Art of War

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Art of War is a dodgeball variant that can be a ton of fun. It is played with two to four teams with two to four dodgeballs. The goal of the game is to eliminate the other team's Thought Commander.


Thought Commander

The Thought Commander is the head of your "army," whose position is similar to that of a king in chess. He or she is the most important person on your team. If he or she is tagged out or hit with a dodgeball, then that whole team is out. The Thought Commander can only move when there are two people within touching distance of him or her. These are the Body Guards.

Body Guards

The Body Guards are the people who protect the Thought Commander. Without them, the Thought Commander cannot move and is easily taken out. Anyone can be a Body Guard and they can be switched around. There can be as many as Body Guards as there are players.


There are two ways to attack in Art of War.


To tag another player, simply touch them. In Art of War, however, both the tagger and the tagged are out. This can lead to many deaths on both sides, but one team can still wear the other down.


To hit another player with the dodgeball is to get them out. Only the hit player is out, so this way is much better. Each team gets only one dodge ball. Even if the dodgeball is rolling, has bounced, or is just sitting there and you touch it, then you are out. This can be very effective with a good thrower, like Frank Wang.


In Art of War, the goal is to take out the other Thought Commander. Thus, when on defense, you must defend yours. This means to get in the way of the other team's attackers. Jumping, running, and sliding into other people can be very effective (and kinda funny).