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Risk, being all about world domination, is very popular at CTY. At Carlisle during 2008.1, Superquad was obsessed with the game. Almost all sleepovers centered around a giant game of Risk. Many of these games lasted the entire weekend. It is also popular at JHU, but play is restricted to the hallways (there aren't any lounges in the dorms). Additionally, at Lancaster 08.1 and 08.2, the Game Theory classes also played Risk, in 08.1 Game B played the Lord of the Rings version while in 08.2 they played specifically the newer "Command Room" variant.

Additionally, during the second week of LAN.10.1, members of North Ben participated which is known by the participants as "The Most Epic Battle of Risk."

Surprisingly, this was also popular at baby CTY, where physical violence occurred over a loss of Australia at a sleepover. Another instance of a fisticuff over 'Murica at a sleepover occurred at Stanford, Session 1. You know who you are!

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