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Quad Time is a timeslot at night after Study Hall during which students can hang out on the quad of their campus. It is also known as Meet Market at some sites and is called Social Time at LMU, Princeton, Seattle, and Siena.


At Lancaster, Quad Time usually involves a voluntary structured activity that usually has something to do with the current Holiday, such as the Thanksgiving Feast. It may also be the Quiz Bowl Finals, Monty Python Madness, the RA talent show (RA Palooza) on last Sunday, or the slideshow on last Wednesday. Many students go into the lounges in Schnader for socialization, or spend time on the Quad playing frisbee, singing, grass orgying, and simply goofing around. In 2010, Quad Time was traditionally ended by Jeff Sachs singing his "Quad Time is Over" rap which goes as follows:

Quad time is over do what'chu gotta do when your RA is gonna go TALK TO YOU!

In 19.1, there was an iconic rainy day in which a bunch of people started dancing while it rained and a genius decided to bring SHAMPOO. People started washing their hair and “Closing Time” was the wettest and messiest it’s ever been.

I know that you all had lots of fun so go to your halls and WALK DON'T RUN!

I know that you all had a fun filled day so go to your dorms and HIT THE HAY!

--Beat Boxing--

In 2015, Quad Time was always ended by the song "Closing Time", usually accompanied by RA Audrey singing a CTY version. Closing time, don't forget your night meds, now get off of my quad...

"Closing Time" was also played at the end of every Quad Time in 17.1. It was succeeded by the exchange of:

 Students: "WE LOVE YOU!"
 Students: "DRUGS""

This was also done at the end of every afterdance.

Los Angeles

At LMU, after every Social Time, RAs will yell "GO HOME, NOBODY LOVES YOU!!!!" At other sites, this only happens after Dances.

Saratoga Springs

At Skidmore, Quad Time is usually devoted to little knots of people talking, Frisbee throwing (in lines, circles, or maybe a game of ultimate), grass orgies, and other things (you guess). At the end of the last Quad Time (3rd Wednesday), the nevermores and nomores go on Case Patio and shout, "GOOD NIGHT, GO HOME, NOBODY LOVES YOU...EXCEPT JON GOOD!" For first sessioners, the dreaded Skidmore Sprinklers (there's two of them) often drenches entire sections of the quad, creating a nuisance for many people and annoying runs to save stray Frisbee from the shower of freaking cold water.

In 22.2, due to the deranged admin, Night Quad happened only four times: Second Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and Third Tuesday. This upset many returners. No reason was quite given for these cancellations, but it is said that RA Matt of Team Normal put his reputation on the line in the RA meetings by pushing to have Night Quad. Even when it did happen, only about twenty people showed up and it was a sad sight to see. Thankfully, Team Normal were the ones supervising Night Quad, and it served as a time for them and royalty to converse about traditions and the mess camp was that year.


At Carlisle, Poetry Night is held every Thursday during Meet Market. There is almost always a game going on in KW field or KW Alley whether its frisbee, football, four square, or just plain catch. Couples often sit or lay down together on KW field as well. The Upper Quad is always filled with ravers, usually being taught by the Mad Monarch (session 1) / Rave King (session 2). In 17.1, DRL Jack Krentz brought a huge speaker to many Meet Markets which was used to play a mix of Canon and Disney tunes. Ten minutes before the end of Meet Market, the RAs gather to yell, "Malcolm Men, go home!" since the Malcolm building is farther away. At the end, they gather to yell just "Go home!" Meet Market primarily takes place in Upper Quad, Lower Quad, and under the Super Quad Arch. It is common for students to 'take a lap' around the Kline-end of Super Quad if they are heard saying questionable language during Meet Market.


At Baltimore, Quad time is mainly made up of small groups of people talking outside, throwing frisbees or footballs (especially in circles), hanging out inside the dorms, playing cards, and playing other games. Occasionally, impromptu dances are held with the full speaker system and DJ computers and software from the dances. In the last two years, however, it's gotten stricter and everyone has to stay in the same part of the Gentle Slope (up the front near AMR 1) and anyone going more than 20 metres away would be sought out by RA's and dragged back. You weren't allowed to go back to your dorm unless you went back as an entire group.

Dublin, Ireland

In CTYI, it is referred to as Social Time and lasts from 20:30 after study until 10pm. Students can hang out in the Quad or the dorms or can just retire to their rooms for the evening if their social battery is up. Due to the 2023 campus change, there was also the option of the common rooms in the dorms. There is usually no scheduled activity during social time although if the talent show auditions run out of time during the scheduled activity slot, the overflow might be dealt with during social time. Social time is on every weekday except Friday where there is a special activity and on weekends it is not on a fixed schedule as people return from their weekend trips at different times.