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The term Trinity is used to reference two separate trios of student positions at Lancaster, one for each session. This article is about the First Session positions called the Trinity. For the Second Session Holy Trinity, or Pentinity, see Trinity (Session 2). For the Second Session Holy Trinity at LOS, see Holy Trinity
The original Trinity and the buying of the Grails. Left to right: Orly Michaeli, Zev Hurwich, Tina Ritter

The Trinity is a trio of Lancaster student positions—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost—created in LAN.07.1, replacing the Emperor position for Session 1.


In LAN.07.1, three holy grails (i.e., coffee mugs) were purchased at Turkey Hill by Zev Hurwich, Tina Ritter, and Orly Michaeli (with Site Director Brian's money, which is actually CTY's). These mugs were used during Passionfruit and the Last Supper. Later they were passed on to three people, creating a new Trinity for the following year. The creation of the Trinity occurred because the three were already planning to share the title of Emperor.

The grails have quotes on them from the initial Trinity (and adding to them is encouraged so long as there is room left for a little more). On the Grail of the Father is written, "If you don't all get Mono you didn't do it right." The irony of this is that shortly after 07.1, a letter went out warning parents that someone at Passionfruit had walking pneumonia. The Holy Grail of the Son included the quote, "You, sir, have FOUND the saltine!" This quote was written with a faulty sharpie and was replaced with another quote which reads "Love And Be Loved," but was rewritten on the Grail by the 16.1 Son, Lily Dondoshansky.

Certain Trinity members have also been known to leave notes and tokens inside the grails before passing them on.

  • Note: Due to perceived religious offenses, the names of the Trinity were changed for the administration during 12.1, but as of 19.1 the revised names are barely used at all, and the positions are almost exclusively referred to by the original names.

Father = Wise One
Son = Kind One
Holy Ghost = One Who Remembers
The original names are still used in the list below for simplicity.


Each of the three positions of the Trinity has a different purpose:

  • The Father stands for knowledge and the wisdom gained by all here at CTY.
  • The Son stands for the creativity at CTY and for the differences in each and every one of us.
  • The Holy Ghost stands for all the history and traditions at CTY.

The passing down of these mugs happens directly after the speeches of the Holy Trinity, and is always passed down from a nomore to a onemore. Beyond their specific duties as being wise, kind, or keeping tradition, the Trinity is also in charge of squirrel orientation, onemore/nomore meetings, organizing passionfruit, and assigning roles for American Pie and the Afterdance.

Holders of the Grails



Holy Ghost