Current LAN.2 Position Holders

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Lancaster 23.2 and 24.2 positions and relics (no longer accurate on account of LAN 24 closure)

Position 23.2 holder 24.2 holder
Duck Lucy Halstead Annie Ehrlich
Muse Oscar Turner Alyssa Kristjanson
Fiend Eleanor Ewald Austin Kipp
Jester Maya Jagsi Serena Diamond
King James Eleanor Ewald Annie Ehrlich
Blammo God Lucy Halstead Dina Black and Anastasia Komarow
Documentator Lucy Halstead Jordan Almeida
Quotebook Ellie Hwang Ellie Hwang
Caution Tape Cape Wearer Maya Jagsi Eli Soldatenkov
Duct Tape Dress Wearer Alex Esposito Eli Schulman
Kiwi Backpack Lucy Halstead Dina Black