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Nerd Camp is a documentary on CTY, originally planned for release in 2006 but since has been delayed to 2011. Apparently, somebody thought that CTY was a great subject for a documentary, and shot footage during LAN.05.1. Specifically, the idea was to follow five students and see how they fared.

Opinion in the CTY community is split over how this will turn out. Roughly half think that a 90-minute film can hardly portray CTY in all of its glory, whereas the other half sees this as an oppurtunity to bring the program to a wider audience and to prove that those crazy nerd camp stories were true. Currently, there is no information about this on the official CTY site (12/9/05). However, they used to have info on it, which included a section abut how the program reserved the right to cancel the project at any time.

Other documentaries have been shot in the past at Johns Hopkins (JHU.04.2) and at Chestertown (Baby CTY, 1996).

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