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This page is a document of the activities of various halls at Lancaster.

Swirly Man

At Lancaster in 1993, four guys who took Geology together and, like everyone else at CTY, had lots of in-jokes. They were all 15, and one running joke involved interesting ways to keep the younger CTYers on their hall in line. Swirlies became the preferred method. (Although none was ever actually administered, they were a helluva lot of fun to joke about). Basically, a swirly meant taking a punk by the collar and dunking his head in the toilet.
In the second week of the session, one of them made an impromptu costume for Swirly Man, Defender of the CTY Faith, and wrote a theme song for this new superhero that regaled his super powers and CTY traditions. Swirly Man soon had a sidekick named Toilet Boy; and two other superheros, Horny Man and Mental Man, were also soon born. Each had his own theme song. The four of them together made appearances at dances, activity periods, and other events; but their mortal identities were never known outside of their hall. The next year, the superheros reunited and made appearances all over campus. At the final dance, they were in high demand among the ladies. Their mortal identities might have slipped out that last night, but regardless, they made it into the CTY Hall of Fame.

Edit by Andrew Dodd - I believe Swirly Man was Dan Fingerman. I don't recall who the other superheroes were, it's been over a decade since that Geology class. Toilet Boy may or may not have been Brad Chain.

I believe the identities of the sidekicks may have changed during the ensuing years.

First Dietz

Dietz is a dorm in CTY Lancaster across Hartman Green. It has 3 floors and one lounge on the 2nd floor. The term "First Dietz" usually refers to a specific hall that lived there in Second Session of 2004, which was the last time Dietz has been used as a CTY dorm since. This hall is most famous for its choreography of the dance to "Tunak Tunak Tun" by Daler Mehndi, based off the artist's own dance rendition of his song.

Who's a Dietz?

First Dietz is one of those rare CTY groups, because it has a set population. They are:


First Dietz's mascot is Bob: The Unholy Umbrella of Antioch. Bob was stolen from 3rd Dietzer Sydney Barron. Bob was stolen because Jeff loved him so much. Not only was he a beautiful vivid shade of red, but when you pressed the button, it SHOT out really fast and opened in the blink of an eye. First Dietz opened and closed it over and over again (they were not worried, for inside was attached a LIFETIME WARRANTY!). However, all good things must come to an end, for eventually, it would not open so awesomely. However, First Dietz loved Bob, and Bob loved First Dietz. Then, horror of unspeakable horrors, Bob had gone missing. They searched far and wide, but nobody knew where it was. And thusly, First Dietz's motto was born:

We Stole. We Broke. We Lost.

However, the story does not end here. One day, Jeffrey was retrieving a pen from his roomate Gokul's desk. Inside, he was horrified to find, Gokul had hidden Bob. The motto was promptly changed to:

We Stole. We Broke. We Lost. We Found in Gokul's Desk. We Beat Gokul With.

Bob currently resides in the house of Jeffrey Sachs. But he's not exactly sure where...

Wanna Buy a Dietz?

"Wanna Buy a Dietz" is a popular refrain from 04.2, inspired by the game "Wanna buy a duck?"

Person 1: Wanna buy a Dietz?
Person 2: A what?
Person 1: A Dietz!
Person 2: Does it suck?
Person 1: Of course it sucks!
Person 2: Let me hear it suck.
Person 1: Tunak tunak tun, tunak tunak tun, tunak tunak tun, da da da!

The last line can also be replaced by such Dietzian laments as "I'm all the way across Hartman Green!", "Adam Roush is my RA!", or "Gokul is my roommate!"


Thormanism was created by the MIND class (mostly the girls) of LAN.05.1. The story goes like this:


One day, while MIND 05.1 students Rachel Thorman and Megan were going on their bathroom break, lo and behold! An apple was perceived by Thorman, demonstrating her god-like powers. Megan, who was in her presence during this epiphany, was dubbed the Savior by her now almighty friend. All others knelt before Rachel Thorman and her 11 other hallmates were appointed apostles There actually was a 12th hallmate but let's not talk about her. Thus spawned Thormanism, with the famed "Thorman for God" duct tape propaganda on Election Day and more. Starr Chen was the last apostle left at the 06.1 Passionfruit and Eli was one of the last Thormanists there with her. As such, Thormanism died out for First Sessioners. The lack of Second Session influence is explained below.


At the end of Rachel Thorman's nomore year, her reign as god had consequently come to a close. Thus, to continue the tradition of Thormanism, she had to nominate one or more candidates to run for her position the following year. The Great Thorman nominated Kate Leonard, an apostle with a particular affinity for dressing up as a giant bee and passing out Thormanist scripture to the impressionable squirrels of CTY Lancaster. This began the election cycle, the idea being that each year a nomore would perform the duties outlined for the Thorman, and nominate candidates for the following year's election.

However, Kate went to band camp during First Session the following year, and upon her return to CTY during Second Session, she discovered that Thormanism had not carried over and had perhaps even died out for First Session believers. Thus, the torch of Thorman was not carried on, but was still held in spirit by all of the followers of olde.

In theory, the elected Thorman would appoint a cabinet of apostles, some for general spiritual leadership, and others with specific tasks, such as preservation of the Thormanist Fables.


  • One may carry only one apple at a time, in case it turns out to be the Sabbath.
  • A pilgrimage to Yugoslanovacostan must be made at least once in a Thormanist's life.
  • The free rape whistles from the women's center must be carried at all times, held as close to the heart (or groin) as possible.
  • One must follow the teachings of the fables spoken by the apostle Mary/Allison.
  • One must ask permission before calling another 'sexpot.'
  • One may not touch virgins unless one is a unicorn.
  • An annual spifflication ritual must be performed to demonstrate glory of one's elected deity.


  • CTY Canon
  • "Build Me Up Buttercup" -- Busted (Sung regularly at services, which are held whenever Thormanists walk. Or have hall time. Or before lights out. Et cetera.)
  • "Can't Buy Me Love" -- The Beatles
  • "I Touch Myself" -- The Divinyls


Though the original members of Thormanism included several former Alcovians, the group was not intended to be any sort of Anti-Alcove. Rather, Thormanists wanted to offer a friendly alternative to traditionalist students, though this was not the primary goal of the religion.

The position of God or Thorman has nothing to do with any positions of Jesus.

Thormanism is not a cult.


  • Rachel Thorman (God)
  • Megan (King of Kings/Castrated Savior)
  • Mary/Allison Burris (Apostle)
  • Helen Benkhe-Hanson (Apostle)
  • Rebecca Schachter (Apostle)
  • Lili Hsu (Apostle)
  • Sally Yin (Apostle)
  • Kate Leonard (Apostle and nominated candidate for God)
  • Cindi Li (Apostle)
  • Dana Zu (Apostle)
  • Starr Chen (Apostle)
  • Jasmine Leung (Apostle)
  • Jess Cortese (Chaperone)
  • Drew/Brian Grossman
  • Eli[zabeth] Treptow
  • Kevin Hillburn
  • Grace Alloy-Relihan
  • Zev Hurwich
  • Lexxie/Alexa Kottmeyer
  • Patrick Peixoto
  • Michael-San
  • That other kid in our class... Colin Doberman, I mean Doberstein.

If you are a member of Thormanism, add your name to the list. If you know someone who was a Thormanist, add his/her name, too. If you think Thormanism sounds really awesome and would like to be able to put something interesting next to other in the religion box on surveys, add your name to the list. We love everyone.

Bubble Stoners

The Bubble Stoners are a very specific group of CTYers (originally of LAN.06.2) whose meeting place was "under the tree," specifically, the one outside the Dining Hall and to the right. They were commonly seen playing frisbee, blowing bubbles, making sleeping chains, or playing the "naan game," which was invented by Josh Rathod and David Karp.

The Bubble Stoners first came about when (non-Bubble stoner) Amanda Ray was sent a care package from a Session 1 friend including several small, colorful jars of bubbles. Various hallmates (including Christine, Danica, Hye Soo, and Colleen) then proceeded to take these bubbles for Quad Time amusement. The future Bubble Stoners were so infatuated with the bubbles that they took the bottles and began to blow bubbles constantly (often on Sunday mornings when there was nothing else to do), and Christine Larson became the group's bubble provider, carefully rationing the use of Amanda's bubbles. (Characteristically for this group, Christine's birthday present at the end of the session included - among the crowns, bags of chips, and Greek pots - several bottles of bubbles.)

The Bubble Stoners had the very serious job of always providing the necessary amount of bubbles as appropriate for the occasion (e.g., Slideshow, Passionfruit).

Mostly consisting of nomores, the group also consisted of onemores, who would hopefully pass on the tradition of bubble stoning.

A picture of some sort


Ruvenites is the name for Rauch Second hall in CTY LAN.07.1. The name refers to Ruven Chu, the RA of said hall. The Ruvenites were in CODE A and CODE B. The Ruvenites might be best known for their Dr. Mario Dance created by Dan Salvato, but they also waged small scale wars with many other halls. This entry is a documentation of their exploits.

The Ruvenites

  • Everett Maus
  • David Fantarella
  • Zev Hurwich
  • Ian Loya
  • Richard "Mongoose" Booth
  • Dan Salvato
  • Fred Westenberg
  • Scott Dunaisky
  • Elon Packin
  • Andrew Gibiansky
  • Daniel Schlessinger
  • Paul Wolfteich
  • Kevin Peng
  • Alexander Ge
  • Benjamin Zhu


The Ruvenites started a few traditions at Lancaster session one in their awesome might.

That's Amore

After the second dance, Fred and Zev were sitting outside mulling over some things, and Zev noticed the full moon and was reminded of the Dean Martin song. He started singing and the whole hall joined in, despite the fact they knew only the first verse. It became tradition among them to sing it at nights, after dances, or at especially romantic situations. Later it was added to the Afterdance collaboratively.


DMD stands for Dr. Mario Dance, and it was invented by Dan Salvato. More information on this can be found in the Lancaster Hall of Fame.

The Battles

The Ruvenites had a few "wars" going on with various other halls.

The Ramenites

The hall next to the Ruvenites (Chris's hall, Mull 2nd) was rather fond of Ramen, and put up a sign in masking tape, declaring "Ramen is pure win." Seeing this, Kevin and Elon decided to change it a little to make it say "Ruven is pure win". In retaliation after the third dance, the Ramenites invaded Rauch 2nd shouting "Ramen rocks, Ruven sucks." The Ruvenites jumped into action, chanting "Ruven rocks, Ramen sucks" and pushing the Ramenites back into their hall. This happened several other times. Then, in the last week, the Ramenites wrote pro-Ramen and anti-Ruven slogans in front of Kaufman for the Ruvenites to see. The Ruvenites never retaliated; however, on the last day, the Ramenites declared that both Ramen and Ruven rocked, with Zev bearing witness.

Max's Hall

One lonely Sunday, after the Ruvenites finished watching Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip, Ruven had gotten water balloons (this may have been to make up for the lack of a "Ducktape Ruven to a pole and hit him with waterballons" activity). Regardless, the Ruvenites rushed to battle-readiness, quickly having balloons ready for war. By this point, the Ruvenites had no enemies, or anyone to play Art of War with. So, the Ruvenites attacked the nearest hall, which happened to be Schaeffer 1st, quickly and silently. The battle was quick, but well worth it. While Max's hall planned revenge (spending most of their breaks plotting pranks, but carrying through with none), many very smelly incidents in the hall were quickly blamed as sabotage...

Come next Hall Bondage, the Ruvenites were playing 3-way Art of War with Frank Wang's hall and another. After several games, the Ruvenites realized that Max's hall was coming nearer, and sneakily. After Ruven proposed an alliance to Frank, Frank accepted and laid out the battle plans. Trash cans were dumped, and filled with a few inches of water. Everyone who did not have a trash can found whatever they could to fill with water. Ruven and Frank led the way, getting hit with most of the ambush, while the rest of the combined halls completely won. While the Ruvenites went to the hall to prepare for Turkey Hill, Frank's hall went back for more water. Frank's hall stalled off the would-be-ambushers, and the Ruvenites marched off victoriously to Turkey Hill. That being said, the would-be ambushers threw sponges and balloons dishonorably at the unprotected and the then-peaceful Ruvenites.

Kunkel Two

Kunkel Two was a hall in 09.2 that (believe it or not) consisted of CTYers living in Kunkel Two of South Ben. These CTYers for the most part were squirrels and two-mores that took either Etymologies or Cryptology. What helped make Kunkel Two distinct were various things done by Charlie Jaeger, Kunkel Two's RA. For example, one of these things he did to make Kunkel Two different than most other halls was instead of calling "Hall meeting!" when it was that time of night, he would yell "Manly Men Assemble!" This is one of many things that I can't imagine has been done by any RA ever before.

The Kunkel Two Chant

What made Kunkel Two stand out the most was the very loud and obnoxious yet awesome Kunkel Two Chant. In the first week when everyone still ate with their halls, all of the Kunkel Twoers would meet in the middle of the quad at 8:40 after breakfast (right before it was time to take temperatures due to the swine flu outbreak). All those who forgot to gather would be reminded by a blaring shout of "Manly Men Assemble!" At this point, they would link arms into a huddle and as loudly as they could would chant:

"K is for the K in Kunkel Twwwoooo! U is for the U in Kunkel Twwooo!" They would spell out the entire name, including "Space is for the Space in Kunkel Twwwooo!" This chant was incredibly catchy, and despite the fact that it eventually ceased to be chanted every morning after breakfast, Kunkel Twoers often found that it was stuck in their head and wanted to yell it out to the world. Which they did, either alone or with other fellow Kunkel Twoers.

The Crusade through North and South Ben

One night in the middle of the Session, a few CTYers from both Kunkel and Klein Two were sitting in the lounge that was shared between the two halls, and they were becoming very annoyed by people from the floor above, who were making a lot of random noise on the balcony. Charlie happened to be walking by, and the students asked him to make them shut up. He happily obliged, and went up to yell at them for something stupid, and likely something they didn't do. Later in the session, they somehow found out about why they were actually yelled at that night, and one day on the last week, they got Kunkel Two back (how exactly they did so, I can't seem to remember).

Charlie decided that they couldn't have the last laugh, so on the last Wednesday he and the rest of Kunkel Two went up to the third floor after hall meeting to sing the Kunkel Two chant (with a few kids from Klein Two who either thought the Kunkel Two chant was awesome or just decided that they wanted to annoy these kids). After finishing the task, Charlie decided he wasn't quite contented, so Kunkel Two proceeded to sing the chant to every single hall in South Ben (the residents of Klein did not participate in this).

This should have been the end, but most of the Kunkel Twoers still were in the mood for annoying people and disrupting their preparation for lights-out, and so someone had the idea to go to North Ben as well. Charlie gave the idea some consideration for a moment, but agreed. A small group of Kunkel Twoers went to sing the chant to North Ben (unfortunately many members of Kunkel Two were unable to because they still had yet to prepare for lights-out). In North Ben, they were faced with much more opposition, most likely because it was even later and kids and RAs alike were even more cranky than usual. Many students had to avoid abduction, not to mention flying nerf gun darts which RAs were firing constantly. In the end, however, only one Kunkel Twoer failed to return to South Ben, and he was found eventually (although with a sign duct taped to him reading "Never Again, South Ben.") That night, Kunkel Two had successfully annoyed every male CTYer readying themselves for bed on campus.

One other notable Kunkel Two (and Klein Two) contribution was that they shattered the previous site record for Mattress Dominoes, which was somewhere in the 16-19 range, with a whopping 24 Mattress Dominoes.

10.2 Mühlenberg 2

Mühlenberg 2 (Muhlenberg 2 för thösë öf ÿöü thät ärën't ïn lövë wïth ümläüts, süch äs thïs sïtë's sëärch ëngïnë) in 10.2 contained boys from THEO and TOPI.B, thus attracting quite a few "hardcore CTYers." During the third week, this hall pulled off quite a few pranks using the same 600 plastic cups and also threw dance parties in front of North Ben by playing music off of their balcony.


Mühlenberg 2 consisted of these extraordinary individuals; extraordinary, for as a hall, various traditional Lancastrian traditions were held:

-Declan Kennedy-Passionfruit Emperor, 2010 Blammo God
-Lucian Wang
-Thomas Dorante
-Robert (Bobby) Pinter
-Blaise Gratton (RA)
-Ariel Rock
-Thomas Chen
-Hang-Hang Zhang
-Daniel Russotto
-Gidon Orelowitz
-Cameron Ewell
-Ryan Cebulko-2011 Blammo God, King James I, 2011-2012 Duck
-Christopher Zhang
-Andy Shin
-Noah Kahrs
-Matt Kolosick- 2011 Jesus
-Tung-Shu Chu- 2011 Lorekeeper

42 Bottles of Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade

So, on second Sunday, there was a gigantic thunderstorm/windstorm/water-funnel-cloud-thing, so all Turkey Hill trips were canceled. Most halls would go either Monday (the next day) or Tuesday (so their RAs could tell them their plan on Monday). However, Mühlenberg 2's RA, Blaise, had his day off on Monday. As a result, the trip had to be made on a Wednesday, and due to Blaise's patrol duties and the students' love of quad time, they went at breakfast.

The folks at Turkey Hill know that they have to stay insanely well-stocked with SKL due to the CTYers' love for it. As a result, after students had purchased their lovely breakfasts such as hot dogs and ice cream, they all went and got some SKL. A final count was done, and the hall had purchased 41 bottles, including King James I (Ryan Cebulko) who bought 20 (keeping many in a suitcase). Seeing this, the hall realized that they simply had to get one more, because then they would have 42 bottles. The hall hoped to buy either 42 gallons or 69 bottles in later trips, but this never happened.

The SKL lasted quite a while. Some bottles were sold for up to $8 (purchased at $1.79), and the suitcase of them was donated to the cast of Rocky Horror. At the end of session, some students had so much left that they gave away bottles to anyone that asked.

600 Plastic Cups

On one Turkey Hill Trip, King James I (Ryan Cebulko) bought 300 Kroger Plastic cups, claiming they were for sanitary drinking of Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade/Jeff-Sweat/Orgasm Juice. He then asked a friend on another hall to buy him another 300, so the hall ended up with 600 plastic cups, initially purchased for the prank described below, "The Great 599".

The Great 599

See The write-up on the Memories Page

Door Triangles

The next day, the cups were stacked upon the wall of the bathroom. One member of the hall, Ryan, decided to put them in his closet for his own sinister purposes, and told the rest of the hall that the cups had been removed by cleaning staff. A few nights later, said member of the hall arranged with 3 other people to use them to build gigantic triangles (4-5 feet tall) in front of people's doors. These members of the hall got up at a ridiculous time yet again, and proceeded to build a 105-cup stack in front of Declan's and Lucian's door. Declan turned out to be having an illegal sleepover with Dan and Hang-Hang at the time of this, and was quite surprised to find his door completely blocked with cups when he went out for the bathroom. He had planned on going back to his room eventually, but was persuaded into sleeping over for the night (leaving Lucian to collapse the cups) and helping with yet more stacks. It also turned out that Matt, who had planned to help, fell asleep while setting his alarm, so he was of course awarded a 121-cup stack in front of his door. While preparing to prank their RA Blaise again, Matt opened his door and the stack collapsed. These pranksters then proceeded to prank their RA yet again and build a 111-cup stack in front of his door, hoping that he would be inside this time. Some of the remaining cups were used to build a 63-cup stack inside of a bathroom stall with a door that opened outward. The other stall had its lights turned on and door closed. The 200 or so remaining cups were kept for later usage. A few pics are available at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2054370&id=1020013210

When the hall returned from class the next day, the cups were gone. The hall found that their RA had collected all of the cups in the hallway, and upon learning of the stack in the bathroom, he collected those too and put them in a stash in his room.

Note: I was really sick that night, and when I woke up in the middle of the night, I needed to use the bathroom. I proceeded to open my door, causing a cascade of cups to land on the floor at my feet. For quite some time, I was completely convinced it was a fever-induced hallucination, until I remembered what kind of people I had as hallmates. --Lucian


On Friday morning (calendar Thursday, the second-to-last day), one student (Noah) chose to use the few remaining extra cups to build a large full-sized pyramid on a table in the lounge. This was very well-received by the hall as a decoration. However, it had to be torn down prior to the dance, and as students were pondering what to do with the cups, RA Blaise came and took the stack from us. He now had all of the over 500 remaining cups.

The hall was now rather expectant of a prank on them, but this didn't happen, and the next morning, the cups were gone. When we asked what happened, it turned out that Blaise and other RAs including his co-RA Jeff decided to prank the other building's SRA. They found their way into the Thomas SRA's private bathroom, and filled these cups with water and placed them over the entire bathroom. It is unknown what happened to the cups after that incident.

One cup remained (#599) and was signed by most members of the hall, Blaise, and Jeff.

Dance Parties

The hall also threw a few dance parties on Third Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. They played music off of their balcony and in front of North Ben. Many people showed up, particularly on Sunday and Monday. Songs played included songs the hall liked as well as the year's dance-spread memes such as Always and Caramelldansen, which originated with members of the hall anyway. It is hoped that this tradition will be continued Third Sunday of 11.2 as well.
The idea began during Second Saturday, right before the dance. Dan had a set of speakers and went on the balcony listening to music with several other people on the hall, who after only a few minutes demanded that the music be blasted as loud as it would go. This was done, and very much enjoyed. The only audience for this was *right thumb up* and *left thumb up*, who lived on the second floor of Thomas and put each respective thumb up when asked for their names. This was redone during hall bonding of Third Sunday, and Muhlenberg Two serenaded the various halls going about and off of campus, all the while persuading all passerby, CTYer or no, to fist pump. During this session of hall bonding, the fire alarm in Schnader went off. Blaise accepted requests by all members of the hall to take the speakers and parade around all of the evacuees blasting "Fire Burning." This was most likely both the biggest and funniest jerk-move of the session.
The first official dance party was that night at 6:15, in between dinner and study hall. This unfortunately did not turn out as well as planned. While the previously used speakers were capable of reaching all around the quad while it was virtually empty, with only one or two halls at most, they could barely project more than 20 feet with well over 100 people standing just outside of North Ben. The hall would not be dissuaded from trying again, however, and came back the next day at the same time with six part speakers from a certain Captain Omega, and an amp from Elliot Konstant. This dance party was extremely successful and well-received. It was attempted one last time on Tuesday, but was not particularly well-attended, and the only event of note was a performance of "Get Sketchy" by "Half Straight", a band made up of Erik Goldberg and Noah Goldstein. Overall, the dance parties from the balcony were a great success.

Free World Shorties

The Free World Shorties occupied the 4th floor of Thomas building in 2011, Session 1. The entire hall was in THEO.B and thus bonded very well with one another as well as their RA Ilyas, who was a self-proclaimed humanities student, fell asleep when visiting the Number Theory class and gave them the name, shorties.


The most amazing people made up this hall, many of them had positions and all of them were friends with each other. Their names are:

-Rudy Garcia: 2011 Son and Blammo God for 3 of the 6 games played Session 1 and Janet
-Joseph Fridman: 2011 Jester and Criminologist
-Nathan Paige
-Ajay Nadig: 2011 Jack Flash and Brad
-Lawrence Luo
-Michael Fuchs
-Brenton Whiting (A true bro)
-Lee Ehudin
-Peter McCurry
-Daniel Zhu
-Bobby Tagliaferri
-Amirul Zainul

Honorary Shorties:
These people consisted of THEO.B girls who participated in many of the Shortie shenanigans and resided in North Ben 1B.
-Beatrice Liang: Transylvanian
-Amelia Becker
-Veronica Boyce: Transylvanian
-Maddie Saviano
-Sarah Sims


Everyone in this hall loved everyone in this hall. Everyone was united and were always there for each other. Some symbols of their unity would be, the Pokemon wristbands bought by Rudy Garcia before the session, said wristbands were quite useful for identifying the members of the hall as well as providing insta-fascism when needed. The hall was also fedorable, adorable with fedoras, specifically 12, all brought for the hall by the illustrious Brenton Whiting. The love in this hall was best seen when Brenton was sent home early, they were all there for him, called him, got a rave song dedicated to him and wrote a song for him which was sung by the entire THEO.B class. The emotional depth was also exemplified by the first hall bonding; whereas many halls would watch a movie or play outside, this hall stayed inside and read the poems that were posted on their doors on the first day. These readings led to discussions over socioeconomic opportunities, the nature of political systems, feelings, rebellion, conservatism vs. liberalism, people, and all in all, a grand conversation that lasted for two hours (this was of course, after a hall trip to Turkey Hill in which 34 bottles of Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade were purchased). Though their sleepovers did not include such serious talk, they did include everyone, due to the gargantuan nature of the Thomas suites. These sleepovers themselves generated a bit of infamy on the campus as they regularly had around 10-12 people in them with exploding glowsticks, muffins (not the food or dance kind of muffins, more like parties that centered on one person, mainly Lawrence), phone calls, lights being illegally turned on, movies being watched in Finnish, a reading of a certain Chuck Palahniuk short story, and a general lack of sleep.


This hall did not only love each other, but music as well. Many in the hall had talents in music with violins, harmonicae, and ukeleles being seen on multiple occasions. Often, Joseph, Ajay, and sometimes Rudy would improvise songs on their ukeleles, leading to such classics as "Physically Unfulfilled (No Happiness in Kohanski's Life)" and the popular, "Soviet Grandma". This musical talent was encouraged by not only the RA Ilyas, but the THEO.B instructors Pomm & Dimby as well, with the instructors often teaching the hall new songs which were promptly sung throughout the campus (e.g, The Rain Song, Proof Chant, Convoy Song, Fibonacci Song, and various Leitmotifs). The overall love of music and tradition in this hall led to the hall creating their own pre-dance routine, the pre-dance pump-up. This pump-up included blastings of Invaders Must Die and Shipping Up To Boston accompanied by shirtless jumping up and down in and often ended with a command of the adrenal glands to "PRODUCE EPINEPHRINE" (and they did). Such pump-ups contributed greatly to their experiences at the dances. The session concluded for the members of Thomas 4th with a thrilling after-lights out performance by Pomm and Dimby of the various songs which the hall had become acquainted with over time. It was a very surprising, and satisfying moment.


As a hall of mainly nomores, the members of 4th Thomas felt like they had very much to accomplish in their last year. And they were not disappointed. A team consisting of Joseph, Rudy, Ajay, and Lawrence rose beyond challenges and became champions of the CTY Quiz Bowl during the second week and were recognized campuswide. A quidditch team, consisting mostly of students from Thomas 4th also became champions at CTY and were awarded with ice cream. Though the Shorties were often filled with love for each other, they were quite a belligerent bunch and wound up starting many wars with various classes throughout Keiper, all of which ended with victory for THEO.B. One of the more famous wars would be the THEO A THEO B war, which started with a surprise attack by THEO A and a declaration of war written by the commander-in-chief of THEO B's forces, Daniel Zhu. All wars were concluded with "The Battle of Keiper Hall" in which THEO B marched through all of Keiper chanting PROOF prior to their final proof of Fermat's Two Squares Theorem. All other classes were simply astounded by their display of passion and promptly surrendered.


Vivian Feldblyum's first hall as an RA ever was in South Ben during Lancaster 13.1, for the 11 girls of COGN-A. She gave all of the students Pokémon door name tags, hence Pokéhall. Vivian's name tag was, of course, Ash. She became (and still is) dearly beloved by her charges. Pokéhall consisted of:

Victoria Provost (Red Gyarados)
CC D'arms (Squirtle)
Mollie Baikal (Zubat)
Elise Batchev (Togepi)
Ivy Fan (Bulbasaur)
Ciara Donegan (Starmie)
Janice Hahn (Vulpix)
Helen Wiegand (Butterfree)
Kristin Donegan (Onix)
Mia Walsh (Pikachu)
Jessica Chen (Charizard)

Pokéhall still remain the best of friends in a world they must defend. They embarked on such antics as stealing Vivian's Easy Mac and competing in excessive Vegetable-offs. All previous members of Pokéhall are also honorary members of the current Pokéhall, as a rule.

The Little Noodles

Vivian's hall in 14.1 consisted of 2 girls from LOGC and 14 girls from HDIS, two of which were returning members of Viv's first Pokéhall (see above). The name of the hall was inspired by a game of Mad Libs played on the bus for an HDIS field trip, where someone in a talent show said they would like to thank "all the little noodles out there." Apparently the hall was infamous among RAs for being absolutely and completely insane. This was most likely due to the fact that it was a hall mostly made up of squirrels, and after the first trip to Turkey Hill, many of the squirrels had their first taste of SKL and went crazy. In an attempt to limit the craziness, "Big Noodle" created rules, which, out of context, would seem very, very, very strange (See Viv's Rules for the list of rules).

List of Little Noodles

Alice (Zapdos)
Blythe Dineen (Pikachu)
Cathy (Togepi)
Ciara Donegan (Flareon) (also a member of Viv's 13.1 Pokéhall)
Darcy (Charizard)
Gaby McDonald (Red Gyarados)
Garima Dewan (Goomby)
Jordan Ginsburg (Pidgeot)
Katie Brigham (Nidoking)
Kristin Donegan (Jolteon) (also a member of Viv's 13.1 Pokéhall)
Mary (Umbreon)
Mindy (Squirtle)
Rachel Lu (Steelix)
Rebecca Vandenburg (Venomoth)
Serene Lee (Lapras)
Sinclaire Schuetze (Bulbasaur)

Origins of the Rules

Many of these rules are very weird. Here is an explanation of the reasons these rules were made.

1. Don't be a jerk: self explanatory.
2. Respect the Viv: also self explanatory.
3. Share your snacks (with Viv): enforced Vivian's "snack tax."
4. Do not commit murder. It is morally questionable and highly illegal: self explanatory, we did not murder anyone don't worry
5. Walk up in the club like "wuddup I got a hit song": One night, Viv's hall listened to the Kidz Bop version of Thrift Shop to see what the lyrics actually were changed to. This was one of the lyrics.
6. Viv's room shall henceforth be referred to as "the club": An extension of the previous rule.
7. Do not lick other people: One of many rules inspired by the actions of Rebecca. She tried to lick someone.
8. Do not touch or eat the gum stuck to the bottom of any table: Again, Rebecca. She did not actually eat the gum.
9. Do not touch others without their consent, especially if that person is Viv: Sometimes Kristin would touch people without their permission (not in any bad ways, just that it was kind of annoying).
10. Do not climb into trash cans: Rebecca again. This most likely happened the day of the first trip to Turkey Hill. In fact, most of these rules are from that day.
11. Clean up after you and your friends in the lounge. It is a public space: An actual important rule that the Little Noodles are very sorry about. The Little Noodles were not very good with picking up trash in the lounge, and got in a bit of trouble for that. (so very sorry about that)
12. #ashian: Many members of Viv's hall shipped her with RA Asher. This was their ship name.

Honorary Little Noodles

The honorary Little Noodles, also known as honorary Pokéhall members, consisted of 13.1 members of Pokéhall and friends of Little Noodles. They were often with HDIS more than their own classes (if one did not count sleeping or actual class time). Honorary Little Noodles include:

Victoria Provost
Ariel Uy
Ace Dunham
Probably many others who this author is forgetting, please add them in!

The Bae Squad

The Bae Squad is a hall from LAN 14.2 led by the hall's majestic RA Vivian (ref. Lord of the Baes). The hall consisted of an even mix of one-mores and nomores (a few very lucky individuals, however, were made honorary baes and were permitted at many of the functions of the bae squad). The baes were split between Logic C and Philosophy of the Mind B (mostly consisting of students in LOGC). Common topics of conversation included amish bondage, vegan necrophilia, aaggie, and OTP. Every night, a 12th rule for the day would be proposed, voted on, and instilled. It was often at this point when a member of the bae squad would then proceed to hide the Stale Frito Bag somewhere in "the club" (also known as Viv's room as stated by rule #6). Hall bonding mainly consisted of watching a wonderfully terrible movie (Cheetah Girls, Clueless, etc), or watching Orphan Black in "the club". Games of Never Have I Ever were played so often they became predictable. The Bae Squad was arguably the strongest-knit hall on the floor and universally accepted as the coolest.

Viv's Rules

Rules everyone should live by:

1. Don't be a jerk.
2. Respect the Viv.
3. Share your snacks (with Viv).
4. Do not commit murder. It is morally questionable and highly illegal.
5. Walk up in the club like "wuddup I got a hit song".
6. Viv's room shall henceforth be referred to as "the club".
7. Do not lick other people.
8. Do not touch or eat the gum stuck to the bottom of any table.
9. Do not touch others without their consent, especially if that person is Viv.
10. Do not climb into trash cans.
11. Clean up after you and your friends in the lounge. It is a public space.
12. *Eternally in flux*

The Baes

Alex (other other Alex): Apple Cider Bae
Alex (other Alex): Disappearing Bae
Alyssa: Cookie Monster Bae
Erica: Pop-punk Bae
Hershee: Chocolate Bae
Johanna - Feminist Bae
Kinnary (Kinraaahhhh): Sassy Bae
Livia: Ninja Bae
Naomi: Fun-sized Bae
Sam: Boss Bae
Sophia: Ironic Bae
Sophia (H-dawg): Princess Bae
Viv: Lord of the Baes

Lizard Lounge

15.2 hall led by the goddess/RA Viv. The Neuro girls were specially requested by Viv. The hall was extremely close and played Cards Against Humanity together, ISOed,destroyed walls, struggled to write a Cheetah Girls lesbian fanfiction, played the Golden Lizard tournament (which Ari won), and generally all bonded very well. There were no squirrels in the hall, but there was one flying squirrel and a session oner. The hall had many couples within it and was very queer. The name lizard lounge was named for Izzy, Leo's (Viv's brother) dearly departed pet lizard. The hall was also perhaps the first instigate of the great Shia take over of 15.2.


1. You can only refer to freezy pops as freezy squeezey.
2. Sandra is bae
3. Bearded TAs don't take no cursing.
4. Anal spoon (use with caution)
5. FDR=worst leader
6. _______ pregame
666. Satan pulls through
7.5. See the lesbian subtext in Cheetah Girls 2 tho
8. Sandra is forever young
9. saTAn
10. Who is clam chowder?
11. #not all neurotransmitters
12. Viv is a pride of lions.
13. Viv wasn't made, she was designed.
14. Leather.
15. Things are so gay, but they could be gayer.
16. Females are cheetahs amigas, then males are cheetohs amigos.
17. Viv's hall is to cool for the slideshow.


Ellie Taylor
Mona Lee
Vanessa Roser
Taylor Woods
Naomi Cebula
Ariel R-A
Via Barr
Amelia Dogan
Indra Alagar
Isabel Rogers
Ari Abbrescia

Sweet Peas

At LAN 16.1, Viv's hall was composed of 12 members of Philosophy of Mind and 5 members of Number Theory A, an age range of 12-16. The hall also competed against one another in Viv's special "Golden Egg Tournament", this session won by Jordan Ginsburg. During hall bondage, the group ACTUALLY duct taped Victoria to the "sweet suite" wall during a rained-out activity afternoon and played Cards Against Humanity (which spawned a number of inside jokes for the rest of session). This hall was where the PDA Rules Afterdance chant [1] originated during the first hall meeting when Viv was explaining the PDA rules to her charges.
The hall spent copious amounts of time completing hall meetings, reading bad vampire fanfiction, making easy mac, complaining about the THEO A instructor and more CTY antics. The name 'Sweet Peas' originated during one of the many weekend sleepovers during session when Viv said goodnight to the "youngster" suite and Viv was dubbed "Mama Legume".

Memorable Quotes

1. Expecting a burp & vomiting on the floor + a live studio audience = silence.
2. "They were so gay. I couldn't stop them. *cries*" -Viv
3. "I want a Bulbasaur tattoo...on my face" -Viv
4. "Help I got shaving cream on the ceiling" -Sophia
5. "FOUR YEARS, VICTORIA!!!" -Viv (regarding lanyard swinging)
6. "As soon as I finish putting up the activities, you will read me the terrible fanfiction" - Viv
7. "Why do people find out so many amazing things when they're high?" -Alice (regarding Dark Side of Oz)
8. "What if it's just like a little 'Pat, pat, good day'"? -Em
9. "I suppose we should have a brief, three second, closed-mouth kiss" -Viv
10. "Maybe the real pelvic thrusting was the friends we made along the way" -Sophia


Alice Bai (Pikachu)
Anoushka Naiknavare
Ariel Uy (Cyndaquil) (also an honorary Little Noodle)
Emily (Em) Haase (Dratini)
Erica Chiang (Steelix)
Fiona Ireland (Vulpix)
Gwen Comfort (Umbreon)
Irene Brogdon
Jennifer "Jen" Tang (Poliwrath)
Jordan Ginsburg (also a member of the 14.1 Little Noodles)
Mahitha Kanikicharla (Lucario)
Megan Yang (Bulbasaur)
Sophia "Elphie" Hager (Gengar)
Tiffany Liu (Ponyta)
Tse'ela Sokolin-Maimon (Goomy)
Victoria "Shprinkles" Provost (Togepi) (also a member of the original 13.1 Pokehall and honorary Little Noodle)
Vivian Xu (Omanyte)

Toby Gang

The guy's hall in Number Theory A LAN 19.1. Epic. They were obsessed with Cytus II, their RA Toby, Pokémon Go, and the most important quality of all, rigor. (Rather, it was just Pratyush obsessed with rigor, and everyone else was obsessed with poking fun at Pratyush.) They also won the House Cup somehow. Crosby liked to talk about category theory with Fox, Daniel would sing "Fly Me to the Moon" and other songs such as "La Vie en Rose" incessantly, Ved liked watching "Designated Survivor", Ethan liked to chastise people for being immature, and many other things occurred in the hall which have slipped from the author's mind.

Toby Gangers and Honorary Members

Sanat (satan)
False Prophet RA Andrew

Cream Taco Man

2019.2, Saul's hall consisted of Number Theory (Joe's Hoes) and Utopias and Dystopias. The hall was titled "Cream Taco Man", as they were known for their count down where every member said a different word in "They are very creepy and peckish when eating tacos with cream cheese", however the person who was assigned to "cheese" never showed up, and after the first Thursday, Anthony "they" was too sick and left. It was his first year. Most times we reflected on our hall's status we also say "In no memory of 'cheese'," in memory of Zachary "cheese".

Saul doesn't give fucks. He also ate some of our chips, which was ok but he let some other RAs do so as well which crossed some lines. We never moved any furniture from outside of Saul/Ryan/Ben/Pranav's suite once we got it in there. It was a nightmare.

You wanna baaaaaag? You get a baaaaaag!

Saul's hall was filled with constant games of Avalon and bass-boosted music.

Ryan and Max's competetive Avalon strategy directly conflicted, which lead to them being the best two to be on the same evil team, and a miserable game otherwise. Noah was the best Avalon player. The last day, Joe's Hoes had the most sleep deprived game of Avalon in which Donald slept his way through, and Evil (Adil, Ryan and Alex) won.

Cream Taco Men

Anthony "They"

Max "Are"

Ryan "Very"

Donald "Creepy"

? "And"

Pranav "Peckish"

Ty "When"

? "Eating"

Kenny "Tacos"

Noah "With"

? "Cream"

Zachary "Cheese" - In no memory.


During the first dance (at Steinman), Ryan and Donald went to the second floor and began dancing by themselves, and eventually everyone on the dance floor sees them and they freak out at all the eyes they have. 20 minutes later they head up with Pranav and Kenny and lead the whole dance floor to a routine Donald and Ryan invented as a joke to the fact that they can't dance properly. The routine consists of lunging to the left then to the right and then repeating it very quickly. Adil attempted to teach the hall how to dance like the baller Adil, and Kenny danced pretty hard as well. Pranav had insane dance skills that fit him and only him. During the second dance (at Steinman), A lot of Joe's Hoes went to the basement of Steinman and only Ryan and Adil got caught because they were the last ones down there. They got 2 strikes and a 30 minute sanction.


Sleepovers were filled with teenage boys actually bonding over watching La La Land, and . The boys also watched Big Mouth, as well as a constant stream of bass-boosted music coming from Ryan's speaker. Occasionally some really worthwhile conversations were had, but discussing the ethics of pornography is not a conversation to have while watching pornography. Pranav, being a 99 on the rice purity test, promptly fell asleep before participating in any of these conversations or actions. He also insisted on his exclusion when mentioning such actions on RealCTY. The second to last night, Saul's hall attempted to do an ISO in honour of a no-more, Max, who did Baby CTY and every year between, double-session kid. It lasted successfully until 1:30am when Saul caught some kids in Ben and Ryan's room literally yelling. The very last night most kids did an all-nighter and exactly 1 kid (a one-more) from this hall - who will not be named - left through a first-floorer's window with 3 no-mores and went to CVS. The juiciest part of that story is unfortunately not things that can be said on RealCTY.


The whole session was marked by a variety of girl-boy relations drama, in which there were three different relationships in question. One with Ben, one with Noah and one(?) with Ryan. Information about these is also sensitive and will be further picked through.

Quote list

"If you lose hair, you get bald" - Ben

"I love these chairs" - Donald

"It's a war crime!" - Max

"Fucckkk Yooouuuu!" - Max

"Yo that outfit's fresh," "Shut up!" - Kenny, RA

"I haven't been brushing my teeth since I came" - Ryan

"I will defend my personal space, and things will get physical" - Max

"I don't drink root beer cos it's got beer in it" - Pranav

"She's so fine," "That's my Aunt" - Ryan, Pranav

"*tap tap tap* I have baby cheeks!" - Pranav

"I'm going to take my underwear, and hide them" - Ben

"This is passed on from generation to generation, from druggy to druggy" - Donald

"You can peel over your skin like a book and read your muscles" - Adil

"Mr. Kivo man can I put a piece of tape on you?" - Ryan

"I don't want anymore peanuts" - Ben


Roughly in order, not including every song played:

"Fine China" - Future


"Murder On My Mind" - YNW Melly

"Armed And Dangerous" - Juice WRLD

"Roses" - benny blanco

"God's Plan" - Drake

"Sanctuary" - Joji

"Just Saying" - Comethazine


"Robbery" - Juice WRLD

"Old Town Road" - Lil Nas X

"HUMBLE." - Kendrick Lamar

"Jet Lag" - Future

"Noticed" - Lil Mosey

"Sanguine Paradise" - Lil Uzi Vert

"Sunset" - Dreamville

"Have Mercy" - YBN Cordae

"Ransom" - Lil Tecca

"Who Shot Cupid?" - Juice WRLD

"LamboTruck" - Dreamville

"Don't Hit Me Right Now" - Dreamville

"Hot Shower" - Chance the Rapper

"Slide Around" - Chance the Rapper

"Get A Bag" - Chance the Rapper

"Love Sosa" - Chief Keef

"Sunflower" - Swae Lee, Post Malone

"Hide" - Juice WRLD

"Do You Remember" - Chance the Rapper

Casino Night

During Casino Night, Pranav, Ryan, Kenny and Donald got married and had matching yellow rings, and promptly got divorced after receiving the marriage benefits (cash). Donald also got the unbeknownst Ben and Alex married, and then told them. Noah got married to Jeannie. Donald and Ryan pulled an Ocean 11 by stealing large sums of money from the casino tables, through various means. They first found out that this was a plausible operation when an RA running poker kept his wad of cash underneath his chair, and Ryan dropped a dollar and picked up the whole wad. Next they found out that if Adil walked up to an RA from the left and desperately asked a question to get attention, Ryan could walk up from the right and grab large sums of cash. One of the final forms to steal cash was to tell the bank that an RA wanted x amount of cash in z amount of bills, and would just take the money. We won 8th place and never got our reward.

SKL Addiction

Starting first Saturday, the Cream Taco Men had a sparkling revelation and many decided to each buy 1/2 gallon SKL bottles. Ryan and Donald each chugged half of theirs within 10 minutes, and finished the rest within a couple of hours. Donald regretted this pretty soon.