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^that's me!

I'm Lauren, and I have the honor of being your 20.1 son. I've been a cty'er for four years now, and as you all know, CTY is one of the weirdest, craziest, most wonderful experiences a nerd could wish for. This program (and most importantly the people in it) have changed my life, and I'm so thankful that I've been given the opportunity to hang along for the ride.

Usually you can find me wandering around campus being loud for some reason or other, or buried somewhere in a grass orgy. I love people (especially ctyers!) so please don't be afraid to come up to me and say hello! I'd absolutely love to be your friend :)

Squirrel Parents: Mia Hotsuki, Will Mclelland, Bella Acerra
Squirrel Kids: Eva Murea and Juliana Burke


Lan 17.1 - Philosophy of Mind
Lan 18.1 - Fiction and Poetry
Lan 19.1 - The Art of Fiction
Lan 20.1 - coronamore



the great glitter dance!

ella goldschmidt jr. (the frisbee)

dylan stacking too much shit to be legal



what's on the menu? LEGS

thicc chicks of ficpoe 18.1!!!




jew literature w/ rebecca arian

quad time showers in the rain w julian and henry


online session 2k20

bullying fox so, so much

very large discord calls


riff-raff in online rocky ;)

quintuple gang!

Love Tape Day!!

add love tape day stuff here if you want

Lauren, I only met you the other day, but you made a really shitty day much better, along with the ones to follow. You’re a rad person, not to mention incredibly talented, and one of the people who seems to get me. Thanks for everything, and hope we talk more in the future!

Love you, homie, Ashton User:JustMeAC

ur super chill glad I met u thru the blammo thing lauren keep it real💯 User:Camohat

lauren i love you so so much, thank you for teaching me tradition and being so inclusive and fun ~Addison

Thank you for teaching me all about LAN and its traditions. You were very welcoming and kind from the first Zoom meeting of online session and I cannot thank you enough for that. I would have been far more hesitant to participate in the calls and discussions on the server without you. You and the rest of the Trinity made online session such a great experience. Thank you for being my squirrel parent and teaching me the silly traditions and the important things to avoid at LAN. I promise not to worry too much about positions next year. I love you and I CTY you very much. <3 ~ a very grateful squirrel daughter

hi lauren!! im so glad that I met you during this online session :) love u so much and i cant wait to get to know you better <3 User:Caitlin Fox

howdy lauren! You're forking fantastic and have done so many amazing things for online session! You've always been there to talk, and to motivate me. I cannot thank you enough!
Caution.jpg - Connor

hallo lauren!! i am so glad we met (although through relatively unfortunate circumstances), but you're so sweet and vibing at the dance yesterday was really really fun. you've lifted me up, and i wish we could've met in person. i like you, i love you, i cty you :) Sunflowertape.png -caroline :)

hey lauren! so glad i got to meet you online this year!! you're such a kind and welcoming person and if only we could've met in person... :( hope you're staying safe and healthy! thanks so much for organizing events and making it a great online session (well... as great as an online session can be) i cty you :) aarushi

hey laruen! you're one of the sweetest people ik and tysm for including me on ur productivity server, listening to all of my random rants, listening to music w me, and just generally being a great person <3 sophia r

hey! thanks for being a great person, organizing all these events, and listening to me whenever I don't feel great! have a nice day! <3 kingtastic/Alan

Ahhh Lauren! Where do I begin? My Jewish, New York, Aquarius soul sister. Thank you for being there for me to talk about things like Ethan and the fire and I really cannot wait to meet you someday. - Allison :-))))))

-insert love tape- hi lauren! tysm for everything; idk what i'd do without your kind, funny presence making these troubled times better for everyone! and ofc ty for all the incredible activities! - Josh

Hi Lauren! Wish we could have met sooner, but it's been great talking to you on Discord recently. We should hang out sometime (when COVID permits)!Penguins.jpg - Jordan

Hi Lauren! I haven't really talked to you but you seem super nice. i cty you :) - Sophie

Blossom.jpg love u girly - dani

Lauren baby omg! Ur one of the sweetest ppl I’ve ever met I’m so sad I didn’t get to meet you irl. Thank you for everything you’ve done w online session :) Ur so funny and kind and smart and absolutely gorgeous. love you <3 -riya kishen

i lob you to nc!! i still can't believe we didn't get to have our nomore year, but online session was one heck of an end to cty. thanks for being my partner in crime with planning this whole thing! <3 DuctTapeWithHearts.png - chris:))

Tape.jpg Hi, I don't really know you very well but you are apparently my worst nightmare? Also we need to meet up and pls don't kick me out of ur lair.

Happy Love tape day darling!!! _ the other ursula

I'm a day late shh but happy love tape day and thank you sm for organizing online session! --Avery

Happy love tape day! Wish we had gotten to know each other more 18-19.1 but better late than never <3 - User:Friendly KGB officer

Hey Lauren! Been a bit, and didn't even realize that you ended up as 20.1 son but I'm really happy that we got to spend two sessions together and all the post-session meetups we did. You're an awesome person and an underratedly good singer - Hudson

Hey! We've hardly spoken and haven't met in person, but I appreciate everything you've done for the community and all the support on the discord. Thx again! -Switch Switch tape.png

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

spill the tea, sis. not the sex metaphor kind tho

Hey hon! Happy belated love tape day, I wanted to drop a love tape pic here but I'm a total boomer and suck at technology so I couldn't figure it out haha. I'm sorry your last session got canceled but I love you very much and I'm so so proud of you <3 - your mom :)