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Hi I'm Caitlin hehe

classes: game theory b with darryl (Lan 19.1) last year was supposed to be 21.1 rip

i am from long island and i love watching the boovie mee. send me skl, reese's, and good songs and dont be afraid to say hello! i am in the discord server if u ever need to reach out <3

winner of the cage match as of 8/8/2020

mother of Constantina Tsang

daughter of my homie fox

love tape day

hey caitlin! i'm so glad i met you this (online) session! you're so sweet and i can't wait to spend more time talking to you :)
Planetary lt.png - lauren :)

howdy! it's been great getting to know you! you're a super nice person and I hope I get to talk to you more!
Caution.jpg - Connor

yo glad to have met u on discord and look forward to vibing in the future ~love tape~ User:Camohat

I’m glad I met you on the server this year! You seem very nice and I hope to be able to talk with you more in the future. ~ Juliana

hey caitlin! so glad we talked and met during the online session, you're so nice. i like you, i love you, i cty you. Sunflowertape.png -Caroline

-insert love tape- hi caitlin! great to have met you online, you're nice and funny and i hope we can get to know each other better! - josh

hey caitlin!! it was really nice to talk to you and get to know you a bit during blammo (and rlly funny to watch riddhi and nitya try to get u out in blammo last year LOL) i hope you're staying safe and healthy! you seem like a really cool person and i hope to see you next year! - aarushi

happy love tape day! - kingtastic/Alan

hey caitlin, it was great meeting you during online session! happy love tape day!! - chris GalaxyDuctTape.png

Absolutely fantastic to get to know you over online session. But why have tape when you can use the suck suit? - User:Friendly KGB officer

add other questions or comments and memories and stuff if you want