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Slideshow is an Acting Improv game first introduced in 06.2.


  • 2 Slide interpreters
  • 8 Slideshow dancers

How does it work?

The 2 slide interpreters have just gone on a vacation to a location chosen by the students. They explain their vacation while behind them, the slideshow dancers just jump around and stuff, doing nothing that has to do with the vacation. Periodically, the slide interpreters will say "CLICK!" and the dancers must freeze. The slide interpreters than use their poses to show the current stop in the vacation. Usually, the last stop is a gift shop. Sometimes, to anger the dancers, they will say the slide is upside down, and everyone will have to flip their position.

Notable Moments

The places gone in Slideshow include:

  • Hell
  • Frank Wang's Oasis (Franktopia)
  • The Stork's House
  • Count Chocula's Castle
  • The Land of the Rainbows
  • QB's Hair