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Pierre, the Melancholy Squirrel


Pierre the Melancholy Squirrel, aka Tim Shumaker, has attended quite a few sessions at Carlisle, from the years '95-'97. He is frequently seen at discussion group, and in fact once led his own unofficial discussion group, entitled "Pierre." One can spot Pierre by his half of a beard, his infamous rants about Hobbes, Marx, and the Simpsons, and his trademark "Buh?!?" Pierre was a frequent potraial in Improv sketches, though Pierre himself rarely attended Improv, and was part of the acts for both the first session and second session MC's in the '97 talent shows. Students also started a fortune-cookie game that consisted of adding "In Pierre's pants" to the end of fortunes. Because of all this, Pierre has become part of the CTY Hall of Fame.

Carmen the Frog

Session(s):CAR.96.1, LAN.96.2

One of the most infamous displays of weirdness was put on by Judy at CAR-1-96 and LAN-2-96. Through both sessions, Judy wore a stuffed green frog named Carmen on her head. Carmen managed to hold her perch through class, activities, hall meetings, meals, social time, and even dances. During first session, Judy and her friend down the hall, Won, hooked Carmen up with Won's stuff walrus John, making them "the cutest stuffed animal couple in Carlisle." Second session, Carmen managed to become a scapegoat for the Lancaster faculty, who unjustly blamed her for all their problems. Wearing Carmen earned Judy the nickname "Frog girl" and earned them both a place in the CTY Hall of Fame.


Session(s):CAR.96.1, CAR.06.2

At CAR-1-96, the RA's were soliciting pictures for the cover of the yearbook. One memo threatened, "if you don't send us pictures, we will be forced to put CHUCK on the cover of the yearbook." and supplied a picture of Chuck. However, a large percentage of the CTY population decided that they wanted Chuck on the cover. Despite much campaigning, Chuck never made it onto the cover of the yearbook. He did, however, appear on the talent show program, get his own (now defunct) web page and earn a spot in the CTY Hall of Fame.

Chuck reappeared ten years later, at CAR-2-06, though nameless. The picture ended up the inside back cover of the yearbook.

(The 'chuck' in question was a picture from the dictionary, for the definition meaning "a drill-bit holder" See here)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, CTY Style

Session(s):1997.1, 1997.2 - present
See also: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The last dance of CAR97-1 and the second dance of CAR97-2 were attended by some well-known characters. Through the efforts of saraht, Guinevere, and Yours Truly, CTYers were assembled and costumed to look like the cast from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The entire cast was present, as well as many TimeWarpers, and the costumes were remarkably well done. At both dances, the majority of CTYers gathered around the group to watch them preform the TimeWarp in true Rocky Horror Stage Show fashion. The group also stopped traffic on High Street prior to the first session dance, and were warned not to walk on High Street "for their own safety" before the second session dance. The overwhelming final product of this venture causes the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, CTY Style, to be added to the CTY Hall of Fame.

The performance of RHPS has become tradition for several sites apart from Carlisle.

The Things That Aren't Sexy Song


After receiving much peer pressure, I decided to include the Things That Aren't Sexy Song in this hall, even though it also appears in the Sounds of CTY. After being sung by the MCs at the 97-2 CAR talent show, it took the campus by storm. Many CTYers had the tune stuck in their heads, and Jeffrey Morrow, the songs author, was kept busy filling the demand for copies of the lyrics. Things that weren't cool began being referred to as "not sexy." Its impact on the culture of CTY led it to be included in the CTY Hall of Fame.

"I Am Not Offended"/Guys in Drag


On the second Tuesday of CAR-97-2, well over 100 CTYers supported the cause of Guys-In-Drag by wearing signs saying things such as "I Am Not Offended," "Censorship makes me VERY Uncomfortable," and "Guys in Drag are Sexy." Nearly 30 guys risked being heckled by Soccer Players and HUB workers to wear drag at one point or another on that day. No lipstick was worn, however. Though drag seen often at CTY dances and what not (and notably, by the second session Quiz Bowl team from Quad 3, dubbed "Ugly Men in Drag"), sheer numbers earn this event a place in the CTY Hall of Fame.


Offering to Hecate

Session(s):2000.1, 2000.2

At CAR Session 1&2 '00, The Latin class started the 'Offerings to Hecate'. Hecate was the Roman goddess of the crossroads, and traditionally when Romans crossed major intersections, they left food on the road for her, so she wouldn't come and take their souls. They started to drop food in the crosswalks between the HUB and the academic quad... little things at first, like crackers, but then it evolved into things like whole toasted bagels with cream cheese, ice cream bars, whole sandwiches (with lettuce and tomato, of course), and peeled bananas. It spread through the campus, and soon many people who didn't know of Hecate were making offerings to keep her from stealing their souls. It continued into second session, until RAs, citing the mess and the waste of food, put a stop to it.



Toward the end of Carlisle 05.1, CTYers awoke to find the Dickinson Campus blanketed with flyers entitled 95/2, a reference to Martin Luther's 95 theses posted on a church door in 1517. The number was divided by 2 so that the complaints would fit on one page. Thus, there were 47.5 theses. 95/2 was compiled mostly by George Hotz, who returned to Carlisle for second session in 2006. He used computer lab time to print out about 50 copies, all disguised with a report cover. The project was extremely successful and most of the campus had read the flyers before the RAs tore them down. CTY was split at the most 75% - 25% between those who wholeheartedly supported George's efforts and those who were disgusted by his disrespect, as evidenced in thesis 47.5, addressed to the RAs: TREAT US WITH RESPECT, WE PAY FOR YOU. It should be noted that George Hotz actualy does pay for his own CTY tuition, using money from computer repair type jobs. The latter were further put off by the author's appallingly poor (especially for a CTYer) grammar and punctuation, as well as the redundant and juvenile content and phrasing of many of the theses.

George Hotz was not punished for some reason, and was permitted to go to the last dance, much to the surprise and outrage of a small yet vocal group of CTYers. Those who oppose the theses can only hope for karma to kick in, preferably in the form of a large truck or carnivorous animal.

Edit: I remember the 95/2 theses, but I don't remember any opposition to them. In fact, this year session 1 we had a copy of the theses and tried to make copies and spread them again, as many of us were outraged at the RAs and their new made up rules.

Edit: George Hotz is sooo cool! and he didnt get in trouble becuase the RAs realized the truth...

Edit: I was there- that was actually my nomore session at CTY. I remember finding one on the door to my dorm and seeing an RA in the morning removing them. The theses may have been poorly phrased and repetitive, but they addressed the problem at Carlisle '05 of increasingly strict and arguably unnecessary rules and power-tripping admin.

Edit: The RAs mostly found the theses to be pretty funny - the only exception being #47.5, which was pretty offensive. Although a scathing item-by-item rebuttal was written (but not circulated), it was decided that punishing George would be a waste of anyone's time - and besides, he really hadn't done anything wrong, beyond misusing the computing facilities. Subedit: There was mention made of the theses during a staff orientation meeting in 2006 and one (unnamed, of course) member of the instructional staff immediately pulled out a copy that he had kept from the previous year. I'm sure the staff will remember them for years to come.

Bye Bye Bye

Session(s):2007.1, 2007.2

At the end of the talent show in both sessions of 2007, five RAs (including Brendan, Jamie, Clay, Ryan, and Scott) dressed up and performed the song "Bye Bye Bye" by NSync; they called themselves "ReSync". It was a huge hit with the audience, many people recorded it, and it is currently on YouTube.

Despite some rumors that this song was again performed at CAR 08.1, it was not. Thriller - Michael Jackson was performed instead.

It's the End of the World as We Know It


The evening of July 8th (Epidemic Fail / D-Day / The Day the Music Died), CTY Carlisle students came together to have one final dance, which took place during the extended three hour meet market, under the Superquad arch. This dance was orchestrated by the campers for the campers, primarily by Emperor and Empress Alex (Jake) and Jeanette Kim, " Jesus" Vivian, Daphna, Giggles, and James. The dance lasted for three hours, two of which were dedicated entirely to the playing of Canon. It was completed by ceremonious circling for Forever Young, Stairway, and American Pie. It was dubbed the End of the World as We Know It dance by the nevermores who played a part in organizing the affair. Piano man was played at the end of the dance as some people said their goodbyes and reflected on the dance and their overall experiences at Carlisle. At the end of the evning, The General was performed by Gabe on guitar, and Jeanette on vocals, who led the CTYers in singing. The song had gained popularity during the session due to several jam sessions where it was played by a group of boys including Gabe, Dan, Beans, and James, who found a groupie in Jeanette. She grew tired of them, but never failed to sing along when she knew the words.


Casino Night


During Casino Night of session 1, pie-ing an RA was one of the prizes offered for $20,000 CTY money. Although she was not on the list of pie-able RAs, Carlisle students were determined to pie SRA Lauren, in retaliation for her persecution of Evan. After he argued with SRA Lauren about the shut down of his Poetry Night "There Will Be Blood" skit, SRA Lauren had put him on extra watch. Brokering a deal with Lauren to pie her for $60,000, Carlisle students managed to raise the more than enough solely through donations, even after she repeatedly raised her asking price. The amount of money raised in the end was $120,000+, almost half of the money in circulation. Many of RAs even gave the students extra money after hearing that it was going towards pie-ing Lauren. After paying SRA Lauren the money to have Evan pie her on Big Saturday, the rest of the funds went to paying people to come to Passionfruit. Ironically, Evan suffered an allergic reaction from getting whipped cream on himself while pie-ing the SRA.



Some CTYers found a way to use hot shower water to mass cook ramen, which was then stuffed in a piñata and given to RA Alex DeLuca. The piñata was then stolen and found its way onto the dance floor. The ramen soon leaked out, spreading rumors that someone had vomited on the floor.

Jack the RA


An RA-turned-SRA-turned-DRL who became almost famous from CTY-related celebrity stature, Jack Krentz, brother of former CTYer Emma Krentz, blessed 14.2 with his myriad of talents and colloquialisms. These include, but are not limited to, the notable "Milk milk for milk!" a reference to his love of milk no matter the type of meal, and "Above the knee!" which shared his immediate and affectionate love for shorts that were above the knee, as he would lunge out to show his wider range of movement and flexibility due to his shorter shorts. At one meal, with other RA's, he dressed up as a ballerina dancer. It should also be noted that Jack was Canadian, and legitimately almost met Justin Bieber through his roommate- this is directly from a conversation with him. Jack's awesome qualities made him well known throughout the session, and at the talent show Max Holmes, the MC and Passionfruit Emperor, dressed up as him complete with short shorts and a gallon of milk. Above the knee with milk milk for milk forever, man.

The Cult of Alex DeLuca

Session(s):2014.2, 2015.2

Every now and then people may refer to crazy and absurd CTY traditions as cult-like, but this was one of the first times this became a serious worship. Basically, there was an RA, Alex DeLuca, a former CTYer himself, who spawned a large following due to his snappy humor, love for bad fan fictions such as Half Life: Full Life Consequences, and various other things, such as his views on sock height. A particular point of interest was that he had a striking resemblance to John Green, and another RA Sean exhibited a strong likeness to his brother Hank Green. He later accepted this fact, dressing up in green attire with his hair dyed green with another RA dressed up as the state Alaska, in reference to Green's book, "Looking for Alaska." At nearly every meal, a large following usually spearheaded by Diana Zlotea assembled to sacrifice a HUB potato to their deity, whether it was a french fry, baked potato, or seasoned loop fried potato (a.k.a. curly fry), with a resounding "ALL HAIL" exhibited from the followers. Although it made many people stare at this group, it became a memorable part of any meal. A Facebook page for the cult still exists to keep the memory and worship of Alex DeLuca alive.

The Desperate Tables


Strange words suddenly appeared on nearly all the wooden tables in the basement of the HUB, tables that had been blank for all years before. In bold black lettering read the phrases, "revolutionize me," "exist in me," "understand me," "appreciate me," "friend me," "celebrate me," and more. Soon dubbed the desperate tables by the campers sitting near them all the time for the readings of "My Immortal" and other bad fan fiction, the tables soon were friended, celebrated, and revolutionized. They were finally understood in the last few days of the session, when a title card was found and the entire thing ended up being a high level interactive art show. All the campers could admit was that it worked, and they took the message of the desperate tables to heart. This also coincided with the words "MORE THAN ADEQUATE" on the floor next to one of the entrances to the cafeteria. Words were everywhere, telling the campers to be their best selves.

Hilary Duff Appreciation


The appreciation for the singer, actress, and celebrity Hilary Duff increased dramatically as a number of RA's showed their appreciation for her. This probably stemmed from Hilary Duff being a memorable and nostalgic part of RA's and campers who remembered Duff fondly from their coming of age or childhood in the early 2000's. This appreciation was shown from casual inclusion of song lyrics into everyday conversation ("Why not take a crazy chance? Why not do a crazy dance?"), as well as the inclusion of Hilary Duff references in the activities list ranging from subtle to obvious ("Swimming- Hilary Duff is swimming in popularity right now.") This phenomenon culminated in a Hilary Duff Appreciation activity on fun free Friday. This activity included watching classic episodes of "Lizzie McGuire" such as the one where she buys her first bra, talking about Hilary Duff's history, romantic life, rivalry with Lindsey Lohan, clothing lines, A Cinderella Story, and even Hilary Duff's new single at the time, "Chasing the Sun." Campers proceeded to write letters to Hilary Duff, and "Hey Now Hey Now, This is What Dreams Are Made Of" was even played at dance in its entirety. Early 2000's kids everywhere united.

Dr. Montgomery Montgomery


On fun free Friday, RA Kris ran an activity entitled "Uninformed Bird Watching." Though it had been canceled during the previous week, Kris was very invested in this activity and hung posters in the halls including a picture of an old-timey explorer and the caption: "Isn't nature glorious?" It was a huge success, actually bringing some to tears of joy. Kris' persona, Dr. Montgomery Montgomery, was the "most prestigious professor of Naturology at OxfordCambridgeShire College University." Over the next two weeks, Kris ran two more activities with Dr. Montgomery Montgomery, the last featuring Madison as Lady Astrid. Aliya's hall supposedly scheduled their hall bonding around those activities, due to the emotional investment some members had in them. At the end of the session, Montgomery sent out diplomas to the RAs to give to students who had been to all of the activities. In the end, Geoffrey graduated Naturology.

  • Of course, Andy Li and Dennis Norman graduated with honors from this prestigious program. And no, we are not edibles. The remaining members of Kris's illustrious 15.1 hall, consisting of Malcolm men from neuroscience, ethics, and interpol, all received diplomas as well, regardless of how many Naturology activities were attended by each student.

The High Life of Jedidiah the Roof Goat


It was fun free Friday, and RA Emre had decided to make up an activity with absolutely no planning behind it, expecting it to get cancelled. This activity was called "The High Life of Jedidiah the Roof Goat". The other RAs learned of Emre's rather poor plan, and decided to secretly advertise and support it in their dorms. When 127 CTYers signed up for this activity (including those who chose activities that got cancelled- no Kline on fun free Friday), Emre had little time to prepare for it. Through the collaboration of many RAs, the result was something magical. When the 2nd activity period began, CTYers gathered in the upper quad. They were given a paper goat mask to wear, and a slip of paper with the words "I AM JEDIDIAH" printed on it (there was also either a house or a goat drawing under these words). RAs wearing goat masks surrounded the swarm of campers, and thus began the story. Emre, wearing an Emre mask, bowler hat, and golden bodysuit, stood behind a small house constructed out of paper. He began to read the story of Jedidiah: a seemingly ordinary goat. Jedidiah was in love with another goat, but one day she went missing. Jedidiah was in dismay. He climbed to the roof of his house, and discovered the meaning of life. He then preached about this from said roof. After the story was told, Emre spoke to the crowd. "How do I know all of this, you ask? That is because..." With one gorgeous sweep, off went the Emre mask, only to show... a Jedidiah mask. The crowd of CTYers gasped. All of the RAs removed their goat masks, to reveal Emre masks. "I AM JEDIDIAH", Emre(Jedidiah) bellowed. This concluded the story, but many CTYers went to take photos of their new-found prophet. There was also an intermission during the story: concessions were sold (dixie cups with grass and a starburst) and a chant was taught. It goes as follows:



(Repeat as needed in reverence. There is also an arm movement. In the low part, slowly raise up your arms to form a roof over your head. At the high part, move the roof from left to right)

Jedidiah was a big theme of 15.2: Often would one hear someone spontaneously begin the chant, and immediately others would follow. The chant was also included in many Passionfruit speeches.

Baby, You're a Plastic Bag!

Session(s):2014.1, 2015.1, 2016.1, 2016.2, 2017.1, 2017.2, 2018.1, 2018.2, 2019.1, 2019.2, 2022.1

At one of the 2014.1 dances, the song "Firework" by Katy Perry was played. Then CTYer Eddie Jiao decided to add his own unique twist to the song by replacing virtually all of the lyrics with "plastic bag." (e.g. "Baby, you're a plastic bag, come on let your plastic bag!, etc.) The exact number of students who partook in the singing of this new rendition is not known, though most other students did not hear and very few joined in.

It appeared to be a one-time event until the last dance at 15.1, when "Firework" was again played and RA Kris Kusnerik's hall of Malcolm men and a few other students took it upon themselves to sing the plastic bag version at the top of their lungs. In particular, CTYers Eric Yang, Ash Simonoff, Andy Li, Hailie Higgins, Stephen Grabowski (Stevie G), and Jonny Feibusch were instrumental in reviving this glorious practice.

"Baby, You're a Plastic Bag" likely would have died relatively quickly after 15.1 had SRA Jack not taken notice. He approached this small circle of students near the edge of the dance floor and asked, for clarification, if they were indeed replacing the lyrics with "plastic bag" wherever possible. Upon being told that this was in fact the case, Jack found the edited version hilarious and took note.

In 2016.1, "Firework," though not canon, was played again at some of the dances. DRL Jack, remembering the plastic bag version of the song, had spread word of this version to many CTYers prior to this. He successfully persuaded a large quantity of students to join in singing "Baby, You're a Plastic Bag" during "Firework" to the point that the original lyrics of the song were no longer discernible due to the efforts of those on the dance floor. Further, videos of campers singing the modified lyrics at dances in 17.1 were sent to some CTY alumni. The tradition has since spread to CAR.2, cementing "Plastic Bag" in Carlisle tradition for years to come.

The Legend of Steve

Session(s):2017.1, 2017.2, 2018.1, 2018.2, 2022.1

Any CTYer who attended CAR 17.2 left knowing a name that changed Carlisle forever: Steve Steve. Steve, a puppet belonging to DRL Jack, was an inside joke for years between the RAs before they finally brought him to the students during 2017. Activity sheets were often Steve-themed, and Steve was always present at dances, repping the theme. He even had his own staff lanyard, made out of duct tape by Emily Eichenholtz and Mark Johnson. Steve was repeatedly hinted at during 18.1, but it was unclear where he actually was. In 18.2, it was revealed that DRL Jack had actually lost him, but he had been found and given to SRA Chris(Churs). At the end of the session, Churs promised Alex Kaplan, the 19.2 poetry goddess, use of Steve during poetry nights as "Every goddess needs an angel, right?"

at the final passionfruit of 19.2, steve appeared again, promising high-fives to anybody who picked up 5 bottle caps. many were delighted to see steve once again.