Time on Last Tuesday. It is organized by the Head Monk, along with all other Monty Python related activities.

Mr. Jones



In 2005, two CTYers Nikka and Inbar requested that the staff allow them to perform Monty Python sketches during the last Tuesday quad time. Consent was granted, and their performance was successful. They passed on some of their props, creating the position of Head Monk, who has the responsibility to keep the tradition going.

Loss of the Gun

After the 2006 session, newly appointed Head Monk Kathy Ingram found that airport security would not let her take the duct tape props on her plane home. Thus, Michelle Rush took the props. Unfortunately, Michelle disappeared and neither the weight nor the gun returned in 2007. Thus, sadly, "Self Defense Against Fresh Fruit" was not performed at 07.2 and was instead replaced by "Bookshop" from Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl. The props were re-created and the skit came back the following year.

Staff Assistance

In 2007, the RAs in attendance provided the performers with an actual microphone. Unfortunately, there was only one, so its benefits were limited. The following year, there were 5 microphones provided, making the performance finally audible.

Hiatus and Return

Monty Python Madness never occurred, for some reason, in 2009. However, the tradition did not die and returned in 2010, at least semi-successfully.


Traditional (as much as they can be in four years) sketches for Monty Python Madness include:

  • "Wink, Wink (Nudge, Nudge)"
  • "Self Defense Against Fresh Fruit" (retired as of 07.2, replaced by "Bookshop" and then reborn in 08.2)
  • "The Spanish Inquisition"
  • "Argument Clinic" (Not performed 07.2; replaced with "Vocational Guidance Counselor" which was not performed in 08.2)
  • "Dead Parrot" (starring the New Duct Tape Parrot)


The show ends with a sing-along (time permitting). Songs that cannot be sung during Quad Time (either due to time constraints of "other" reasons) are usually sung at the Passing of the Duck. Songs include:

  • "Lumberjack Song"
  • "Philosophers' Drinking Song"
  • "Every Sperm Is Sacred" (from Meaning of Life)
  • "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" (from Life of Brian)
  • "Galaxy Song"

Cast List


In Show Order:

"Wink, Wink (Nudge, Nudge)"

"Vocational Guidance Counselor"

  • Mr. Anchovy (Michael Palin): Ben Horkley
  • Counselor (John Cleese): Julia "Juice" Revzin


"Silly Job Interview"

  • Interviewer (John Cleese): Ben Horkley
  • Applicant (Graham Chapman): Emma Phillips
  • First Number Holder (8/9): Rebecca "Chris" Kotsonis
  • Second Number Holder (7/10): Maddy Jennewein
  • Third Number Holder (9): Logan Phillips
  • Fourth Number Holder (8): Daniel Tracht

"Dead Parrot"

  • Shopkeeper (Michael Palin): Kathy Ingram
  • Customer (John Cleese): Logan Phillips
  • Parrot: Mr. Jones

Song: "Galaxy Song"

  • Led by Charles Martin


"Wink, Wink (Nudge, Nudge)"

"Spanish Inquisition"

  • Man (Graham Chapman): Owen
  • Woman (Carol Cleveland): Emily Grablutz
  • Cardinal Ximenez (Michael Palin): Julie Leghorn
  • Cardinal Biggles (Terry Jones): Reed Morgan
  • Cardinal Fang (Terry Gilliam): Christian McConville

"Dead Parrot"

  • Shopkeeper (Michael Palin): Sarah Hackney
  • Customer (John Cleese): Logan Phillips
  • Parrot: Mr. Jones

"Fish License"

"Crunchy Frog"

  • Mr. Milton (Terry Jones): Alex Pressman
  • Praline (John Cleese): David Morgens
  • Superintendent Parrot (Graham Chapman): Disappeared before the show

"Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook"

  • Hungarian (John Cleese): Peter Berexa
  • Tobaccanist (Terry Jones): Austin

"Self Defense Against Fresh Fruit"

  • Instructor (John Cleese): Logan Phillips
  • Student 1 (Graham Chapman): Ben Horkley
  • Student 2 (Michael Palin): Kuv
  • Student 3 (Terry Jones): Juliana Biro
  • Student 4 (Eric Idle): Ramsey Opp

Song: "Lumberjack Song"


(Note: Two sketches, namely Man Who Makes People Laugh Uncontrollably and Apology, were cut due to time constraints. Oh well.)
"Argument Clinic"

  • Man: Alex Kohanski
  • Receptionist: Alana Friedman
  • Mr Barnard: Sam Barback
  • Mr Vibrating: Ramsey Opp

"Silly Job Interview"

"Dead Parrot"

"Crunchy Frog"

  • Inspector Praline: Ariel Rock
  • Milton: Emily Grablutz
  • Parrot: Charlene Vance

"Self Defence Against Fresh Fruit"

  • RSM: Alex Kohanski
  • 1st Man: Kris Seavers
  • 2nd Man: Kleo Greenwood
  • 3rd Man: Alison Shay
  • 4th Man: Eloise Gayer

Song: "Lumberjack Song"

  • Led by Ramsey Opp

External Links

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