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Mailing lists are, obviously enough, mailing lists of CTY alumni. Most of the lists below are defunct or unused, as modernity makes communication a lot easier than it used to be in the past; however, this page remains extant as a tribute to a vital piece of CTY history.


CTY-L, located at, is a large-scale mailing list for CTYers throughout the ages.

A list of CTYers and staff members from all sites, sessions, and years. Tends towards intellectual discussions and CTY news. Varying Traffic. Send mail to with the following text (and nothing else) in the body of the message: "join CTY-L YourFirstName YourSurname" where YourFirstName and YourSurname are your first name and surname, or the names by which you want to be known. Make sure to put quotation marks around your name. This is the recommended list for people interested in CTY discussion to join. It is the oldest and probably the best for people from different sites and sessions. JHU CTY staff monitor and occasionally post to this list.

Official CTY-L mailing list website

The CTY-L mailing list may now be defunct.


CTY_LAN04 Yahoo! Group

List designed for CTY Lancaster 2004 Sessions 1 and 2 staff. New members' posts are moderated, files cannot be sent to the list but can be uploaded. Conversation tends towards fallout from the session: picture and other file posting.

CTY LAN Google Group

Group designed for all staff and students who have ever attended Lancaster. So far it is mostly (read: everyone but Nixon) LAN.06.2 and on, but it is open to all, and several Lancaster staffers and former students have joined (notably Nixon). Conversation covers everything from reunions to communism.ok

CTY LAN11.2 Facebook Group

Group designed for all students who attended Session 2, 2011 at Lancaster. Conversations can be about virtually anything from Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade to intense raving. Need to have a Facebook account to be able to be involved.


CTY-2006-Siena Session 1 Yahoo! Group

This group is for LOU.06.1 one people... it's our way of keeping in touch forever.

CTY-2005-Siena Session 1 Google Group

Similar to the above, except for 2005 and with Google.

cty04sn LOU.04.1 Yahoo! Group

Siena people are amazing... the Yahoo Group from 2004 is still active as that of 2007.

(This group no longer seems to be active.)

CTY Civic Leadership Institute SFSU 2007 Google Group

Not really CTY, but even not-real-CTYers affiliated with CTY want to keep in touch.


CTY-2013-Seattle Session 2