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Auctioneer is a game played during the Acting Improv activity.


  • Four players; 2 mime-auctioneer pairs

How does it work?

After participants are chosen, the auctioneers are sent away while the audience decides on three items that are to be auctioned off. Each "item" is an adjective-noun pair which generally makes no sense, such as "constipated book" or "drooling computer". After the items are chosen, the auctioneers are called back into the circle. The pairs of players take turns, with a mime trying to act out to an auctioneer what the item is. The pair not participating cannot watch the other pair's miming. If the auctioneer stops talking for too long or guesses one of the items, then they stop and the other pair starts miming. Play continues until all three items are guessed.